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To study consumer behaviour.

2) Study consumer preferences for shopping.

3) To study satisfaction level of customers.
4) To study frequency of shopping at big bazaar.
5) To understand the consumer expectation.
6) To increase the number of BBPC card holders.
7) To spread awareness amongst customers about BBPC
8) To understand the buying behaviour of customers.

Scope of Project:
? Interact with as many customers as possible and try to pitch them to buy the card
and side by side understand their behaviour, perception and expectations towards
the card.
? The scope was only to interact with the customers of the store and convincing
them to buy the card.
? Interacting with more number of customers results in the gain of knowledge, I.e.
each customer has a different perception about something by interacting we can
understand the consumer behaviour.
? Role plays amongst the interns so as to understand what they learned and share
with everyone.
? Role plays also helps in problem identification and after sorting down the
problem solution can be found to the problems which are being faced.

Limitation of Project:
? Time limit is major Constraints.
? As per the company rule many information was not disclosed.
? As the Manager are busy in their daily Schedules, it is not possible for us to
spend more time in interaction and discussion with them.
? Unawareness amongst the staff about the card resulted in many miscommunications
to the customers.