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Anul şcolar 2012-2013
Limba engleză
Clasa a VI-a, L2

Numele şi prenumele elevului:

Data susţinerii testului:

 Pentru rezolvarea corectă a tuturor cerinţelor se acordă 90 de puncte. Din oficiu se acordă 10 puncte.
 Timpul efectiv de lucru este de 45 de minute.

I. Read the following text. Then read the sentences below and say if they are TRUE or FALSE:
(20 points)

Are you hungry?

Jenny: I love Italian food. My favourite dish is lasagne. We often make it at home. It isn’t difficult at all. You need
pasta, beef, tomato sauce and cheese. Sometimes when we go out, my parents take me to this little Italian restaurant
near our house. Their pizza is famous in our neighbourhood.
Nick: I don’t eat meat. Me and my parents are vegetarians . I especially like tomato soup. It is easy to make and very
tasty. I usually add some cheese as well. For dessert I prefer a fruit salad. I use oranges, bananas, some kiwi, grapes,
peaches and some cream.
Tom: My favourite food is French fries. I often eat them with a salad. My mother always tells me to eat more
vegetables, so I listen to her and make a salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, lettuce and peppers. From time to
time, I go to a fast food restaurant and have hamburgers.
1. Jenny doesn’t eat meat. A.TRUE B. FALSE
2. Tom likes hamburgers. A.TRUE B. FALSE
3. Nick eats only fruit and vegetables. A.TRUE B. FALSE
4. Jenny’s cousin sometimes takes her to an Italian restaurant. A.TRUE B. FALSE
5. Tom doesn’t go to a fast food restaurant often. A.TRUE B. FALSE
6. Nick eats his tomato soup with cheese. A.TRUE B. FALSE
7. Tom makes lasagne at home. A.TRUE B. FALSE
8. Nick’s tomato soup is hard to make. A.TRUE B. FALSE
9. Nick has a fruit salad for dessert. A.TRUE B. FALSE
10. Jenny doesn’t like Italian food. A.TRUE B. FALSE

II. Choose the correct answer: (20 points)

1. There aren’t ……..apples on the plate. a). some b). any c). an
2. ….. is my new dress. a). Those b). These c). This
3. Your sister ……do her homework in the evening. a).doesn’t b). don’t c).didn’t
4. Whose book is this? It’s ….book . a). Jimmy’s b). him c). Jimmy
5. …. is the weather like today? a). Who b). What c). How
6. Where’s your mother going …. a) just now b). every day c) yesterday
7. It didn’t ……last Monday. a). rain b). rained c). rains
8. My aunt goes shopping ….. a) right now b). yesterday c) every Saturday
9. No, but I have …. cream. a). any b) some c). a
10. How many …. did you visit last year ? a). cities b). cityes c). citties

III. Reorder the words to make correct sentences: (10 points)

1. first, your, father’s, what, name, is?

2. Tom, got, a, called, has, he, friend
3. sort, she, of, does, what, like, music?
4. in, are, good, some, my, there, really, clubs, town
5. two, played, friends, ago, his, tennis, hours

IV. Fill in with the missing word: (10 points)

1. We watch TV ….the evening.

2. My grandparents live …. the first floor.
3. There …. a lot of apples on those trees.
4. His father was not ….. work yesterday.
5. The winds often blow hard …. winter.
6. I always get home from school …. 2 p.m.
7. My book is …… interesting than your book.
8. He repaired his car ….. week.
9. Tom …. got a new bike.
10. What …. your brother doing at the moment?



Anul şcolar 2012-2013
Limba engleză
Clasa a VI-a, L2


SUBIECTUL 1- 20 points

1-F 6-T
2-T 7-F
3-T 8-F
4-F 9-T
5-F 10 - F

SUBIECTUL II – 20 points

1 – B. any 6 – A. just now

2 - C. This 7 – A. rain
3 - A doesn’t 8 – C. every Saturday
4 - A. Jimmy’s 9 – B. some
5 - B. What 10 - A. cities

SUBIECTUL III – 10 points

1. What is your father’s first name?

2. He has got a friend called Tom.
3. What sort of music does she like?
4. There are some really good clubs in my town.
5. His friends played tennis two hours ago.

SUBIECTUL IV -10 points

1. in 6. at
2. on 7. more
3. are 8. last
4. at 9. has
5. in 10. is

SUBIECTUL V – 30 points

Marking Scheme for the Letters

Analytical Descriptors Grading Levels Task Observations

Criteria (according to
syllabus) – formal
Content Covering all points (1p) 5 excellent achievement Details relevant to task
4p Meeting length requirements 4 good achievement requirements
(1p) 3 adequate achievement
Development of ideas (2) 2 limited achievement
1 poor achievement
Organisation and Paragraphing (3p) 5 excellent achievement Clear non-overlapping
Cohesion Linking devices (3p) 4 good achievement paragraphs
10 p Mechanics (punctuation) (2p) 3 adequate achievement Matching beginning
Layout and handwriting (2p) 2 limited achievement and ending formulae
1 poor achievement
Structures and Range of vocabulary (4p) 5 excellent achievement Consistency in using
Vocabulary Appropriacy of vocabulary (3p) 4 good achievement tenses
14 p Range of structures (4p) 3 adequate achievement Task-related vocabulary
Accuracy of grammar (3p) 2 limited achievement
1 poor achievement
Register and adequacy of vocabulary 5 excellent achievement Informal
Style (formal/informal) (1p) 4 good achievement (personal and
affectionate approach)
2p adequacy of structures 3 adequate achievement
(formal/informal) (1p) 2 limited achievement
1 poor achievement
30 points