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it mAnAgers tAlk About the pAins And frustrAtions of routine AdministrAtion, mAintenAnce And upgrAdes.

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cloud computing. Web 2. Only a small fraction is available for innovation. 1 2 http://blogs. respectively).com/mark_mcdonald/2010/01/19/leading-in-times-of-transition-the-2010-cio-agenda/ Gartner: IT Spending and Staffing Survey. a different story emerges.messagelabs. IT managers increasingly see their role as delivering business value rather than managing technology. Everyone around the boardroom table shares these goals. networking. November 2005 www.WhitepAper introduction: A breAk from the routine is your it department spending too much just keeping the lights on? if so. Software-as-a-Service or SaaS) are a good example and the subject of this paper. improving workforce effectiveness and attracting new customers. in reality. but when you look at where it departments actually spend money. “it management” was tenth in a list of the top ten technology priorities for IT decision-makers. according to a Symantec Hosted Services survey of 123 IT managers. their business priorities reflect this. maintenance and administration of existing systems. They want to focus on initiatives that let them deliver better capabilities for less money. The top five objectives are business process improvement. When money is tight. smart decision-making can turn early investments in change and improvement into big savings later by reducing the long-term burden of routine maintenance. Around 90 percent goes on routine maintenance and administration costs2. one it department in five spends more than half its time and resources on routine updates. in the latest Gartner cio Agenda research1. reducing enterprise costs and increasing the use of information/analytics. it sometimes seems easier to cut this part of the budget when.gartner.0. you’re not alone. voice and data communications (the top five priorities. such as virtualisation.com .com info@messagelabs. According to the same research. Hosted services (also known as cloud computing.

www. but it also frees up time and budget for more important work.com info@messagelabs. not only does this cut costs and reduce the wear and tear of repetitive work on intelligent employees. we found that about a third (30 percent) of the IT managers we spoke to felt that their budgets were under “severe” pressure. archiving and continuity systems • Dealing with email data bloat. filtering. For example. content control. “i want to spend more time applying patches. it takes a long time because they need to continue with their ‘day job’ of keeping existing systems running smoothly.messagelabs. email and web security and management take up a disproportionate amount of time thanks to chores like: • • • • • • • Updating virus signatures Applying operating system and security software patches Tweaking spam filtering settings managing spam queues Configuring security and content control policies Recovering lost or accidentally deleted emails Managing the hardware required to run in-house security. This puts manageability at the top of the agenda. An earlier Symantec Hosted Services survey revealed that ensuring email continuity. mAnAGeAbility mAtters smart companies look for ways to streamline routine operations. it costs a lot of money and you lose some degree of control. no it manager wakes up in the morning and says. preventing data loss. the recession has put it budgets under pressure and it has withered capital budgets. reconfiguring spam filters and upgrading hardware. time-consuming work distracts them from adding real value to the business and advancing their own long-term programmes.com . if you bring in consultants to implement changes. They want to spend more time doing something constructive and less time on routine administration. more than half of them (54 percent) felt that their colleagues outside the IT department failed to understand what went on ‘behind the scenes’ to keep everything ticking over. deploying new software like customer relationship management (CRM) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or even a new email server takes time. these challenges exist within a wider context. ensuring policy compliance and email archiving were the top five priorities when it came to managing email systems and web access.” Tedious. attachment de-duplication etc. In our last survey.WhitepAper emAil mAnAGers’ priorities What is true for the CIO is also true for email managers. local . At the same time. Life’s tough in the IT engine room now. if you do it with company staff.PST files. blocking malware. labour – the cost of it staff – is the biggest cost by far. ensuring that this cost is put to the most productive use is the main goal of IT leadership. Most new initiatives require resources to implement.

per-month basis. they are quick and straightforward to deploy. With web-based control panels and no in-house hardware or software to look after. as with Symantec Hosted Services. In the end. matching expenditure to usage. Most hosted services charge on a per-user.messagelabs.com info@messagelabs. Because hosted services (usually) do not require on-site hardware/software. Hosted services offer a better way to do many important IT tasks and. hosted services automatically scale up and down with them. most IT managers would prefer to upgrade but can’t. it also means that upgrades are not held hostage by short-term budget cuts. difficulties taking key systems offline to perform upgrades (15 percent) and limited IT resources (17 percent). they can be trialled with little or no risk to the customer and can quickly start to add value as implementation is measured in days not months.WhitepAper Attitudes to upGrAdinG Given the potential benefits of hosted services. the hosted services AlternAtive routine it work is not unimportant. “If it ain’t broke. time-consuming and risky. easy to deploy. Others ran out-of-date versions – even after vendors had withdrawn support for them – for a variety of reasons including limited budgets (25 percent). These requirements suggest that people have been burned by upgrades that did not meet expectations in one way or another. Get it wrong and the business could suffer.com . merge or divest. we asked our respondents about their approach to IT investment. • • www. In some cases. This new technology will let them “reshape IT and its future role. Gartner’s 2010 CIO Agenda analysis shows that IT decision-makers are paying more attention to ‘lighterweight’ services-based technology. Hosted services offer a way out of this conundrum. big changes that could eliminate the routine are expensive. in doing so. Replacing labour-intensive systems with new. the switchover is little more than a change in MX records. At the same time. Our respondents had some strong feelings about evaluating new services. A predictable cost aligned to usage makes budgeting more predictable. Just one in five chose to upgrade to the latest version of all their software. it’s insane to keep doing the same thing and expect a different result. Most of them (80 percent) want a solution that is compatible with existing systems. no wonder it managers keep doing the same thing. and companies account for them as an operational cost not a capital expense (capex). A fair number (22 percent) just said.” or to put it another way. More than a quarter of respondents (28 percent) said that keeping old systems running wasted resources and a similar number (28 percent) reported that they missed out on useful features because they couldn’t upgrade. this means that they are compatible with existing systems from day one. why fix it?” Clearly. simplifying management produces big savings. What these numbers don’t reveal is the opportunity cost of not using the latest technology. this is why it has a sort of hypnotic attraction. Most hosted services deliver benefits much sooner than traditional IT projects. Certainly. a majority (65 percent) want new solutions to be easy to configure and manage and more than half (58 percent) want something that is easy to deploy. As companies expand or contract. “No problem can be solved by the same consciousness that created it. hosted services are much less of a burden. Nearly half (49 percent) took several months or longer to evaluate new systems before deploying them.” The benefits of the hosted services approach include: • easier management. including hosted services. our panel of IT managers rarely moved quickly to upgrade. stress and money. help to make them much less time-consuming and inefficient. The consequences of not keeping up to date can be serious. easy-to-manage ones saves time. Einstein said.

messagelabs. the most common objections centred on security (19 percent) and the desire to keep everything in-house (30 percent). no on-site hardware. www. this is a critical advantage. no patches or upgrades to manage. companies can adopt hosted services without spending large sums in advance. Because of this business model. keeping them patched and you automatically benefit from feature upgrades as they improve their products. It’s an end to ‘big bang’ upgrades and the effort they require to deploy. only 29 percent do. • • Attitudes to hosted services Hosted services are easy to install.com info@messagelabs.WhitepAper • no upfront cost.com . anti-virus or spam filtering (15 percent). In an era of shrinking budgets. So why do so few companies use them? According to our survey. there is no need for expensive on-site hardware. Hosted services vendors are responsible for updating their own servers. cost-effective to run and easier to manage. a firm of analysts. Because hosted services run in the vendor’s own data centres. other security services (7 percent) and CRM (7 percent) were the most popular applications. email itself (8 percent). This is an improvement on 2009 when one in five (21 percent) of large companies were piloting or using hosted services. Eliminating this equipment offers a further capex saving. email security. so the percentages don’t add up to 100 percent) Among those who did not use hosted services. The benefits of hosted services were well understood: benefit predictable costs Reduced overall costs compared with in-house alternatives switched costs from capital budget to operating budget easy deployment simple ongoing management reduced patching and upgrading Continuous service enhancements Reduced IT management overheads less in-house hardware to look after frees resource to focus on more important work respondents in AGreement 18% 24% 17% 25% 24% 25% 15% 30% 41% 19% (Note: people could tick multiple options. Among the companies in our survey that do use hosted services. according Forrester.

contractual service level agreements and high levels of fault tolerance in our systems. no upgrade hassles and easy.messagelabs. Email Continuity or Instant Messaging security from Symantec Hosted Services is a simple way to switch from high-maintenance in-house systems (or no systems at all) to something much simpler without any compromise in security or service availability. data loss and provide the reassurance of email archiving and continuity. This gives a convenient and cost-effective solution for managing and reducing risk and providing certainty in the exchange of business information. universities. global corporations and governments.000 clients ranging from small businesses to the Fortune 500.uk About symAntec hosted services Symantec Hosted Services is a leading provider of hosted messaging and web security services.co. including easy installation. www. and we apply the latest technology and huge economies of scale to its challenges. centralised management.com info@messagelabs. This means that our customers get the full benefits of hosted services. Email Encryption.4 billion email connections and 1 billion web requests every day for businesses of every size. two network operating centres and thousands of mail servers. This leaves more time and money available for the IT department’s real goal: supporting the business. Symantec Hosted Services protects.messagelabs. inappropriate content.WhitepAper symAntec hosted services Symantec Hosted Services offers a range of security and management solutions that protect companies from malware. located in 99 countries.com . Email management is what we do. encrypts and archives communications across email. We secure more than 6. Email Archiving. spam. All these MessageLabs services run in our data centre and share a common web-based control panel. please visit www. with over 30. The result is that IT resources are freed from routine IT tasks and diverted from expensive in-house hardware and software. with advanced. If anything. For more information or to request a free trial of our services. controls. patent-protected security systems. We have 14 data centres across four continents. These services are delivered by a globally distributed infrastructure and supported 24/7 by our security experts. companies get a better service from us than from the in-house systems we replace. Web Security. Deploying Email Security. web and instant messaging.

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