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Born Chicago, IL December 7, 1947

Ordained as a priest Archdiocese of Chicago May 9, 1973 25 years old

Graduate studies start Pontifical Liturgical Institute 1976
(Sant’ Anselmo), Rome
Doctorate in sacred Pontifical Liturgical Institute 1980
liturgy (Sant’ Anselmo), Rome
Ordained as auxiliary Archdiocese of Chicago December 13, 1983 36 years old
Installed seventh bishop Diocese of Belleville, IL February 10, 1994 46 years old
Elected president of U.S. Conference of Catholic November 2001 53 years old
USCCB Bishops
Great Preacher Award Saint Louis University 2002
Honorary Doctorate of Lewis University in Romeoville, 2002-2003
Humanities IL
Sword of Loyola Loyola University of Chicago 2004
Appointed as archbishop Archdiocese of Atlanta December 9, 2004
by Pope John Paul II
Honorary Doctorate of Spring Hill College in Mobile, 2005
Humane Letters AL
Installed as Archbishop of Archdiocese of Atlanta January 17, 2005 57 years old
Inducted into the Martin Morehouse College, Atlanta 2006
Luther King Board of
Cardinal Bernardin Award Catholic Common Ground 2006
Initiative, National Pastoral
Life Center in Washington,
Honorary Doctorate of Xavier University in Cincinnati, 2012
Humane Letters OH
Honorary Doctorate of McKendree College in 2012
Humane Letters Lebanon, IL
Honorary Doctorate of Fontbonne University in St. 2012
Humanities Louis, MO
Honorary Law Degree Notre Dame University 2012
Chicago Catholic Saint Louis University 2013
Theological Union
Honorary Doctorate
Appointed as archbishop Archdiocese of Washington April 4, 2019 71 years old
of Washington by Pope
Installed as Archbishop of Archdiocese of Washington TBA