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‘Say New Zealand’, and most people think of fantastic peaches, forests, mountains and oceans. And you can ‘enjoy this beautiful landscape by doing exciting actites, ‘Tere's skydiving, whitewater rafting, climbing, canyon kayaking, mountain biking, snowboarding, Hiking, swimming, paragliding ~ and, of couse, bungee jumping! ‘ir: Bungeoeeeecell! ‘Would you jump off bridge with usta cord to save you? tions of people already have ~ especially in Now Zealand, the home of bungee jumping! Mitel Waller, 22, ‘comes from Queenstown in New Zealand I's a small town fon the South Island next to the doep-bive Lake Wakatipu ‘and surounded by mountains. Adrenaline junkies wil find everthing they need here. ‘On his 13th birthday, Mitchell got an unusual present He won a radio competition, and his ize was a bungee jump tom Kawau Bridge ~ the word's first and most famous jump location, “twas ust awesome,” Mitchell remembers. Mitchel says he was a litle scared "t's something many people nover experience Fig thous the at, aling towards the rver below ~that makes you feel free.” Land: Park fife ‘With 44 national parks, New Zealand is ied with ‘wonderful plants, wildlife and hiking trails. Fin Hocart- Sounders, 24 loves the outdoors. “have a great respect for nature,” he say n summer Fly, rom Opotkh, Works in the Nonth Island's Te Urewera National Park. Fy takes tourists through the park's wid forests, “We spend thee to ‘our days with our groups ~tling them about the trees, animals and Mari legends.” The parkis almost ‘completely covered in vegetation, even on some ofthe bighest mountains. Inwinter Fyn works on Mount Ruapehu, a volcano and ‘the North Islan’ best skiing area, in Tongariro National Park, Fiyn's motto is, "Respect the mountain, and hope the ‘mountain respects you" Sabine Jahn, 16, fom Hellyonn in Germany, loved visiting Tongalto Nationa Park. Last Decomber, during her year at school in Auckland, Sabie spent a week hiking, ‘yen, swimming and white-wator rafting ot Taurewa ‘Camp, Sabine noticed that the weather In the park can change very quleyy It ean even be cold in summer, 30 ‘wearing the right eothes Is important. Water, water everywhere Under the sea, a new word Is waiting. And 18-year-old Shayri Hawkins wants to take you there "Tk Was & childhood dream of mine to be able to breathe underwater" says Shay, who's been scuba-ivng for more than a year. When she was at school, she bogan ‘working forthe company Dive Tutukaka, “My day starts ‘nth cleaning the boat and preparing lunch,” she say. “We check the ding gear hofore we weleome people onto the boat. The skipper tals everyone about the trip and safety on the boat”, ‘Shayoi nes In Tutukaka, a town on New Zealand's hortheastem coast Diving tour take people to Poor ‘nights [lands Marine Reserve ~ one ofthe word's best places for diving, Shay says, "The curont brings Fbtropcal fish from Austealia. The Lord Howe coral fish has yellow and black stripes. I's realy beautiful. There's fais the uy scorpion fish, whichis polsonous! It's hard to ‘see win it changes colour to ook ike coral.” ‘Shay feels very bucky to have her jo. "You meet ots of people. About half of the vistors are from other ‘ounves. snl to learn about other places | really want to de overseas,” she sayS. Safe at sea ‘New Zealand's Waitakere beaches, near Auckland ar famous fr their spectacular scenery, hugo waves and black sand, One ofthe most famous beaches is Piha. Its thee kilometres long, wth black and gold sand This ‘area is Jesslea Waterers home. Inthe summer, Jessica, 19, works as aIiteguard at Piha beach. More than 3,000 Now Zealanders spend their summers ‘Working as lifeguards, Theyre extremely important for the ‘safety of the simmers at Now Zealana’s many beaches. Sis such a coo jb," Jessica says." work outside ih te ‘sun on the beach, I save ives and get paid fort” unui ge