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EMBA BETA ESRAEL KINGDOM ONLINE CONFERENCE TREA’ APPE: SRAEL OR_PARTIES THAT PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO ANCIENT ES! Te D WITH THE LEMBA BETA ESRAEL KINGDOM LINN AMANHC APA HAGA yothariik '2gzi'absher ‘amlakii ‘Isra'el PAMANACE 9976 Ute PP Amiak lakullu manfas walakullu zasega {The Lord of all Spirit and of all flesh} LEMBA BETA ESRAEL KINGDOM has been registered INTERNATIONALLY and or for the WORLD of ESRAEL in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA under the following articles of incoporation: Articles of Incorporation or Lemba Kingdom international of Beta Esrael, Incorporated Article | Name Lemba Kingdom Intemational of Beta Esrael, Incorporated, Article Il Purpose 1. Said organization is organized exclusively for charitable, religious, educational, and/or scientific purposes, specifically for the relief of the poor, distress or underprivileged; including for such purposes, the ‘making of distributions fo organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under Section 501(c)(3) of the Intemal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future Federal Tax Co The corporation will serve to enhance (a) The socio-economic status, health and welling being of members of the Lemba tribe of Beta Esrael and other peoples, without regard to race, color, creed, or national origin; including giving lectures and teachings on the Lemba culture of Beta Esrael, (b) conduct programs on the rites of passage for youth which include life skills and job skills training, (c) provide housing programs, senior adul programs, child day care programs, senior assisted living programs, (d) provide counseling, literacy training, resume waiting, computer training, and training in basic math and English....."" ‘The headquarters of the LEMBA BETA ESRAEL KINGDOM are in SANTIAGO CHILE , SOUTH AMERICA where sits the CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER of the Corporation HRH King Binyam ‘Selamun King of the LEMBA BETA ESRAEL KINGDOM. The Chairman of the lemba Beta Esrael Coordinating committee for Aliyah to Israel, Elder and Priest Anthony Woods sits in Indianapolis Indiana USA The High Priest of the order of Metketsedek in lemba Beta Esrael kingdom and the children of Abba Elias Abune Mar ZaAgazeto Tsion® #75 cue as ax 2uvmnndc 46 m2t8:°X % Yihucl and child of EgziABher and Ethiopia’ 2.cé# Aacna® # Of the noble house of Zion, sits in Texas USA. We have a Board of Trustees and a fully functional Executive Body comprising: 1 2) a 4 5. 6. 2, 8 9. Chief Executive Director Deputy Director of Heritage and Culture Director of Economic affairs Director of political affairs and liason Director of Health and Social affairs Director of Records and Analysis Director of Human Resources and Promotions Director of Technical logistics support The lemba Beta Estael Kingdom abides by its constitution that affords freedoms and civil rights to all its members. This constitution was revised and approved in Indianapolis, State of Indiana, United States of America, essentially for incorporation purposes. Prospective members of the Jemba Beta Esrael Kingdom and or their leadership shall be privileged to view, read and study this constitution, Articles of the Lemba Beta Esrael Online International Convention or Treaty Hg This Treaty or Convention seeks Stake holders, Collaborators, Religious Organizations, Federations, Foundations, Kingdoms, States, Republics, Embassies, Groups , Associations, Individuals, Companies, Unions, Emissaries and all bodies that pledge allegiance to ESRAEL HERITAGE to come into one accord with the LEMBA BETA ESRAEL KINGDOM which is the traditional custodian of the legacy and heritage of ANCIENT and INDIGENOUS ESRAEL. 2. Prospective Members or Participants are asked to consider and presumably agree with the host Lemba Beta Esrael Kingdom on the following: 4a. To subscribe to lemba Beta Esrael membership and seek dialogue with the host Kingdom on matters of Socio-economic Development, Peace-keeping and Spiritual Uplifiment. B.A quest to return to Ancient Esrael ways, which Lemba Beta Esrael Kingdom knows are the best ways to follow in order to correct the past , present and future errors of an average Israelite person living on the earth today. ¢. Lemba Beta Esrael kingdom maintains that the Esrael ancient ways must be followed with respect to calendar counting, observance of appointed times, feasts, fasts, source of seriptures, precepts, customs, traditions , language and territory occupation. d. Prospective members to consider employing Esrael ancient ways to bring about unity peace , justice and order for Esrael, which could also benefit the entire world. This could make the host kingdom and its prospective alliances, a shining example to the world. 3. The Treaty expects prospective members or participants to agree that reestablishing. recognising and maintaining the Esrael monarchy is the best way forward for all ESRAEL and her allies. The host Kingdom does not accept any abuses from and to the monarchy.