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ee ee ee Important Things to Know about Circles © There are 360 degrees in a circle All radii in a circle are congruent The center of the circle is the midpoint of the diameter The length of the diameter of a circle is twice the length of its radius The diameter is the longest chord possible in a circle. Major Arc vs. Minor Arc 1. Find the measures of the missing arcs. GR zw? Em +008 2. In the accompanying diagram of circle O, chords 4B and GD interseci 4. B x mAC:mOB:mBD:mDA = 4:2:6:8. Find the measure of each arc. c YX Zest Ke BRs Sv! 19x = 300 Da K> 1 circle, Or -~. e them are cor jel in a circles ea cs bere it aeca ie chee When wo chords engicular 0 # chord in a cit" ied it ter 150°/ ‘6° 6O 4, Incircle O shown in the diagram below, chords 4B and CD are parallel. If ‘mAB = 104 an mCD~= 168, what is mBD? 8 Bod ~1BY~ (5G = BS_ foe . we 5. In the diagram below of circle O, di AB i diameter 4i i — and BE=4, find the length of CE. F + AB's perpendicular to chord CD at E, If 40 ot & K7EWO* Jo ext Oo ce=o ce Construct a regular hexa; 'gon inscribed in a circle Construct a square inscribed in a circle 6. Construct the center of the circle, 7. Construct the center of the circ] db g » 8. Construct an equilateral triangle inscribed in a circle.