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Colonel Harland David Sander


Fullname :Colonel Harland David Sander

Birthday : September 9, 1890

Nationality : American

Famous : Restaurateurs American Men

Also Known As : Colonel Harland David Sanders

Sun Sign : Virgo

Died At Age : 90

Born In : Henryville

Famous As : Founder Of KFC

Spouse/Ex- : Claudia Price (M. 1948–1980),

Josephine King (M. 1909–1947)

Father :Wilbur David

Mother : Margaret Ann Sanders

Siblings : Clarence

Children : Harland David Sanders, Jr., Margaret

Sanders,Mildred Sanders Ruggles

Religion : Disciples Of Christ

Died On : December 16, 1980

Place Of Death : Louisville

City, States, Provinces & Districts: Indiana

Founder/Co-Founder : Kentucky Fried Chicke


 Colonel Harland David Sanders was the eldest of three children born
to Wilbur David and Margaret Ann. Wilbur owned an 80-acre farm on
which he worked until he broke his leg, and then became a butcher.

 Harland was only five when his father died of hay fever. His mother
began to work in a tomato canning factory and the responsibility to
cook for his younger siblings fell on his tender shoulders.

 After his mother remarried in 1902, his family relocated to

Greenwood, Indiana. Unable to get along with his stepfather, he left
home and school to work as a farmhand and horse carriage painter.

 In 1906, with his mother's permission, he left Greenwood for New

Albany, Indiana, where his uncle, an employee of a streetcar
company, lived. He was able to secure Harland a job as a conductor.

 Sanders arranged falsified date of birth to join the U.S Army in 1906.
He was discharged three months later, on completion of his service
commitments. He began living with an uncle in Sheffield, Alabama.

 From 1907 to 1920, he moved from one job to another - he worked as

a blacksmith’s help, fireman, lawyer (he had acquired a law degree
through a correspondence course), insurance salesman and laborer.

 In 1920, he established a ferry boat company, operated a ferry boat

on the Ohio, and became the company’s minority shareholder. He
was appointed secretary of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, but

 He cashed his share to found an acetylene lamp manufacturing

company that flopped. Moving to Kentucky, he worked as a
salesman, then ran a service station that closed when the Great
Depression set in.

 In 1930, he began operating a service station for the Shell Oil

Company in Corbin, Kentucky. He began to cook and serve chicken,
ham and steaks to his customers in his living quarters nearby.

 By 1935, the Corby service station became famous for his ‘Kentucky
Fried Chicken’ which he prepared using 11secret spices. His use of a
pressure cooker reduced the preparation time from 30 to 9 minutes.
 In 1939, he bought a motel in Asheville, North Carolina. During World
War II gas was rationed, and as the number of customers dwindled,
so he closed the motel.

 He worked as a restaurant supervisor in Seattle until the end of 1942.

He next operated government cafeterias at an Ordinance Works, and
was an assistant manager at a cafeteria in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

 In 1952, Pete Harman became the first franchisee of "Kentucky Fried

Chicken". Harman operated South Salt Lake city’s largest
restaurants. Don Anderson, a sign painter hired by Harman, coined
the name Kentucky Fried Chicken.

 In 1955, customer traffic in his Corbin restaurant fell due to the

opening of the new Interstate 75. He sold the restaurant and travelled
the country to appoint franchisees for his chicken.

 Appointing franchisees was a good strategy. KFC became a pioneer

food chain to expand internationally. By the mid 1960s, apart from its
600 American outlets, it boasted of outlets in Canada, England,
Mexico and Jamaica.

 In 1964, he sold the Kentucky Fried Chicken Corporation for $ 2

million to John Y. Brown, Jr. He retained the Canadian operations
and moved to Mississauga, Ontario.

 In 1973, he sued the Heublein Inc. which owned Kentucky Fried

Chicken then, for using his image to sell products he had nothing to
do with. Later, an agreement was reached between the two parties.
 Kentucky governor, Ruby Laffoon, commissioned Sanders as a
Kentucky Colonel. In 1939, food critic Duncan Hines visited his
Corbin restaurant and recommended it in his culinary guide,
‘Adventures in Good Eating’.

 Kentucky Fried Chicken helped Pete Harman's Salt City restaurant

triple profits in 1952. The restaurant stood out as the only one to offer
the dish and thus was able to beat competition.

 The KFC creator has been mentioned in the lyrics of songs by

Afroman, the Beastie Boys, Mr. Bungle, Weird Al Yankovic, and in the
song ‘Psycho Chicken’ by The Fools.

 This culinary genius and businessman said, “There's no reason to be

the richest man in the cemetery. You can't do any business from
Colonel Harland David Sander

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