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¥ Kenya Power EXTENSION OF TENDER ‘The Kenya Power and Lighting Company Limited (KPLC) wishes to inform bidders participating inthe tender below, that extension has been deemed necessary. The closing date has therefore been extended as shown below, DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION OF BIDS Deadline for submission of bids have been amended as follows; NO. [ICBNO. DESCRIPTION OF ‘ORIGINAL [NEW ‘TENDER cLosine | TENDER DaTE | CLOSING DATE Procurement of design, ‘ply iain sk __[Reveserananes | si nation | (Lot 1 and Lot2) transmission substation and |072018 | 21.08.2018 Bid Security should therefore be valid for 148 days fom the new date shown above. ‘The Bids will be opened atthe time indicated in the bid document on the new closing dates shown shove, Bidders or their representatives wio wish to witness the opening are welzome to do soa the ‘Auditorium ~ Stim Plaza All other terms and conditions of the tender remain the same. For: KENYA POWER & LIGHTING COMPANY LIMITED. A cn L MANAGER-SUPPLY CHAIN