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XXXII, Issue 4 | Wednesday, October 27, 2010

news commentary
The Great Spree For Albany
Charles Barron – Freedom Party
Bio: Barron has been a community activist for 25 years and has spoken at
college campuses, churches, prisons and other forums around the coun-
tries on a variety of issues. He is a former Black Panther and has been a
champion for the minority communities throughout his career. He cur-
rently sits on the New York City Council.

Best Quote: “We’re the only party that’s going to raise [the issue of] police

Why you should vote for him: He’s mad as hell, without seeming flat out

Andrew Cuomo – Democratic Party

Bio: Cuomo is a Fordham grad and a successful lawyer. He is the current
attorney general of NY and hopes to be the Simba of New York (his dad
was governor).

Best Quote: “ere was never a war on poverty. Maybe there was a skir-
mish on poverty for a brief period of time.”

Why you should vote for him: All the “cool” “kids” are “voting” for him.

Kristin Davis – Independent

Bio: Davis is a former madam who claims to have provided escorts for
disgraced ex-governor Eliot Spitzer.

Best Quote: “e key difference between the MTA and my former es-
cort agency is that I operated one set of books, and my former agency
delivered on time and reliable service.”

Why you should vote for her: If you want to oogle some tig ol’ bitties for
the next four years; if you’re an enthusiastic stoner; if you think gambling
should be legalized.
The Stony Brook Press 3
news commentary
The Great Spree For Albany
Howie Hawkins – Green Party
Bio: Hawkins has been a political activist since the 1960s, for loy
causes including peace, justice, labor and the environment among oth-
ers. He’s a former Marine, he attended Dartmouth college and has was
worked for UPS unloading trucks for the past decade.

Best Quote: “Where are the fucking jobs?”

Why you should vote for him: He says he’s for free tuition at SUNY and
CUNY schools.

Jimmy McMillan -
Rent is Too Damn High
Bio: e rent is too damn high.

Best Quote: “e rent is too damn high.”

Why you should vote for him: e rent is too damn high.

Carl Paladino – Republican Party

Bio: Paladino is a Buffalo native who served in the army and
worked as a lawyer for 15 years. He owns a real estate development
company and in his free time enjoys forwarding graphic videos of
women engaged in coitus with farm animals to his staff.

Best Quote: “I found my retirement job!” – Paladino on a video of a

young blonde woman receiving a bikini wax.

Why you should vote for him: If you’re a fan of porn, middle school-
esque bullying and gerenal lunacy, Paladino’s your guy.

Warren Redlich – Libertarian Party

Bio: Redlich has been a teacher, lawyer and a web developer and blogger and has served
on the town board of Guilderland, NY, so he’s totally qualified to lead NY state.

Best Quote: “Stop wasting money.”

Why you should vote for him: At the debate, he made himself out to be the Doug Funny
candidate: your average, run-of-the-mill little guy who will work hard for real people
just like him.
4 Vol. XXXII, Issue 4 | Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Editorial Board editorials

Executive Editor
Najib Aminy
Managing Editor
Nick Statt
Associate Editor
“F” Your Way To Howie Hawkdawg
Evan Goldaper
No new majors will be accepted to war on drugs.
Business Manager
Roman Sheydvasser the French, Russian, Italian, Classics The Press has agreed with
and Theatre programs at SUNY Al- some of Hawkins’ arguments in
Production Manager bany–a decision widely seen as a pre- the past, while editorializing
Inquire Within
cursor to dissolving the departments against the PHEEIA legislation
News Editors entirely. SUNY is coming apart at the that would lock in perpetual tu-
Matt Calamia
Bobby Holt seams, grossly underfunded and grasp- ition increases and whore SUNY
ing desperately at the poison straws of out to private developers. The
Features Editor privatization. The State University is state budget crisis has been man-
Inquire Within
not alone–public goods in New York ufactured by reckless tax-cuts.
Arts Editor and throughout America are under at- For three decades, both Democ-
Liz Kaempf
tack: facing cuts, corruption, dissolu- rats and Republicans have been
Sports Editor tion and selloffs. Nine years ago, the pandering to the self-indulgent
Matt Maran Campaign for Fiscal Equity won a law- wealthy with multiple income tax
Photo Editor suit arguing successfully that urban cuts for the top brackets. The
Carolina Hidalgo schools are unfairly underfunded. The stock transfer tax, a kind of
Copy Editor money was never redistributed and now miniscule sales tax once levied
Zach Knowlton primary and secondary schools are in on financial instruments (already
the same boat as SUNY–as are county as low as one twentieth of one
Inquire Within health care facilities, the state work- percent—far lower than the kind means a flood of idealistic newcomers
force, parks, highways and all the com- of sales tax you would pay on the things getting involved in politics throughout
Social Media Editor monwealth of the state of New York. you need) is collected by the state as a
Kenny Mahoney the state in the kind of winnable local
The brutal austerity budgets from Al- legacy of an old tradition and then re- races a third party needs to grow—in-
Ombudsman bany are justified on an illusory eco- turned immediately to Wall Street. If jecting new ideas into tired debates and
Tia Mansouri
nomic disaster, supposedly the result of the state didn’t hand back the stock restoring the healthy competition nec-
a downturn on Wall Street–while at the transfer tax alone, the budget deficit essary for elections to function as an in-
Layout Design by same time, the Wall Street Journal re- would immediately turn into a multi- strument for popular control of
Jowy Romano ports that for the second consecutive billion surplus. By undoing several government. Those local campaigns
year, pay on Wall Street will hit an all- decades worth of foolish tax cuts for the
Staff time high. In the face of this madness, rich, Hawkins looks to be able to fund a
can be the first meaningful wins for a
third party—like when the Greens and
Vincent Barone
Raina Bedford The Press says “No!” to the systematic wealth of existing and new state pro- independent allies took a majority in
Michelle Bylicky
Lionel Chan subjugation of New York and endorses grams: among them restoring SUNY to the government of the Village of New
Mike Cusanelli the Green Party’s Howie Hawkins for the time when tuition was free and pro-
Eric DiGiovanni Paltz in the mid-aughts, launching in-
Brett Donnelly Governor. viding full employment to all New novative municipal environmental pro-
Amanda Douville
Lauren Dubinsky Hawkins, a Tax-the-Rich Teamster Yorkers through an environmental New grams and standing behind young
Lauren Dubois
Andrew Fraley
from Syracuse and cofounder of the Deal-like program, not only putting mayor Jason West, fresh out of SUNY,
David Ginn Green Party of the United States, fo- people to work but addressing the who drove the national civil rights con-
Mark Greek
Colleen Harrington cuses his campaign on asking the threat of global climate change. versation by solemnizing same-sex
Samuel Katz
Desiree Keegan wealthy to once again pay their fair Hawkins’ Green Party is on the marriages.
Iris Lin share of the state’s tax burden, to fund cusp of establishing itself as a consistent
Chris Mellides
The national political scene shows
Alyssa Melillo dramatic increases in investments in ed- force for reform in New York. Under increasing dissatisfaction with the
Erica Mengouchian
Carol Moran ucation, health care, full employment the state’s ballot access laws, a party monied political parties, who stand
Frank Myles and renewable energy innovation and whose candidate for Governor receives
Alex H. Nagler united for endless foreign wars for em-
Howie Newsberkman industry. Hawkins is overwhelmingly 50,000 votes is given official recognition pire, the dissolution of core American
Jessica Rybak
Emily Torkel the best candidate in the seven-way in the form of automatic ballot access— civil liberties, the perpetuation of the
Matt Willemain
Governor’s race, addressing head-on circumventing an unreasonable get-on- failed war on drugs and Wall Street’s
About Us state budget slashing, the central issue the-ballot petition process designed to predations. Howie Hawkins represents
facing not only state university students hamstring third parties. In the last four a party with a broad platform of public-
The Stony Brook Press is published fortnightly during
the academic year and twice during summer session but all New York constituencies. Under election cycles, the Greens have danced interested populism. Hawkins is for re-
by The Stony Brook Press, a student run non-profit or-
ganization funded by the Student Activity Fee. The opin- New York’s complicated electoral laws, around the 50,000 threshold, making ducing SUNY tuition to zero, putting
ions expressed in letters, articles and viewpoints do not
necessarily reflect those of The Stony Brook Press as a a vote for Hawkins for Governor also the grade once and falling just short every last New Yorker to work, switch-
whole. Advertising policy does not necessarily reflect helps build a lasting third party to ad- three times. (Given the Green Party’s
editorial policy. For more information on advertising and ing to single payer health-care at the
deadlines call (631)632-6451. Staff meetings are held dress the corruption inherent in the an- proximity to this benchmark and the
Wednesdays at 1:00 pm. First copy free. For additional state level (a cheaper and more effective
copies contact the Business Manager. ticompetitive two-party system. Finally, likely lopsided victory in the Governor’s way to cover everyone with no excep-
The Stony Brook Press
Suites 060 & 061 nationwide the Greens represent a vital race, an individual vote for Hawkins tions) and ending, as he calls it, “legal-
Student Union
SUNY at Stony Brook new direction for America, reflecting could literally make a difference in a ized bribery”—the systematic
Stony Brook, NY 11794-3200
(631) 632-6451 Voice the views of the majority against end- way that votes for none of the other six corruption of privately-financed elec-
(631) 632-4137 Fax
Email: less imperial wars, the strangling of fun- candidates could.) When the Green tions. Vote for Howie Hawkins on Row
damental civil liberties and the failed Party has automatic ballot access, it F.
The Stony Brook Press 5

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It’s Just Sensational, Is What It Is

Arianna Huffington’s book tour rect the course. However, one must re-
visit to Stony Brook this past Monday alize the significant gravity of compar-
came with a touch of political incor- ing the situation of one of the wealthiest
rectness—her book title, Third World nations in the world to that of a devel-
America. Huffington’s thirteenth book oping nation.
highlights the disappearance of the It is a gross overstatement to com-
middle class due to, she said, a growing pare the current US middle class’ plight
elite and politicians who have failed the to the situations of war-torn and dis-
American people. Huffington predicted ease-ridden developing countries.
the result of this continuing vanishing While Huffington’s book does raise con-
act by America’s backbone to most cerns about US infrastructure and the
likely transform America into a third growing poverty rate, to say that Amer-
world, or the more politically correct ica is on the verge of devolving into a
term—a developing country. Huffing- Third World country is an inflamma-
ton points out that the absent middle tory, rather than provocative, statement.
class is a distinguishing feature of the This contentious premise is an ex-
developing world. ample of Huffington’s “modern” ap-
Huffington argued that the current proach to journalism, used so
direction of economics, politics and prominently on her site. It’s an approach rapid rate. That does not mean that it is 2000, was titled How to Overthrow the
American affairs can drive the US into that glorifies the freedom and eye-pop- applicable to any medium she touches, Government, while her 2003 novel was
Third World status. The purpose of the ping nature of blogs and social media at even if Third World America is her thir- titled Pigs at the Trough. It may be nit-
book, she said, is to ring the alarm bells the expense of good taste and political teenth book. picking to meticulously analyze word
prior to a collision with a Titanic-sink- correctness. Huffington’s approach is Huffington’s brassy titling is noth- choice, but when it’s so overt, it’s hard
ing iceberg in hoping we might yet cor- consuming the media landscape at a ing new. Her eighth book, released in not to.

Life Is Too Damn Short For Bullshit

If you haven’t heard by now, the rent. The sixteen-minute interview re-
rent is apparently too damn high. At sulted in McMillan growing agitated by
least that’s the universal message New questions about his stance on public
York State gubernatorial candidate higher education.
Jimmy McMillan is campaigning on. In McMillan’s performance at the de-
fact, it’s the only issue McMillan is cam- bate represented political theater at its
paigning on, as was made evident dur- best and worst. Best, because for the
ing his humorous Governor’s Debate first few minutes McMillan’s appearance
performance at Hofstra University on brought comedic relief to what was to
October 18. be a tension-filled debate. But his ap-
The humor turned stale rather pearance foiled the much-anticipated
quickly, in part because every one of dialogue between the two front-run-
McMillan’s quips had something to with ners, Andrew Cuomo and Carl Pal-
rent and it being high. This is probably adino, without adding anything of
why his party is called the Rent is Too substance.
Damn High Party. In the wake of the McMillan media
This would be an honorable plat- storm and the candidate’s misplaced
form for McMillan to run on if he in popularity, third party candidates will
fact had an exorbitant rent to pay — but forever suffer under the burden left by
his reported $800 monthly rate is far the Rent is Too Damn High Party. No
below average for New York City. The matter if you are a libertarian, green
September 2010 average rental price for party, or independent candidate, you
a one-bedroom apartment was more NYC mayor under the same party, has When asked about his rent during will always be measured by the comedic
than $2,000, according to The Real Es- reportedly been living rent-free in his a radio interview on WUSB last week, absurdity of McMillan or else disappear
tate Group NY, an online real-estate list- Flatbush apartment. Through an agree- McMillan quickly turned defensive and into an abysmal void of no-names who
ing service. ment with his landlord, he performs shifted the conversation’s focus to his don’t make enough noise to garner a
But McMillan, who has run for pre- maintenance work in exchange for superficial platform—the one point more in-depth look.
vious offices such as US Senate and housing. about people having trouble paying
6 Vol. XXXII, Issue 4 | Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Saving the Middle Class One Book at a Time
By Amanda Douville
Through a contest from The Huff-
ington Post, Stony Brook’s Think Maga-
zine was able to bring Arianna
Huffington, co-founder of the popular
news website to the university this past
Monday night. Huffington sat down
with School of Journalism Dean
Howard Schneider as he asked her
questions about her book, her political
standings and her view on the state of
the news media.
The event began with Think Maga-
zine’s founder and editor Adam Peck,
who talked about the contest the maga-
zine entered and eventually won in
order to get Huffington to the univer-
sity. Shortly after nominating itself,
Think was selected as one of the top 15
finalists. “We encouraged our friends,
family and readers to vote,” said Peck, in
a phone interview.
All the voting eventually paid off as
Think was selected amongst two other
organizations in the country. Huffing-
ton added Stony Brook University to
one of her many stops on her book tour.
Her newly published book, entitled
during her appearance. about it. Sabella, “…we’re just average people
“Third World America,” speaks of the
“We have an oligarchy,” Huffington Although times may be hard with tired of getting hurt by both parties.”
backwards role of politicians as well as
said during the question and answer an unstable economy and high unem- It is groups like Sabella’s unofficial
the struggling middle class in America.
session with Dean Schneider. She spoke ployment rates, Huffington’s main point club that Huffington encourages. “Look
The subtitle to the book, “How Our
of many politicians, both former and to her audience and readers was to get at ways to take your skills and turn
Politicians Are Abandoning the Middle
present, who have lost sight of the involved. “The greatest antidote to de- them into your livelihood,” Huffington
Class and Betraying the American
greater American good. In addition, she spair is action,” she said. But it is not said. Toward the end of her discussion,
Dream,” is key, mentioned Huffington
went on to mention how political par- only despair the American middle class she spoke of the importance of taking
ties are more alike than they are differ- is feeling. Anger is another word Huff- those skills, which are overabundant
ent. Her point—no matter who is in ington used to describe the reaction of and inherent in college students and re-
“The game is rigged. The charge, was that the middle class is
the people.
At one point during the event,
cent graduates, and using them to help
others. “They are some of the best jour-
rules that apply to the “The game is rigged. The rules that Stony Brook student and unofficial nalists you can have,” Huffington said
elite are not the rules apply to the elite are not the rules that campus Tea Party leader Kevin Sabella about fresh college graduates.
apply to the middle class,” Huffington stood up and asked Huffington about She said with a smile that the Huff-
that apply to the middle said. After thoroughly speaking of the her view on tea party movements. Huff- ington Post is hiring a small handful of
class” incumbents who are taking away from ington responded by rationalizing the college graduates, adding that she is
the middle class, Huffington went on to tea party’s attitude. “I was glad she ac- confident that we are in fact in “a golden
speak of what the people should do knowledged the tea partie’s anger,” said age for journalism.”
The Stony Brook Press 7
8 Vol. XXXII, Issue 4 | Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Stony Books: The Final Chapter

Carolina Hidalgo/The Stony Brook Press

Robert Breun wraps up paperwork during his last week at the Stony Books storefront. After 32 years, Breun has shut down the well-known off-campus bookstore.

the walls stripped clean. The phone rings periodically has become a constant doctor’s visit.
By Desireé Keegan — students still looking for cheap, used textbooks.
Robert Breun first opened Stony Books’ doors 32
Breun is tremendously concerned about over-
working himself or risking the possibility of another
years ago. With its cheaper new and used books and heart attack. “I have my nephews, grandchildren...I
The building at 1081 Rt.25A Stony Brook looks guaranteed buybacks, the store became a popular want to see them grow up. Life is too short.”
different today. The windows are covered in thick, source for Stony Brook students looking to get text- His health problems, combined with a drop in
brown packing paper. A “Sorry, We’re Closed” sign books. business — due to cheap websites and the Faculty Stu-
hangs on the front door. As students pass the store- “For 32 years, we served as a checks and balance dent Association’s insistence that professors use the
front, they turn their heads to stop and stare. system on prices,” Breun said. “I put a lot of blood, university bookstore, Breun said — plus the end of the
Stony Books, long the university’s off-campus sweat and tears into this store.” store’s lease created “a perfect storm.”
textbook alternative, has closed its doors for good. • Last week, Breun’s two nephews, Paul Breun, text
Earlier this month, the shelves were pulled out, the Breun’s first heart attack came in July. His second manager, and Nick Breun, retail manager, who have
school supplies donated. The floor is dusty and bare, weeks later, toward the end of August. His life, he said, been at the shop since they went to school at Stony

Carolina Hidalgo/The Stony Brook Press Carolina Hidalgo/The Stony Brook Press
The Stony Brook Press Features 9

Brook, worked to pack up the last remaining items.

The goal was to close up shop by the end of the next
“My brother and I are grateful for the experience
we have been able to develop in the business world
over the past decade. Our uncle has been a mentor in
teaching us the proper qualities with determination,
work ethic and doing what it takes to be a successful
retailer,” Paul Breun said.
Breun graduated from Stony Brook in 1972, with
a degree in history and Secondary Education. He
taught at Brentwood High School before coming back
to Stony Brook as a fill-in professor for six months.
Unable to receive a permanent job, he went on to teach
at various other schools including Queens College,
Dowling College and Suffolk Community College.
None of them seemed to do the trick.
For a year, he had worked for the Stony Brook
bookstore. The experience made him realize the need
for an off-campus bookstore. He wanted to make this
dream a reality.
“Location was half the battle,” he said. Finding an
empty store space on Rt.25A, he was able to rent the
store by July. When he opened the store, he offered
new textbooks from 5 percent to as low as 20 percent
below the list price. His used textbooks were selling tomers.” closing the business permanently, because I would
from 20 to 45 percent below the list price. Paul Breun said, “The stress of the business and never want to put the weight of the business on anyone
Although his prices were significantly lower than all the different variables we have been competing else, especially not my nephews. I want them to go off
most other stores, such as the campus bookstore and against over the past couple of years… make it hard and do what it is they want to do.”
Barnes & Noble, business did not start off as planned. So as another semester commences, students will
He wanted to carry at least 95 percent of the titles have to return to places like the University Bookstore,
needed for courses on campus. Nevertheless, he was or the ever-popular Amazon.
unable to do so, simply because professors were un-
aware of the startup of his business.
“Aer 32 years, Breun’s presence has acted as a blessing to many
students, whom he has supported with cheaper text-
In the later years, business picked up and eventu-
ally Breun was able to offer most of the required text-
I’m done. I’m shot. books. He has assisted cash-strapped students, making
them feel more relaxed about their financial situations.
books at his store, along with school supplies. It
became a one-stop shop for everything a student
You have to “It was a pleasure,” he said, in the wake of tough
times to be given the opportunity to “proudly serve
needed to begin their first day of classes.
Professors would e-mail him or flood the build-
support yourself.” the students of Stony Brook University.”
It is what he called a difficult departure, the deci-
ing to inform him of the textbooks they were going to sion to close the store, because it became more than
be assigning to students that semester. The store has just a business. For Breun it has been an incredible ex-
since become a fixture for Stony Brook students. to compete with Amazon and other online outlets.” perience and one he, and the cash-strapped student at
Breun said that the costs of his books are lower These variables included new legislation on text- Stony Brook University, will never forget.
because he tries to cut margins to stay in competition book ISBN's, the fad of renting textbooks online and
with the campus bookstore. “We try to obtain more the increasing prices from publishers.
used books due to the demand from students,” he said. “After 32 years, I’m done. I’m shot. You have to Additional reporting by Carolina Hidalgo.
“Our prices may be lower because we pay the freight support yourself,” he said. “After everything that has
cost for books, we don't transfer the cost to our cus- happened, it just seemed like the perfect time. I am
10 Photos! Vol. XXXII, Issue 4 | Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chloe Feffer and Amanda Smith, just two

among the growing population of hula hoopers
on campus, have used what they call the “whim-
sical” activity of hula hooping to find kindred
Since September, they've quickly made a
name for themselves, dancing and hooping to
different kinds of music in Roosevelt's grassy
courtyard. Before hooping, they weren't close
with any other girls on campus.
You can spot the group in the middle of a
sunny afternoon or in the cool hours of the night.
Their friendship is tight-knit but their club is not
exclusive -- they extend an invitation to anyone
who would like to give their hula hoops a try.

Photos and text by Najee Simmons

The Stony Brook Press Photos! 11

Humans Vs.

With fully loaded neon guns,

the humans slowly worked
their way towards victory
over the zombies! Photos
taken during the final stand
briefing and

Photos by Amanda Douville

12 Features Vol. XXXII, Issue 4 | Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Junot Diaz Keeps It Real

By Nick Statt
Commons Day, highlighted by the
summer reading assignment given to all
freshmen, is intended to give Stony
Brook’s incoming class a push in the
right direction. It’s suppose to be inspi-
rational, universal and a taste of what
college will teach them about education
and becoming a better person, like
2008’s choice God Grew Tired of Us by
Sudanese refugee John Bul Dau or
2005’s The Things They Carried by Tim
o’Brien, the coarse Vietnam veteran.
But this time around, Stony Brook
opened its eyes to the fact that incoming
freshman can be lazy, defiant and of the
belief that the last thing they should be
doing to get acclimated to college is
read a book they have never heard of
and listen to the author waste their pre-
cious time for an afternoon.
That’s quite possibly why they as-
signed Junot Diaz’s The Brief Wondrous
Life of Oscar Wao, a cultural master-
piece about a nerdy Dominican under-
dog who realizes his dreams after years
of being walked on as a loser and out-
cast. It was a complex and unexpected Carolina Hidalgo/The Stony Brook Press
choice, but one that now proves to have Junot Diaz chats with students and signs his Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, The Breif Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, at the
been remarkable. It sparked an invalu- SAC Art Gallery.
able moment in Stony Brook’s Com-
mons Day history when Junot Diaz gave of 18 year olds who were forced to be taneously, saying, “The safest thing you mentally transformed, so that the per-
an outstanding speech on the Staller there and half of whom probably didn’t can do is live someone else’s dream.” son who walks in would be unrecogniz-
Center stage on October 20. even read his book. With one hand on The crowd grew silent, again caught off able to the person who leaves,” he said.
Charlie Robbins, Vice Provost of his head and the other acting as a man- guard by the intensity of Diaz’s words. “I spent my four years [at Rutgers Uni-
Undergraduate Education, introduced made visor to block out the bright lights “It’s the most terrible way to waste your versity] keeping my guard up…I was
Diaz by listing a number of his awards beating down, Diaz reacted to his audi- life,” he added. afraid of being vulnerable.” Diaz ex-
and honors, from teaching creative ence’s contract of attendance. “Holy shit “Living your own dream is very dif- plained that not until he attended Cor-
writing at MIT to being fiction editor at man, that’s deep,” he said with a wide ficult, “ Diaz said when an audience nell University for his masters degree
the Boston Review. Diaz published only grin. “Well, I appreciate you being here member asked him what inspired him did he finally receive the education he
one short story collection, titled Drown, even though you’re forced to be here.” to write Oscar Wao. “I was a kid trying should have gotten when he was an un-
before writing Oscar Wao and winning Again, the audience exploded at his raw to realize my mother’s dream…the dergraduate.
the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 2008, honesty. book in many ways is part of the reason “It’s okay to be accredited, but you
another honor Robbins made sure to Diaz was quick to jump into his im- I couldn’t do it.” are doing yourself a disservice if you
point out. migrant family life. Having moved from “Nobody was writing about the Do- don’t receive an education.” He stressed
Diaz sauntered from behind the Santo Domingo in the Dominican Re- minican Republic in any way that made a bold point in saying that professors
backdrop of red in a plain black hoodie, public to Parlin, NJ, Diaz’s life closely sense to me…so I said, ‘Fuck it man. I and administrators cannot educate you
blue jeans and running shoes. His first mirrors that of his title character, Oscar can either live my Mom’s dream or I can in the truest form. “They pretend like
words as he causally leaned into the mic Wao. “The idea that one my parents’ be fucking broke and live my dream.’” they can… but you have to give that to
–“That was some introduction…fuck.” kids would do something as impracti- He was quick to relieve the tension, say- yourself. Transform yourself, make
The crowd of restless freshman erupted cal as be an artist was considered in- ing that his mother still knocks on him yourself anew.”
in laughter at having an expletive sane,” he said. “They gave up everything for choosing the route of an artist by As Diaz walked offstage, it was
thrown at them in less than ten seconds, for immigration,” he said, “not so I telling him that he “goes to shit in hood- quite possible that he had just finished a
while the first two rows of reserved seat- could be an artist.” ies.” Diaz couldn’t help but laugh and routine speech, one given to any of the
ing were a palette of dropped jaws and He outlined how growing up within shrug his shoulders. colleges on his tour list. But despite that,
wide eyes. a Dominican framework required him With only a quarter of an hour left the gravity of his advice, the raw hon-
It became clear from the get-go that to follow a practical profession, like after a hilariously lewd short story read- esty and intensity poured into each
Diaz wasn’t going to sugar-coat his being a doctor or engineer. “I wanted to ing from his new collection, Diaz ad- word and the amount of true value they
words, talk down to his audience or pre- follow that dream, but I couldn’t…” dressed education with an absolutely could prove to be to a campus body as
tend he wasn’t sitting in front of a crowd With the fluidity of a veteran uncensored viewpoint. culturally diverse as Stony Brook, was
speaker, Diaz changed his tone instan- “To be educated…is to be funda- still unmatched.
The Stony Brook Press Features 13

Nerds Versus Nerds. Get It?

By Mark Greek
For the past week, everyday activi-
ties on campus, like getting food at
Roth, were punctuated with occasional
conflicts and skirmishes. Humans with
barely-legal modified guns used air
power to propel darts at ungodly
speeds. Zombies gathered in packs and
frequented well-known hangouts.
As Humans vs. Zombies, the
beloved 24/7 college role-playing game,
reached a new level of participation and
fanaticism in its second year on campus,
zombies waited in trees and hid in
crevices all around campus.
To say that some students played
enthusiastically would be an under-
statement—telltale orange and yellow
Nerf guns and university-sanctioned
green bandannas filled the campus.
The week’s worth of nonsense cul-
minated in an epic conflict in the
Amanda Douville/The Stony Brook Press
shadow of the Physics building as dusk Senior Rob Perez dual wielding two big ass Nerf guns prior to the final mission.
turned to night and humans turned into
zombies. counterparts. Some of the zombies were ebrated a week’s worth of survival. heartedly, “I will take the necessary
The fall Humans vs. Zombies cam- even excited enough to look the part, “We still had a few hiccups we were steps to make sure it continues to run…
paign at Stony Brook came to a close covering themselves in fake blood and trying to work out from the first game,” as I’ve been running it. I’ve even been in
with the thousand participating players tattered clothes for the hour-long event. said game moderator Katie Overmier. the process of writing a manual.”
saving the bloodiest battle of all for last. At 15-minute intervals, the zombies “But I think this game actually ran Under Overmier and fellow “Mod”
Hundreds of the remaining humans railed against the humans for a brief but pretty smoothly after the first couple of David Greenberg’s oversight, the Stony
lined up outside the Physics building, ferocious charge. Hundreds of scream- days.” Brook division’s participation ballooned
prepared for the onslaught of more than ing students were repelled in a hail of Overmier is stepping down after to one thousand students this semester,
300 zombies that had assembled in the dart-fire, their numbers dwindling as this semester but her fingerprints are all with hundreds of other willing partici-
gathering darkness. the night went on. With “Sudden over the Stony Brook HvZ chapter and pants wait-listed. Without the care and
Loading their modified Nerf guns Death” in effect, darts now had the abil- her influence is likely to be felt within attention of the program’s beloved top
and wrapping tape around their foam ity to kill. With “the undead” dying, the the program for some time. two moderators, will the spring cam-
swords, participants prepared for each intensity decreased with each assault. In When asked for thoughts about the paign preserve the same level of ab-
attack from their equally enthusiastic the end, the humans prevailed and cel- next game, Overmier responded whole- surdity while still maintaining order?
14 Vol. XXXII, Issue 4 | Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Why Bartók is More Hipster Than You
port between the conductor and solo
By Sarah Evins violinist, but the orchestra itself
seemed to mesh together in a way un-
seen in the Tchaikovsky. Where the
On October 16, 2009, the Stony winds formerly failed to line up and
Brook Symphony Orchestra played its the nervous energy of the strings cre-
first concert of the season. The night ated ensemble problems, the entire
was full of music you probably haven’t orchestral climate relaxed.
even heard of: Tchaikovsky’s Romeo and And rightly so, considering the
Juliet Fantasy-Ouverture, Béla Bartók’s schism of compositional thought be-
Second Violin Concerto, and Concerto tween Tchaikovsky and his more con-
for Orchestra by Witold Lutosławski. temporary counterparts. Where
The audience donned its finest vintage Tchaikovsky took cues from the more
garb, complemented by the sweet scent traditional composers of Western Eu-
of mothballs and butterscotch, and rope, Bartók and Lutosławski ditched
headed over to the Staller Center for the such formalism by drawing instead
Arts. But don’t you worry your hipster from their native roots. Guys like Béla
head about being intimidated; nights Bartók and Witold Lutosławski have
like these are full of fine entertainment been ripping off melodies from folk
that even people like yourself can ap- music before The Decemberists even
preciate. put pen to Moleskine (note: could re-
The night’s first piece, Tchaikovsky’s place with “recycled”) paper.
Romeo and Juliet Fantasy-Ouverture, Soloist Clara Lyon seemed well
began with a rocky start, the orchestra aware of such contrasts in the pro-
struggling to connect with the guest gram, bringing an earthy sound to chance to show off its musical chops ters seamlessly.
conductor, Edwin Outwater, who hails Bartók’s Violin Concerto that would with Lutosławski’s Concerto for Orches- Judging by the vast improvements
from Ontario, Canada. The tragedy of twist most classical musicians’ panties tra. Not only did the audience get to see made during the concert itself, it seems
Romeo and Juliet’s deaths were far over- into a bunch. While at some points such a powerful orchestra in its top form, but likely that the orchestra will make re-
shadowed by the plethora of missed liberties seemed to obfuscate the musi- also a powerful conductor dance his markable developments as it progresses
wind entrances and restless string pas- cal line, generally Lyon’s interpretation pants off in ways that would make Bar- further into its concert season. The
sages. However, as the program’s con- lent an air of innovation to what could ishnykov turn green in envy. Under Stony Brook Symphony Orchestra has
certo competition winner, Clara Lyon, easily have become a dry performance such guidance, the orchestra switched its next concert on November 6 and will
took the stage, the anxiety that blem- of an esoteric piece. between the softest of softs and the be performing at the Staller Center, so
ished the first piece melted away. Not In response to Lyon’s fiery rendition loudest of louds in a matter of minutes, bring yo kids, bring yo wife, ‘cause they
only was there an well-developed rap- of the Bartók, the orchestra too got its covering a staggering range of charac- entertaining errybody out here.
The Stony Brook Press Arts & Entertainment 15

He Promised 50 States; It Doesn’t Adz Up

sent from The Age of Adz. Even with The Age of Adz ‘s elec- In the past, Stevens would paint
By Joseph Wofford The new album is a departure from
Stevens’ folk roots and has a focus on
tronic focus, Stevens’ use of orchestral
instruments remains a part of many
pictures of events or people with his
songs, but The Age of Adz is Stevens’
electronic music that Stevens has never songs. He finds a remarkable blend of most personal album to date. The best
If you asked me what the greatest explored before. Songs like “Too Much” genres in this release. Stevens has been song, “I Want To Be Well,” delves into
hip-hop of all time was, I would say Ill- and “Age of Adz” are full of synthesiz- able to innovate with his music in the the insecurities within Stevens’ mind.
matic by Nas. Not because it’s my fa- ers and computerized percussions. past, but not quite like this. The music is Having the perception of a “choir boy in
vorite album or because it helped the indie scene” seems intent
define the genre, but because by within this work. It is delicate
the sum of it’s parts. No rap album and haunting in a way that I
has ever equaled it. would have to compare to Ra-
So many things had to hap- diohead’s electronically fo-
pen for a then teenage Nas to end cused Kid A.
up putting together such an amaz- It is wrong to think of this
ing collection of songs. Looking at album as just experimental,
the album from a purely musical outweighing folk. Instead
standpoint there are no bad songs. think of it as progression in
Listening to the album Stevens’ style.
straight through is practically I don’t think the sound
mandatory. I wouldn’t change a created with this album will be
single song. There’s something to a one-time thing. Instead I ex-
be said for an album that doesn’t pect Stevens to build on this
have any drop offs. style and many others to form
I like to judge albums in part what he has accomplished
by what percent of the songs I lis- here.
ten too. If an album has three It’s not that The Age of Adz
great songs and the rest of it is so- is the Illmatic of indie music,
so, I probably won’t like it as much but I cannot find any flaws
as an album with seven or eight with this CD. It is a unique and
great songs. What makes Illmatic thrilling collection, with every
so special is that not only are all song adding to the album as a
the songs great, but it stands out whole. Stevens poured his
(even though it’s 16 years old). heart into all of these songs. He
The new album by Sufjan composes his music, and it is
Stevens, The Age of Adz, is a really authentic to him.
impressive album. Much like Ill- I don’t know if The Age of
matic, it does not have a single Adz can be the success that Ill-
drop off. Stevens created the matic was, but if it were not, it
album out of a need to reinvent would not be for lack of qual-
his style. It creates a powerful new ity. This could be an album
sound that is just as unique for its that people look back on as a
time and genre as Illmatic. There are a lot of beeps and boops that beautiful and unlike any indie music defining album of 2010. It could change
If you’re unfamiliar with Stevens, instead of clashing with the melodies you’ve heard before. Many of the songs the direction of indie music.
his many albums have different styles, blend gloriously to create Adz’s charm. are long, but they are extremely well Whatever your impression of
but you could classify him as indie-folk. Even though there is a complete change written. Stevens, you should listen to this album.
He has a beautiful, wispy voice, and in instrumentation, the most important There are no low points on the It is a true expression of his musical
composes intricate songs with many instrument, Stevens’ voice, remains glo- album either. There are slow moving identity, and the beauty he brings to the
different parts. In many of his older riously the same. His delivery is as songs like “Futile Devices” and “Now world with his music.
songs, you can hear Stevens’ trademark beautiful as ever, and many of the songs That I am Older,” balanced by booming
banjo plucking, which is noticeably ab- have harmonies and cleverly layered vo- orchestral songs that often feature a
cals. choir.
16 Comics Vol. XXXII, Issue 4 | Wednesday, October 27, 2010
The Stony Brook Press Comics 17
18 Arts & Entertainment Vol. XXXII, Issue 4 | Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hereafter Sucks!
reach a climax. It’s a shame really, since acters live in, as
By Lauren Dubois it opens strong with the tsunami that
Marie survives. The scenes of the water
the film jumps
from one char-
destroying a beautiful beach town are acter’s life to
Halloween is just around the cor- heart breaking, and this intensifies by the next with
ner, and that means the movie-going showing of the wreckage that follows. It no warning.
public generally sees an onslaught of sets the movie up to a much higher The acting
murder, exorcism, ghosts and vampires standard than it can ever reach. is also lacklus-
on the big screen. Hereafter, brought to The stories of the three characters ter. There’s no
us by Clint Eastwood, tries to be don’t connect, and they never intersect real emotion
unique, giving us a drama about what with one another until the last 20 min- behind the
happens after we die. In that respect, the utes of the movie. When they eventually characters, and
movie is a huge success. The audience do all meet, it’s very rushed and non- some never re-
now knows where movies go to die. sensical. We start with three separate ally develop.
The movie follows the lives of three stories that are tragic in their own ways, Bryce Dallas
different people from three different but end with weird happy endings that Howard makes
countries, all dealing with death and the just don’t fit. They feel as if they were a brief appear-
possible afterlife in different ways. sloppily added on. And the fact that a ance as
George (Matt Damon) is a reluctant movie that lasts 129 minutes takes 109 Melanie, a pos-
psychic in San Francisco who can com- of them to actually get to the real sible love inter-
mune with the dead simply by touching story…is a waste of 109 minutes. est for George,
someone else’s hand. He used to make There is also no concept of time or but then just
money off his “gift,” but now considers place in the movie. It’s hard to follow disappears en-
it a curse, and just wants to be normal. how far along in the plot we have come tirely after he
Marie (Cecile de France) is a French TV unless we know a few small bits of his- does a reading.
journalist who survived the 2004 tory going in. The only real way to Damon just
tsunami in Indonesia, but is still measure time is by knowing when the seems to mope
haunted by a fuzzy glimpse of a possi- tsunami and London subway bombing around, the
ble afterlife that she saw while uncon- were. If someone in the audience does- McLaren boys
scious. Marcus (George and Frankie n’t know about them, they’re never don‘t have It’s sad that the movie never really
McLaren) is a London schoolboy trying going to have any idea how long the much energy and de France isn’t very amounts to much, because it truly could
to come to terms with the sudden death story has been going on for, and they’re engaging for someone whose character have had the potential to be a standout
of his twin brother. also never going to know where they are is supposed to be a television personal- film. Unfortunately, instead of standing
Eastwood means well, and he tries unless they’re familiar with certain ity. In all honesty, the performances are up and breathing new life into the the-
hard, but the movie just doesn’t seem to landmarks in the main cities these char- just boring. ater, it’s just dead on arrival.

The Jackass 4-D Experience

What is the Jackass 4D experience, you some 3D documentary about fish feel it! Each seat will be equipped with
By Kenny Mahoney ask? The fourth dimension is the di-
mension that makes you part of the
where, instead of letting you sit back
and enjoy the show, they poke you with
a quick-release mechanism that drops a
five-pound weight on those precious
movie! In fact, you’ve probably already stuff and make the room smell funny? family jewels. As you watch Steve-O
This past weekend, Johnny Knox- encountered the fourth dimension of That is the fourth dimension. The di- take a shot of horse-semen and
ille and the rest of the Jackass crew took movie making. Have you ever gone to a mension that not only makes you feel as promptly puke it back up, the patented
their antics and dick-assery onto the sil- museum or science exhibit and seen though you’re actually there, but the di- “Barf-Blast” regurgi-cannon will let
ver screen for the third time – in mension that al- loose, showering the audience with a
THREE DEE! That’s right; three-di- lows them to delicate mixture of real water and real
mensional poop, three-dimensional touch you. vomit! Oh no, what’s that smell?! Not
vomit and three-dimensional penises The Jackass only can you see Chris Pontius and
were yours to behold, had you dropped 4D Experience Wee-Man slathering themselves up with
the ludicrous 15 dollar ticket price to will allow pungent fecal matter, you’ll smell it too!
have your face assaulted with horrific moviegoers to The MoMA toilets weren’t capable of
acts of self-mutilation. But it’s a new experience what supplying the amount of poo needed for
day, and with a new day comes another it’s really like to this one (since no one that visits MoMA
reason to whore yourself out to the cor- be on the cast of is capable of excrement), so they hauled
porate media by objectifying your man- Jackass. For ex- in fresh batches of doo-doo butter from
purse into getting smacked with a ample, when the Porta-Potties at one of the many
baseball bat. Johnny gets New York area construction sites. At the
MTV Films and the Museum of smacked in the end of the day, your dick will hurt so
Modern Art are proud to announce the junk with an er- bad you’ll swear you were actually
coming of the Jackass 4D experience! rant blow, you’ll there!
The Stony Brook Press Arts & Entertainment 19

Halloween Horror Hodge-Podge!

took a shower again after her death cal entrance to all the characters, you
Contributors: Zach Knowlton, Evan scene in the bathroom. Thirdly, you’re know you are set up for lots of laughs
Goldaper, Liz Kaempf, Erin Mansfield still not sure who the antagonist is at the and some gross ass shit. Giant territo-
and Kenny Mahoney end, Norman Bates or his mother. rial monsters attack the unsuspecting
We here at The Press know how Lastly, this could happen in real life! guests at a random dive bar in the mid-
scary, bloody and hilarious horror The most terrifying things are the dle of nowhere, and when the guy most
movies can be, and with Halloween things that could actually happen to us. likely to save the day dies first, all you
rollin’ on up we have complied a list of can wonder is how our loveable band of
some of our favorites in the genre; the misfits will get out of this pickle. If they
best, the worst, and the best of the get out at all. And if you love the first
ety of even less-famous hacks, glaring
worst, in no particular order. So grab one, be sure to follow it immediately
scientific inaccuracies that even I, as an
some popcorn, turn off the lights and with Feast 2 and Feast 3. They totally
English major, can detect, and CGI ren-
get ready to be spooked! Or maybe not. jump the shark, and it’s more than dis-
derings that would’ve been shameful on
Either way, you’re sure to have a grand turbing at times, but oh man, is it worth
the Nintendo 64 and you’ve easily got
ol’ time! it.
the worst horror movie ever made. But
28 Days Later: Zombies Are Awe-
that’s the best part of Mega Shark! Grab
Trick ‘r Treat: Disturbingly Hal- some
a bunch of your friends, sit down and
loween 28 Days Later begins with the ulti-
just laugh along with it. I guarantee you
It’s an actual Halloween movie, set mate “oh-shit” moment; twenty-eight
won’t regret it.
on the night and wrapped up with a ton Séance: Thank God It Was Free days after an outbreak of a zombie-cre-
of mythos associated with the holiday. If you are lucky enough to have ating virus, our main character Jim
Scream 2: Decent Sequel
The intertwining stories flow together video on demand, then you too can awakens in a completely desolate world,
Because Randy says to the killer,
incredibly well, and the atmosphere watch mindless and horribly awful d- save for the slobbering mouths of the
alone makes it the perfect Halloween rated horror movies … for free! And if undead hell-bent on tearing him to
flick. Plus Anna Paquin is in it, and she’s they’re for free, then you know they are pieces. The course of the film takes him
Orphan: Some Freaky Shit
jus hot. gonna be bad! Séance encompasses all across the English countryside, meeting
Under the assumption that it was
the great aspects of college life: booze, up with a few fellow survivors in a des-
going to be another hideous attempt at
It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown: sex, catty roommates, perverted secu- perate attempt to escape the zombie
reinventing the horror movie, Orphan
Feel Good Halloween rity guards, sexy loners and ghosts! Al- horde. You won’t find any over-the-top
is genuinely creative and terrifying. It
If you don’t like this, you are soul- most everyone dies and it’s all pretty gun-toting action or ultra-gory zom-
gets rid of convention, pits husband
less and quite possibly a zombie. It’s a laughable, but that’s why you watch. “I bies, but what you will find is a truly
against wife, harms children and is an
classic. It’s not scary, but it captures don’t understand, first he was there, and amazing storyline with some seriously
overall creep-fest. It has just enough
what Halloween is like for a kid. It’s a bit then he wasn’t!” Well, duh, that’s how scary and disturbing moments.
blood and violence to make it gory and
silly, but who doesn’t relate to Charlie ghosts work.
the ending is twisted the way M. Night
Brown at some point? And the Red Bar-
Shyamalan used to be able to do. For-
ron sequences with Snoopy are gold. Drive Thru: The Toy In The
eign children will never get adopted
Happy Meal
with this movie available to the public.
Clowns were scary as a kid, and
Hard Candy: Nothing Like Juno
they’re still scary now that one is a meat
It’s brilliant because it is a solid
cleaver-wielding fast food mascot
movie standing on just two actors and
killing people in the town. There’s a
only taking place in one location. Ellen
deep secret hidden within the adults
Page entraps a sex offender in his own
and the children have to pay by being
home and then tortures him to no end.
chopped up by the menacing Horny the
Wonderfully witty dialogue, preteen in-
Clown. Get it? It’s funny too! This Die You Zombie Bastards!: Zom-
nocence and an unsedated castration
movie is filled with familiar faces, as it bies Are Awesomely Bad
scene that could make anyone sick
was quite obviously the big break for This amateur film somehow sham-
makes this one of the best thrillers in
Gossip Girl actors, Leighton Meester bled its way onto Netflix’s Instant
the genre.
and Penn Badgley. And quite obviously, Queue, and made for an absolutely ab-
we can’t wait for them to actually finish surd night with friends and a couple of
Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus: So Drive Thru 2, because we just gotta pizzas. It looks like crap, it sounds like
Bad It’s Good know who the real killer is! crap, the actors are crap and the story
There’s really only one way to de- seems like it was written by… well
scribe a movie as bad as 2009’s sci-fi Jason X: They Should Have someone that would come up with the
horror epic Mega Shark vs. Giant Octo- Stopped 10 Years Ago title “Die You Zombie Bastards!” That
pus. It’s the sort of movie where a throw- Teenagers in space with a cryogeni- said, it’s so bad it’s good, and if you’re
away scene involves the titular shark cally frozen serial killer. You’re kidding willing to sit through some brutally
jumping out of the ocean, grabbing a jet me right?! This is what happens when awful dialogue, such as the famous “It’s
plane in his mouth and falling back into directors just can’t stop … too hot for science… and clothes!” (in-
Psycho: Cult Classic
the sea. Combine that with laughably sert description of topless lady lab-as-
First of all, it’s directed by the mas-
overwrought acting from washed-up Feast: First-Rate Gore sistants), then you’ve got yourself the
ter, Alfred Hitchcock. Secondly, Janet
80s pop star Debbie Gibson and a vari- Set with a satirical and stereotypi- recipe for an interesting night.
Leigh, who played Marion Crane, never