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Home Inventory


Personal Information Insurance Information

Name Store a copy of your inventory and photos Company
Address in a secure location outside of your home Agent Name
City, State, ZIP and/or in a fireproof safe. Phone
Phone Policy Number
Total Estimated Value $ 2,950.00
Purchase Information
Location Description Date Where Wrnty Price Condition Est. Value Model Serial # Notes Photo
Home Office Books
Home Office Chairs
Home Office Computer
Home Office Desk 12/12/2007 ABC Furniture 1 year $250.00 excellent $200.00 asdfasdf asdfasdf Only a few scratches filename.jpg
Home Office Monitor
Home Office Other Electronics
Home Office Printer
Home Office Software
Home Office Speakers
Family Room Bookcases
Family Room Books
Family Room Chairs
Family Room Computer
Family Room Couches
Family Room Curios
Family Room Desk
Family Room Electronics
Family Room Entertainment center
Family Room Fireplace Items/Tools
Family Room Lamps
Family Room Miscellaneous
Family Room Paintings / Art
Family Room Rugs
Family Room Tables
Family Room TV: Panasonic Viera 65" 10/3/2009 #1 Electronics 1 year $2,800.00 excellent $2,750.00 abcdefg1 n/a filename.jpg
Living Room Art
Living Room Curios
Living Room Furniture
Living Room Lamps
Living Room Paintings / Art
Living Room Piano
Living Room Rugs
Kitchen Appliances
Kitchen China
Kitchen Contents of cabinets
Kitchen Cookbooks
Kitchen Cutlery
Kitchen Dishes
Kitchen Glasses
Kitchen Pots & Pans
Location Description Date Where Wrnty Price Condition Est. Value Model Serial # Notes Photo
Kitchen Refrigerator/Freezer
Kitchen Stove
Kitchen Tables
Kitchen Utensils
Hallways Contents in closet
Hallways Pictures/Paintings
Master Bdrm Bedding
Master Bdrm Bed
Master Bdrm Books
Master Bdrm Chests/contents
Master Bdrm Contents in closet
Master Bdrm Desk
Master Bdrm Dressers/Contents
Master Bdrm Lamps
Master Bdrm Misc items
Master Bdrm Rugs
Bdrm Two Bedding
Bdrm Two Bed
Bdrm Two Books
Bdrm Two Chairs
Bdrm Two Contents in closet
Bdrm Two Desk
Bdrm Two Dressers/Contents
Bdrm Two Lamps
Bdrm Two Misc items
Bdrm Two Rugs
Bdrm Three Bedding
Bdrm Three Bed
Bdrm Three Books
Bdrm Three Chairs
Bdrm Three Contents in closet
Bdrm Three Desk
Bdrm Three Dressers/Contents
Bdrm Three Lamps
Bdrm Three Misc items
Bdrm Three Rugs
Bathrooms Contents
Bathrooms Electrical appliances
Bathrooms Linens
Utility Dryer
Utility Ironing Board
Utility Linens
Utility Misc. Items
Utility Washing Machine
Garage Auto supplies
Garage Deep freezer
Garage Lawn Furniture
Garage Lawn Mower
Garage Luggage
Garage Misc Items
Garage Tools
Location Description Date Where Wrnty Price Condition Est. Value Model Serial # Notes Photo
Garage Weed Wacker
Attic Golf Clubs
Attic Other storage
Basement Chairs
Basement Storage
Basement Tables
Basement Toys
Basement Workbench
Other Jewelry
Other Collections
Home Inventory Spreadsheet


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