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v Kenya Power PRE-BID MEETING & SITE VISIT ‘The Kenya Power and Lighting Company Limited (KPLC) wishes to inform bidders interested in participating in the tender below, tht amendment ofthe pre-bid mesting date hes been deemed. necessary. The pre-id meeting date ha therefore been amended as shown below: pati ‘The date of Pre-bid Meeting has been amended as follows: NO. [ICBNO- ‘DESCRIPTION OF ‘ORIGINAL | NEW DATE _ TENDER DATE Procurement of Design, xpucaumtninaes | Sn slain and lees i ‘ommisioning of Monday y LOT1&2 Trnamission Substations | 30062018 | 07.05.2018 and Lines (AFD) Project. ‘The pre-bid meeting will be held atthe time indicated inthe bid document on the new date shown above. Bidders or their representatives who wish ta attend the pre-bid meeting are weleome to do soat the Auditorium —Stima Plaza, ‘The sit-visit will therefore commence on 8 May, 2018. The revised schedule is as shown in the table below DATE me __[ SITE, ‘STARTING POINT ‘8H and 9® May, 2018 | 9000HHrs | Narok-Bomet Line | KETRACO Narok 132/33kv East Africa Substation Time 11 and 12% May, | 9000HIrs | Kipevu-Mbaraki | KPLC Mbaraki Depot, Mombasa 2018 Fat — {Line Arica ‘Time ‘All other terms and conditions ofthe fender remain the same. For: KENYA POWER & LIGHTING COMPANY LTD. pb Eng. ROBERT NJOROGE, Ag. MANAGER-PROJECTS DEVELOPMENT