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YY Kenya Power [EXTENSION OF TENDER The Kenya Power and Lighting Company Limited (KPLC) wishes to inform bidders participating inthe tender below, tht extension has been deemed necessary. The closing date bas therefore been extended as shown below; DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION OF BIDS Deadline for submission of bids have been amended as follows; NO. [TCBNO. ‘DESCRIPTION OF ‘ORIGINAL [NEW ‘TENDER CLOSING | TENDER DaTE | CLOSING DATE. Procurement of design, supply, installation and 1. | KPW6a.uPT/IB/A69 | commissioning of ‘Tuesday | Monday Cannas ebeation ana 21062018 | 9.072018 Bid Security should therefore be valid for 148 days from the new date shown above. ‘The Bids willbe opened atthe time i iste inthe bid document on the new cosing dates shown above, Bidders or ther representatives who with to witness the opening are weleome todo 30 atthe ‘Auitorium ~ Stima Plaza All other terms and conditions of the tender remain the same. For: KENYA POWER & LIGHTING COMPANY LIMITED, DANIEL MUGA ‘Ag, GENERAL MANAGER-SUPPLY CHAIN