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Anthropology 206

Lassiter, The Power of Kiowa Song, pp. 68-115

Ch. 6 Indian Worlds

1. Why did Mike Stumblingbear’s parents decide to hold a dance for him
2. What does it mean to say, “Indians live in two worlds”?
3. Describe the Indian situation in Oklahoma:
4. What does it mean that people “choose to be Indian”? How and when?
5. When the author chooses to participate in the Indian world. What did that mean to him?
6. What are some of the different worlds that Indians can participate in?
7. How do these worlds compare to tribes?

Ch. 7 On Powwow People

1. What did the author mean by saying he planned on doing “some ethnography” at the honor dance?
What prevented him for doing it?
2. What conflicts develop between the author’s professional goals and his participatory goals as
3. What does an ethnographer usually describe about a culture or activity?
4. Describe the annual powwow cycle.
5. What are the names of the major players at powwows?
6. What is the War Dance? How did it originate?
7. When did the Kiowa hold their last Medicine Dance? Why did the US government prohibit these
dances? What were they afraid of? How were the dances viewed?