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STAFF OFFICERS Chaplains Father Kevin Bravata Father Michael Morgera President Mr. Bill Hunter Vice-President Volunteer Needed Treasurer Volunteer Needed COMMITTEES Altar Boys Mr. Morgan Homeschool Liaison Mrs. Julie Crowell Planning Volunteer Needed Public Affairs Volunteer Needed CONTACT INFO Regina Cæli Latin Mass Community 2564 Hale Avenue Memphis, TN 38112 MASS TIMES Blessed Sacrament 2564 Hale Avenue Memphis, TN 38112 901-452-1543 Friday 8:30 am Sunday 8:30 am Church of the Nativity 5955 St. Elmo Bartlett, TN 38135-1516 901-382-2504 Sunday 9:00 am

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Steer by the Stars, Not by Your Wake
taking part in group activities Much has happened that are not only beneficial to over the last few months for the learning of our children which we are all no doubt but also nourvery grateful. ishing to the With the spiritual appetite release of of your young the Holy while buttressFather’s ing a much Motu Proneeded Catholic prio, Summorum Pon- Father Morgera celebrating Mass, identity and tificum, not as seen in a recent article in the culture that is Commercial Appeal missing in many only was of today’s youth. Quite simthere outstanding new reply, we have much for which garding the Extraordinary to be thankful. But we also Form of the Roman Rite but have much more to accomthere has also been quite an plish. interest in the older Mass from Catholics of all walks of There is an old saylife. Even within our commuing in the Navy that on ship nity there are positive signs. one should “steer by the We have witnessed a growth stars and not by their wake”. in attendance at the Mass In laymen's terms it is a warnwith families who desire to ing to not overly focus on experience the beauty and where you have been but deepness of the older Mass. rather to concentrate on With the Mass as an anchor, where you need to go. In our homeschool families have that vain, we too must look strengthened their bonds ahead to stars as we continue to chart our course into the future. And that brings us to this point. As we continue to grow and expand, we need to ensure that our efforts as a community remain strong and coordinated with a singular focus of improving upon that which we already have. This newsletter, which will now come out on a regular basis, is but one step in that direction. But, as you can see in the left hand border, we have also organized more as a group to better coordinate our activities as our growth most certainly takes us into multiple parishes. So while there is much to do, we have taken some very necessary first steps. But with Christ as our Captain and with the prayers of Our Lady, we can most certainly set the proper course and overcome any obstacle.



Altar Boy Training Altar boy training will begin Wednesday, November 7th, from 5.30 to 6.30. Though the bulk of the training will be at Blessed Sacrament Church, initial classes on Latin will be held at a third party location to be determined. Interested boys should be of at least 8 years in age and have received their First Communion. Interested fathers are also encouraged to learn. Becoming an altar boy takes considerable study and dedication. Accordingly training sessions will continue on a regular basis until the entire class masters their Latin responses and necessary rubrics. That being said, all boys can and do learn to serve properly with the right mindset. Those interested should email

Looking Ahead
O 01 November
All Saints Day (1st /White) 8:30 Blessed Sacrament 5:30 Nativity w/Potluck Supper 02 November All the Faithful Departed (1st/B) 04 November 23rd Sunday after Pentecost(2nd/G) 09 November Archbasilica of the Savior(2nd/W) 11 November 24th Sunday after Pentecost(2nd/G) 16 November Saint Gertrude the Great(3rd/W) 18 November 25th Sunday after Pentecost(2nd/G) 23 November Pope Saint Clement(3rd/R) 25 November Last Sunday after Pentecost(2nd/G) NO MASS at Blessed Sacrament 30 November Saint Andrew(2nd/R) 02 December First Sunday of Advent (1st/V) 07 December Saint Ambrose(3rd/W)

All Friday Masses at Blessed Sacrament
23 December Fourth Sunday of Advent(1st/V) 24 December Vigil of the Nativity(1st/V) 25 December Nativity(1st/W) 26 December Holy Innocents(2nd/R) 30 December Sunday w/Octave of Nativity(2nd/W) 01 January Octave Day of the Nativity(1st/W) Solemnity of Mary 04 January Feria(4th/W) 06 January Epiphany of the Lord(1st/W) Party location and details TBA 31 May May Crowning Cook's home. Details TBA.

08 December Immaculate Conception 8:30 Blessed Sacrament followed by Potluck Brunch
09 December Second Sunday of Advent(1st/V) 14 December Feria(3rd/V) 16 December Third Sunday of Advent (Gaudette Sunday)(1st/V/Rose) 19 December-EMBER DAY 21 December Saint Thomas(2nd/R) 22 December-EMBER DAY

Catechism Bee
Sunday, May 18th, 1PM Church of the Nativity Cost: $1.00 per contestant Fee includes snow cone Registrations in March. Conception? December 8th. This feast reminds us how….. Grades 3-4: The New Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechism No. 1 (ISBN 0899422411) All questions from Part 1: The Creed will be covered. Tie Breaker material is the prayers for everday on pages 6 and 7. Grades 5-6: The New Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechism No. 1 (ISBN 0899422411) All questions from Part 3: The Sacraments and Prayer will be covered. Tie Breaker material is the prayers for everyday on pages 6 and 7. Grades 7-8: The New Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechism No. 1 (ISBN 0899422411) All questions from Part 2: The Commandments. Tie Breaker Material is The Appendix – Why I Am a Catholic pages 176-178. High School: The New Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechism No. 2 (ISBN 089942242X) All questions from Part 3: The Sacraments and Prayer. Tie Breaker Material is The Appendix – Why I am A Catholic pages 236-242i in Book No. 2 On our feast day gatherings, in addition to the potluck, there will be practice rounds for this event.

Categories: PK-2 grade: The New Saint Josesph First Communion Catechism (ISBN 0899422403) All questions from all chapters will be covered. Tie Breaker Material is the prayers for everday and the Holy Days of Obligation. Tie Breaker Prayers will be recitation of the prayer. The Holy Days of Obligation will be asked in question format, ie, When is the Immaculate

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