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I, _______________________________, understand and agree as follows: My participation with All 4 the Animals Rescue (the “Rescue”) is voluntary, and I undertake all tasks and involvement freely of my own will without any expectation of compensation. Additionally, I acknowledge the following: (1) All of the Rescue’s animals, supplies, equipment and materials shall remain property of the Rescue, even if I am allowed access to, and use of, such items during my work as a volunteer. Upon my departure from the Rescue, I will return all items back to the rightful owner, All 4 the Animals Rescue. (2) All visits to the veterinarian and all medical expenses must be pre-approved and authorized by the president or vice president ahead of time at a pre-approved vet’s office where the Rescue has and maintains an established account designed to provide a rescue discount. The president and/or vice president must be contacted in the case of an emergency where this procedure cannot be followed for any emergency fees or expenses to be honored by the Rescue. (3) The Rescue is not making any express or implied representation, warranty, or promise to the age, health, breed, habits, temperament, disposition or safety of any of its animals. I agree to fully and completely release the Rescue, its officers, volunteers, directors, agents, employees, contractors, representatives, donors and other associates from any liability or responsibility of any kind whatsoever for any injury, damage, harm, expense or liability that may occur during my time as a Rescue volunteer. (4) I understand that my participation as a volunteer can be abruptly terminated should the Rescue become aware of any charges against me for animal cruelty, abuse or neglect. I agree to be forthcoming with all details in regard to such charges or allegations, and appraise the directors prior to my service of any past history of animal cruelty, abuse or neglect. (5) As a Rescue volunteer, I agree to assume all risks associated with handling animals whose behaviors may be unpredictable, and hereby fully and completely release, indemnify and hold harmless the Rescue, its officers, volunteers, directors, agents, employees, contractors, representatives, donors and other associates from any claim or cause of action of any sort or nature, whether known or unknown, directly or indirectly arising out of, or in connection with, any bodily injury or damages suffered as a result of my negligent, reckless or willful actions in performance (or failure to perform) my duties as a volunteer. (6) I recognize and acknowledge that I have no signatory power or authority as part of the Rescue, and that my voluntary contribution shall be made under the direct supervision of the Board of Directors, Rescue officers and any and all of their assigns.

I hereby agree to, and vow to comply with, all of the terms and conditions listed above.

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By: B.J. Kyle, Director Date:

By: Jessica Taverna, Director Date:
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