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Date of Submission: 15/03/2019

1) Define Environment. Describe the components of environment.
2) Types of Environment. Objective of Environmental Education.
3) Explain the Environmental Management strategies.
4) How are environmental studies multidisciplinary in nature?
5) What are the major causes of today’s environmental crisis?
6) Enumerate the importance of Environmental Education in India.
7) Describe the scope of Environmental studies.

1) Enumerate the major types of natural resources.
2) Differentiate the recyclable, renewable and non-renewable resources.
3) Briefly explain various types of Natural Resources and give examples of each.
4) List out the problems associated with natural resources exploitation.
5) What is the importance of forest resources in ecological balance?
6) Describe the reasons of deforestation and its effect on Environment?
7) What are the measures that can be adopted for conservation of forest?
8) Why Water is regarded as natural resources?
9) What are the problems related with water resources?
10) What are Environmental impacts of large dams?
11) What are the major environmental issues of water resources?
12) What are the methods of water conservation?
13) Explain the need of conservation of mineral resources.
14) Explain the impact of water-logging condition on environment.
15) What are the effects of Mining and its remedial measures?
16) What are the World Food Problems?
17) Explain the factors responsible for land degradation.
18) What are the impacts of overgrazing and impacts of traditional agriculture in crop production?
19) What are the impacts of modern agriculture in crop production?
20) What is soil erosion and explain the causes of soil erosion
21) State the basic principal of soil conservation and brief various methods for its conservation.
22) How can you control Land Degradation?
23) Enumerate various sources of energy for mankind.
24) Describe in brief various renewable sources of energy.
25) Give a note on the wind and geothermal energy resources of India.

1) Define ecosystem and what are different types of ecosystems

2) Explain the biotic components of ecosystem.
3) Explain the functions of ecosystem.
4) Write short notes on:
a) Solar energy b) Conservation of Mineral resources c) Conservation of Natural resources d)
Ecological succession e) One alternative source of energy f) Food web g) Pyramid of Biomass h)
food chain
5) Describe structure and components of ecosystem.
6) Give a note on detritus food chain.
7) Explain the pyramid of energy of grassland ecosystem.
8) Describe energy flow in ecosystem.
9) Define producers, consumers and decomposers.
10) Mention specific roles of different types of abiotic components. What measure can be adopted to conserve
11) What should be action strategies for Sustainable Development?
12) What are the various stages of succession on bare rock?
13) What do you mean by biodiversity? What are their kinds?
14) Explain Y – shaped energy flow model.
15) Write a brief note on Marine Ecosystem.
16) How are deforestation and loss of biodiversity interrelated? Explain
17) Explain the value of biodiversity with special reference to India.
18) Describe benefits of biological diversity.
19) Define poaching and what are the measures for wildlife conservation from the threat of poaching
20) Describe India as a mega diversity nation.
21) What do you mean by Alpha, Beta and gamma diversity?
22) Compare Genetic and Species diversity.
23) What are the major strategies of biodiversity conservation adopted in India?
24) How does an individual can contribute in conservation of following resources:
i) Water ii) Energy iii) Soil iv) Mineral