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A r c h a r d s p e c i a l ize s i n t h e
s p e c i fi c a t i o n , s u p p I y a n d
c o o r d i n a t i o n of d o o r s a n d
ironmongery to prestige projects

From design intent to final handover,

Archard has the expertise to manage
the entire ironmongery package for
the most complex projects.

Archard works with the design team

to provide a full door and
ironmongery solution, taking into
account design intent, functionality,
fire standards, and building codes.
Archard is vendor independent,
enabling us to provide appropriate
ironmongery selections, including
provision of custom and bespoke
hardware requirements across an
entire project.

Our approach on completed projects

has demonstrated significant
positive results on project workflow
efficiencies, offering time and cost
saving benefits to the client by
negating common potential site
coordination problems.

Archard can manage the entire

p r o c e s s o f di s t r i bution and
installation of ironmongery on site,
and can implement a system that will
strictly guarantee all hardware is
prepared and issued for each door
respectively prior to installation by
the site contracting team.