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Volume 89 Number 8 April 2019

Original articles
Impact tensile behavior analysis of Twaron fiber tows from fast Fourier transform 1363
L Zhu, G Zhu, J Feng, L Jin and P Ma

Development of shape memory alloy hybrid yarns for adaptive fiber-reinforced plastics 1371
M Ashir, A Nocke and C Cherif

The influence of natural functional clothing on some biophysical parameters of the skin 1381
M Zimniewska, M Pawlaczyk, I Krucinska, I Frydrych, P Mikolajczak, K Schmidt-Przewozna, A Komisarczyk, L Herczynska
and B Romanowska

Wear comfort properties of ZrC/Al2O3/graphite-embedded, heat-storage woven fabrics for garments 1394
HA Kim and SJ Kim

Treated knitted fabric for hip-protective pads for elderly women, part I: force attenuation capacity 1408
W Wardiningsih and O Troynikov

Investigation of the bee-repellent properties of cotton fabrics treated with microencapsulated essential oils 1417
S Eyupoglu, D Kut, AO Girisgin, C Eyupoglu, M Ozuicli, H Dayioglu, M Civan and L Aydin

Electrically conductive and superhydrophobic textiles via pyrrole polymerization and surface hydrophobization
after alkaline hydrolysis 1436
SJ Lee, C Yun and CH Park

Synthesis of novel 4,4’-bis(2,4-pyrimidinyl)-diaminostilbene-2,2’-disulfonic acid derivatives and their whitening

effect on cotton fiber as fluorescent whitening agents 1448
M Wan, L Hua, Y Zeng, D Xie, P Jiao and Z Tong

Steam impinging and heat and water spreading in fabrics 1455

S Liang, N Pan, Y Cui, X Wu and X Ding

Influence of service ageing on polyester-reinforced polyvinyl chloride-coated fabrics reported through

mathematical material models 1472
K Zerdzicki, P Klosowski and K Woznica

Anti-ultraviolet and anti-static modification of polyethylene terephthalate fabrics with graphene nanoplatelets
by a high-temperature and high-pressure inlaying method 1488
C Zhang, L Zhong, D Wang, F Zhang and G Zhang

An investigation into the anti-icing properties of fabrics used for the outer layer of firefighter clothing 1500
L Han, X Zhao and JE Kidalla

Preparation and properties of shape-stabilized phase change material cellulose benzoate-g-polyoxyethylene

(2) hexadecyl ether with potential for thermal energy storage 1512
N Han, W Zhang, X Wang, X Zhang, W Li and W Yu

Short-term creep behavior of multi-axial warp knitted fabric-reinforced polyethylene matrix composites 1522
L Jing, PH Deng, J Zhao, W Ting, J Jiang and T Zhang

Design of novel running leggings with thermoplastic polyurethane membrane compression zones 1533
GG Berk and S Kahveci

The mechanism of hairiness reduction in offset ring spinning with a diagonal yarn path 1546
C Singh, S Gordon and X Wang

Design and optimization of a novel chitosan coating system for acupoint catgut embedding materials 1557
S Fu and P Zhang
Review articles
Embroidery manufacturing techniques for textile dipole antenna applied to wireless body area network 1573
I Gil, R Fernández-Garcı́a and JA Tornero

Numerical analysis of the tension and twist of staple strands in embeddable and locatable spinning 1582
K Liu, Y Zhou and W Xu

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