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Visit Report of Birla Cellulosic , Kosamba

Taken Actions:-
13/03/2018- It was a software problem that we were dealing with, So we tried to solve problem
through Mumbai help lines (On Call), that system was not able to capture data automatically into
client’s server (name – ORACLE). We found that the problem was in WEB SERVICE folder which was
not installed properly, Then we moved this WEB SERVICE folder into other Directory (another Hard
disc drive) also made a new Query, without TeamViewer it took entire day to solve.

14/03/2018- After gotten NDA permission to use remote, then the auto-uploading was solved ,
system was working properly as it should. Additionally, the data could also be seen by client’s IT
employee in their server… meanwhile we were checking M/C’s punching efficiency & punctuation,
which was good as we expected, also we re-registered some HR employees who were facing
capturing problem, and this is how problem was solved after Re-registering the person’s Finger
prints as well as Face.

15/03/2018- We stated to transfer re-registered data to all remained M/Cs & changed their IP + TID
to as same as old M/Cs’ and labelled them by Sticky notes, After that we took 2 of them to mount on
the site, but didn’t fit well due to ‘Altitude & Angle’ Problems, So we’ve (We and Client themselves)
decided to make another M/C suitable frame as well as Box to fit in, so we could fix these M/Cs
included boxes into fitting area, it may take time, so this work delayed by tomorrow (Meanwhile we
fix this M/Cs temporarily as it is into site just to get report that M/Cs are giving data or not) Also we
were facing problem about, punched data were shown as OUT punched rather than IN punched ,
this happened to the punches which were punched after 12pm. We solved this problem by setting
up the ‘time zone’ into M/C, that we did same into remained M/Cs. In addition to that, we also set
an Administrator password for client’s requirement into the M/C. also teach Kamlesh Parikh that
how to man such a person an Admin to access the M/Cs.

16/03/2018- in the morning I found one software problem that only

Problem in BMS software in ACTION tab ‘MANAGE STAR7F’ that , ‘Auto capturing should capture all
selected machines’ data together at given time interval, But it captured only ONE Last Selected
machine’s data (Client needs to get all machines’ auto captured data together not that only ONE
selected machine’s)

1st- I’d selected All to get auto captured data, But software just captured only last selected Added
m/c’s data

2nd – Then I selected only one of them, and auto capturing was done only that selected m/c.

In short:- auto capturing should capture all machines’ data At given interval... But it captured only
selected machine’s data.

I called mumbai...
And gave Remote...

Kamlesh Parish said that, they will start the further procedure after shut down (after March), In
addition to that, they decided to put those old star2000 M/Cs back to the site ,Because these New
M/Cs are not fitted well and also have some problems in new software tool ‘manage Star7F’ about
auto capturing as I described before,

So after lunch, I’d fixed these old Star2000 M/C into the site. And checked that it is working properly.