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Short Term Plan

1. Date: 16 April – 30 April

2. Class: level 1

3. Unit/Topic/ Lesson: Les salutation

4. Teaching Objectives: Students will be able to

 How to greet someone?
 How to say goodbye?
 Answer the questions given in the back exercise

5. Methodology: Lectures, Discussions

6. Content:
 New words
 Dialogue writing
 Jumble words
 Put dialogue in order

7. Activity: Make a pair of two two students to do convocation discussion.

9. Types of Questions:

a. Pre-reading questions:
 How to wish elders?
 How to say my name is…?

b. While- reading questions:

 Discuss about the chapter.

c. Post reading questions:

 Learn French words
 Unjumble these words
 Put dialogue in order

10. Home Assignment/ Follow Up: Make dialogue writing

11. Important Points to be incorporated: Extra notes from the book

12. Observation: