Last person on Earth: Beat loneliness by being adventurous
on Earth, I would make trips to various interesting places out there. The wonders of the world and many other places would be on my list. I’d love to have photos of various places in my photo book. And as I would be only the human left, I would make friends with other ani■ Who needs humans any- mals and start living like way? I like animals much Tarzan. — Aashraya more. — Pier Stuemer ■ It is very hard to imagine a ■ If I were the last human be- life on the planet with only ing on Earth, I would definite- me left of my kind. If it haply be anxious. I would roam pens, then I will obviously cry around and try to be happy. I but afterwards I will do those would try to use my reason to things that I have always demake my life comfortable. I sired to by myself without would pray to the Almighty. I anyone around. I will live life would sing songs and dance like in the Stone Age. I would in my own style because there do exactly the same thing that would be no one to point a the huge elephant did in . — Sanjeeta Shahi Thakuri finger at me or correct me. I would do whatever I like because there would be no rule ■ I can’t imagine me as the and law to bind me. I would last human being in this be totally free. I think I’ll be world. All animals need socihappy because at least I ety to live. S/he can’t do anywould be alive to represent thing, if s/he is alone. S/he the whole human race. I will die due to loneliness. Sinwould live as our ancient fa- gle human being in this thers had lived. I would adjust world? Uff… that is beyond with other living beings and my imagination. Please, don’t ask this type of question live till my age allows. — Bibek Dhakal again. — Hareram Pradhan ■ I would learn Sanskrit, then I would read all the four Vedas ■ Every man longs to and Bhagwad Gita in San- experience a life he has never skrit. Then I would learn mar- lived. From this point, it tial arts and yoga to keep me seems really amazing to fit until my old age as there dream what it would be like would be no one to take care to be the last man alive. One thing that would appease my of me. I would practice Ratna Sagar Shrestha / THT meditation throughout my fear of loneliness would be life until I attain enlightment. The Ultimate Freedom that — Navalok Sharma Ghimire I’d have attained. Go wherever I like, enjoy the way I please bounds of societal ties! Per- who enjoys in oneself and has had a great deal of time to — Ambika Pandey ■ No man can ever be happy and do anything I wish — sonally, I call myself a lone little less to bother about any- myself. alone. But if I were last person what a liberty from the dreamer — a man of a sort thing else. So I would have — Prasiddha Kandel ■ If I were the last human being on Earth, I would use ■ To be the last human be- all available resources for ing on Earth would not be the betterment of both namy dream. I would pray to ture and other living things. God to send me a beautiful Since I am also a mortal lady. Together we would soul, before my departure from Earth, I would try my start a new human race. — Uttam Bhetuwal best to convert the Earth into a paradise as beautiful ■ If I were the last human as it was at the time of being on Earth, I think my creation. — Swati Dhakal, life would be very difficult. Battisputali,Kathmandu With the absence family, friends and society, it would a real challenge to live. In ■ I love solitude, so if I were such a situation I would go the last human being on to nature. It is said that earth, first of all I would like Gautama Buddha gained to say,”Thank you God!”. I knowledge when he was would climb the trees like alone in nature. Following monkeys, sing a song like in his footsteps, I’ll fully de- nightingale. I would see vote my life in pursuit of that life very precious and knowledge, and knowledge that we should accept it in will help me be happy the any condition. — Jenu Purkuti rest of my life. — Milan Khadka ■ If I were the last being on ■ It would be very difficult earth, I would remove one for me to accept the fact, so of my ribs and form a beauI would pinch myself twice. tiful woman out of it. And I would not sit in a single together we would rebuild place crying and panicking. humanity. — Roger I’d try to do something creative that would engage me so that I don’t get bored. My ■ Being the last human befirst priority would be food. ing in the world would be I’d spend my time search- both exciting and challenging for food and also make ing. First of all I’ll arrange some tools and weapons for basic needs — food, for agriculture and hunting. clothes and shelter. Sec— Pratik Timalsina ondly, I’ll try to adopt animals as friends and try to ■ To be a lone survivor in domesticate them for work. this vast universe would For example, monkeys can definitely be a horrifying work in the fields, dogs for experience. But if circum- security and rearing cattle stances force me into such and sheep. I’ll free the ania situation, I would have no mals in the zoos. Thirdly, I’ll other option except surren- travel all over the world and der in front of nature and try to conserve all the herfollow its course . I feel na- itages. It will be helpful for ture is great and going probable future social aniagainst it would be devas- mals. They will see mantating . Moreover, while go- made things and learn from ing through mythological us. — Madhav Guragain scriptures I come to know how the great sages have chosen to lead a solitary life ■ If I were the last human close to nature and being on Earth I would be achieved peace and tran- the happiest person. I don’t quillity with the help of like social boundaries. yoga and meditation. Thus Every person needs somethe first step for me would one with whom they can be mingling with nature live their life and their supwhere I would have to be- port to go ahead in life. But I friend wild beasts.To keep would try to make my life myself relaxed and free interesting by doing a lot of from fear and anxieties I things. First of all I would would spend most of my fulfil my wishes — first, I time practicing yoga and want to be a singer, second meditation. If such a situa- writer, third painter. After tion arises, then I would fol- making all these dreams low in the footsteps of our come true, I would start on Rishimunis and observe a journey travelling across their practices to kill loneli- Asia and Europe. If I am still ness and keep my self -en- alive then I will start cracking jokes with myself to tertained. ■ Being the last person on Earth is a horrifying thought and God forbid if I were to be the last man on Earth. I would take the help of science to navigate the corners of this universe and look for lives in other planets. If I find any, I would try to adapt in that world. — Abhisekh Dhital make my life interesting like while I am living with others in a society. — Rijina Joshi ■ Being the last human being on Earth, any activity that I used to do with my family and friends would not be a source of happiness anymore. In such a situation, I would write my experiences as the last human on earth in the hopes that when earth is again able to support complex creature like us, they can read it and know about us. I will leave a message saying not to be destructive towards Earth as we were and respect each and every living being on Earth that help in Earth’s ex- ■ Oh God! It’s horrifying. If I were the last person in istence as a living planet. — Sami Vaidya Earth, I would just die. How can anyone live without ■ What cannot be cured anyone around him/her? must be endured. Obviously The empty houses, lonely life would be tough but we streets, giant trees, scary enknow every cloud has a sil- vironment, they all will ver lining. There would be come to eat me. The people animals and birds. I would who might have watched start initiating a deep affini- zombie movies know it pretty with them. ty well what happens when I would, you become alone in the r a t h e r city, but the question here is t h a n being alone in whole world. f e e l - Think about it. Hope and i n g pray such a situation never a n x - comes in our lives. — Salina Maharjan ious, try to mull the a n i m a l ■ For me the question itself planet. The sounds so scary. If I were the lush nature last human on Earth, I know would, beyond it will be a hard time for me. doubt, soothe my I would spend my life listenfeeling of loneliness. The ing to music to avoid the splendid house, that I would loneliness, roam around, go have, would lack nothing. To to the sea and swim. I would pass time, I would devote go to the top of a hill and enmyself to exciting studies on joy the wind. I would keep creatures around. I would dogs and cats as family. I also read available material, would build one small hut if any, to refresh my heart. on any small island and live Yes, I could not use human there with them. — Sujita Gurung language but I would try my best to learn animal ■ If I were the last human communication. — Resham Raj Poudel being on Earth, I would try to create a new social envi■ Perhaps being the last hu- ronment where animals and man being is more a boon birds of various species that bane. In such a case, I would live together and would learn to adapt to the make equal contributions. situation. To protect myself I There would be no caste would make weapons and system, where judgement find a safe shelter, perhaps a would be meted out decave. I would also befriend pending on their contribuanimals like dogs, cats and tion, and age would be calbirds to break everyday mo- culated on the basis of their notony. Surely my life would deeds. My contribution on be like that of our Neolithic the unified society would be ancestors, and I would have that of a judge and a mediato hunt preys, fish in rivers, tor where there would be a and make fire from flint- single language of feeling. — Asheem Joshi stones. Is not that already exciting since it is so different from the predictable tra- ■ I cannot imagine my life without other people. If jectory of our current life? — Prajwal Niraula were the last person on Earth, I would try my best to ■ It would be like the worst live as far as possible. Everynightmare to be the only left one knows that life will not on Earth. It that were the be interesting and happy case, I would be busy roam- when one is alone. I would ing here and there exploring use the available food, each part of Earth like never sources of energy. When I before. Repeatedly I would am fed up with my life, I’ll be pinching myself to assure commit suicide. — Manoj Shrestha that I am the only one left on Earth. Most of time would be spent on remembering ■ If I were the last human those exhilarating moments being on Earth, I doubt I with family and friends. It would try to entertain mywould be like living your self. I have heard that true wildest dream and fear at happiness results when the same time. If truly I were helping others in need. The the last one, I guess the most little deeds of benevolence disheartening fact I think, are all that make us happy. more so than being alone, So the loneliness would would be that there would snatch that possibility of be no one to bury me or re- happiness too. I think I member me, no one to would sink in the ocean of mourn my passing. I would sadness and boredom. pray that such day would Maybe I would sit beneath never come in anyone’s life. some old tree and think and — Srijana Tiwari think and think I don’t know what. Maybe I’d get closer to ■ It would be very hard for the animals and plants me to live in that type of sit- and do some activities to uation. I would not only be foster them and try to elimithe feeling of the last human on Earth, but nate I would be leading the loneliness. — Durga Prasad Oli loneliest life. So to overcome my sadness, I would rest in the lap of nature, engross myself in books as books are the reflection of human sentiments. Beside this, I would give every challenge and adventure and try to make my life more interesting and exciting. I would do this because there would be no one to mourn after my death. Moreover I would travel the world and explore. And I would try my best to make this Earth more suitable for other living beings by converting this concrete jungle into a green paradise. However, I hope that day never comes. — Ramesh Timilsina

With Tihar here, in urban areas we will see groups of deusi and bhailo groups going to different homes and organisations in buses loaded with gadgets and boom boxes for deusi-bhailo khelna. Do you think such a practice keeps the ageold tradition deusi-bhailo alive in the true sense, or do you think practising deusi-bhailo in such a manner is just to earn some quick bucks? Why? Send your replies in not more than 200 words by Friday, October 28 by 2 pm to Features Department, The Himalayan Times, e-mail:

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