Executive Summary Sanjay Prosenjit Kumar

Prosenjit Kumar (Sanjay) is an aspiring Head Chef with a global perspective of modern cooking, and eating culture. Working in various top class Hotel/Restaurant businesses across the globe, for the past 15 years, Prosenjit has picked up qualities that best qualify Modern British Cuisine. After finishing his Diploma in Hotel and Catering management In Kolkata India(1997-Gold medalist),Prosenjit worked in Hyatt Regency Delhi and Taj Exotica Goa,under experienced expatriate chefs, learning top class world cuisines.Prosenjit was chosen to work for the King of Saudi Arabia, where he learnt Arabic and Mediterranean bulk cooking. On his return to India. Prosenjit worked briefly for the newly opened Intercontinental, Mumbai under British Chef Bruce Woolner. Prosenjit was amongst the first chef de parties of Indian origin to join Blanc Brasserie, in Oxford, where he learnt to cook modern British food, under the watchful eyes of Michelin starred chef Raymond Blanc.Prosenjit was promoted to a Sous Chef position within 6 months of his appointment and worked under 2-3 AA Rosette conditions. Prosenjit worked for Hotel Du Vin, in Royal Tunbridge wells as a Sous Chef where he helped prepare consistent high rosette food while learning to pair food and wine and keep tight budget controls.Prosenjit was nominated Chef of the Year in 2007 for the Hotel Du Vin Group. Prosenjit”s First Head Chef Job was in Greenbank Hotel Falmouth, where he was instrumental in retaining Rosette level while developing his own style of food, influenced by his Indian backgrounds, European cooking styles and the sea. Saving the company 68,000pounds in his first year as Head Chef, Prosenjit was involved in helping Greenbank attain Four Star AA accreditation and Green Tourism Gold award. Passion for local food, promoted Prosenjit to become the Chair of Slow food in Cornwall, and he has participated in all major cooking festivals in Cornwall, and written in many prestigious publications.Prosenjit has completed an NVQ L3 in Aspiring Managers course and represented United Kingdom, as an Ambassador Chef, in World Food Festival,TerraMadre,in Italy 2010. Prosenjit regularly features in cookery television programme ( www.mycornwall.tv ) and more can be read about his work on www.sanjayskitchen.co.uk, http://www.scribd.com/Prosenjit76 and www.thisiscornwall.co.uk (search Sanjay Kumar).Prosenjit is scheduled to feature on BBC Radio 4 ,on the food programme with Sheila Dillon, and will be filming on national television(NFTS) cooking seasonal British food. Top three qualities: 1. Cooking and maintaining 2-3 Rosette food quality in busy restaurant environment. 2. Very strong Budget, Health and hygiene sense (Level3, in Health and Hygiene certificate) 3. Strong local and national media and PR presence as a Head Chef.

Prosenjit is a Naturalized British Citizen of United Kingdom.

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