Netherland Dwarf
• The Netherland Dwarf was originally developed in Holland during the early part of the 20th century from the Dutch rabbit and a wild rabbit.
– Exported to England in the 1950’a were British breeders improved the rabbits stamina and standardized the colors. – First appeared in the US in the mid ’60s. – Has more different colors than most other breeds. – Animal is small, stocky, and compact – Round head, broad skull, and a distinctly rounded nose. – Eyes are round, bold, and bright, ears are short and erect – Usually weigh 2.5 pounds

Netherland Dwarf .

rounded body with short limbs and fine bones • Large eyes • 5 color patterns – Black with brown eyes – Blue with blue-gray eyes – Chocolate with brown eyes – White with ruby red eyes – White with blue eyes .Polish • Short.

Polish .

Jersey Wooly • Developed in New Jersey in the ’70s as an effort to produce small animals to sell as pets • Is a cross between the Netherland Dwarf and Angoras • Weigh less than 3. ears are 2-3 inches long. with underfur • 5 color groups – – – – – Selfs (solid) Shaded Agouti.Silver marten on next page Pointed .5 pounds.brown colors Tan. • Lots of fgaurd hair fur.

Jersey Wooly .

• Dense.Mini Rex • Cross between a standard rex and the Netherland dwarf in an effort to get smaller animals.5 pounds. plush fur and is shown in 11 varieties – – – – – – – – – – – Blue Californian Castor Chinchilla Lynx Opal Red Seal Tortoise White Broken . • Weighs less than 4.

Mini Rex .

usually brown or black checks and rear half of the body with white separating the colors. although it originated in Holland – The English refined the size. shape and pattern – Large rabbit.Dutch • Developed in England. .

Dutch .

• Bred in 2 colors. with a thick body and weighing 4. Agouti and white – The breed is a cross between the German Big Lop and the Little Chinchilla – 1972 a pair of Agouti lops and one white lop doe were sent to the US.5 pounds .Mini Lop • Originated in Germany. but it is still a larger rabbit. • This resulted in a broken color pattern • The breed is basically a scaled down French Lop.5 -6.

Mini Lop .

with a thick set appearance • Breed is broad. • Shown in solid colors and in any color combination with white.French Lop • First bred in France around 1850. 10 pounds for does. 1. and heavily muscled.5 inches below the muzzle. • Ears are shorter than the English lop. • Body is massive. Ears hang down in a horseshoe shape from the crown to apporx. . deep. • Weighs more than 9 pounds for bucks.

French Lop .

– Recognized in self (Solid) and broken color varieties – Body is medium length with a well arched back and the head carried low. The record is 28.English Lop • One of the oldest breeds of domestic rabbits • First appeared in North Africa. moved to England where the breed became very popular and breeders competed to increase their ear length.5 inches. – Ears measuring 23-24 inches were common. – Large rabbit weighing over 9 pounds. .

English Lop .

Angora • Originated in Turkey hundreds of years ago. Satin. English. ears. and body are covered with wool. and Giant. • 4 different breeds today. French.5 pounds. They weigh 5-7. feet. • English Angora – Short compact body and the head. .

English Angora .

Angora • French Angora – Longer and narrower than the english. – The wool of the French is coarse. but the feet and legs are furred only to the first joint. and the ears are not as heavily covered.5 pounds . – The tail is covered by wool. and not covered as heavily by wool. and the ideal length is about 2.75 inches – Large breed. weighing over 7.

French Angora .

and tail • Red eyes • Weighs 8-10 pounds . ears. • Very popular breed • White body with a black colored nose.Californian • Produced in 1928 in an effort to produce a better commercial rabbit. feet.

Californain .

– White is preferred because when it is dressed. the small hairs that remain cannot be seen. – Breed is primarily used for meat production. – This rabbit is the leading choice for commercial rabbit producers in the US. – Red variety was the first to appear. – Average weight of 9-12 pounds. . followed by white than black. thus making it easier to clean and package.New Zealand • Originated in California and Indiana simultaneously.

New Zealand .

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