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Hospital Management & ERP System consists of the following Modules:

1. Front Office and Billing System (Including OPD & IPD)

1. Stores & Inventory / Pharmacy System
2. Pathology & other Diagnostics Center
3. Record Room Management System
4. Payroll & HR System
5. Financial Accounting System
6. Doctors Lounge
7. Patient History
8. Maintenance
9. Claims
10. OT Scheduling

1. Front Office And Billing System

A) Out Patient Department (OPD)

• OPD Registration
• OPD Patients History
• OPD Billing
• OPD Reports
 Daily Cash Collection Report
 Daily Doctors Statement
 Daily Charge code wise report (Details and Summary)
 Daily Operator wise cash Report
 And many more…

B) In Patients Department (IPD)

• IPD Registration
• IPD Advance Entry
• IPD Charges Entry
• IPD Queries (On Screen Enquiries)
• IPD Bed Transfer Entry
• IPD Billing
 IPD wise Daily Entries / Department wise IPD Entries
 IPD Interim Bill (Provisional)
 IPD Final Bill
 IPD Difference Bill
• IPD Discharge Entry
• IPD Reports
 Notice Board List (in Bold Font)
 IPD list by name and number
 Ward wise patients List
 Patients Discharge report
 Charge code wise report
 Doctors Payment Statement
 And many more…

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2. Stores & Inventory / Pharmacy Management System

• Batch number wise issues and receipts for all items with Expiry Dates.
• Department/Ward Indent Entry
• Drugs issue/receipts to/from Patients
• Drugs issue/receipts to/from wards
• Drugs issue/receipts to/from staff
• Material transfer from one ward/department to another ward/Department
• Quotation Entry and comparison
• Purchase Order (PO) Generation
• Goods Receipt Note (GRN)
• Purchase bill Entry
• Inventory Reports
 Location wise all Stock Reports
 Stock Ledger
 Stock Statement
 Purchase Order Register
 GRN Register
 Quotation Comparison Statement

3. Pathology & Other Diagnostics Center

• All Diagnostics Center i.e. X-ray, Pathology Lab, Sonography etc. Can be computerized.
• User Definable Test with user definable Contents & their Range Master
• User Definable Test Reports
• Billing

4. Patient History & Doctors Lounge

• Doctor wise OPD, IPD & Referred patient Details

• Doctor wise or Ward wise Patient History
• Patient History, Medication & Intake-Output Chart / Visit details

5. Record Room Management System

• International Standard Coding entry

• Various diagnosis/operations bifurcations
• Reports
 Various sorting orders
 Operation wise
 Area wise
 Doctor wise
 And many more…

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6. Maintenance
• Annual Maintenance Contract
• License
• Insurance Policy
 Details of Contract
 Expire date of Contract
 Renewal Details

7. Claims
All Government, Central and State, Pvt. Co. Claims for OPD and IPD
In required format.
• Additions can be done as per Company Rule.

8. Payroll And HR System

• Daily Attendance entry (Attendance Data can be pulled directly from ECR (Electronic
Card Reader))
• Leave entry
• Gate pass (Short absence Note) entry
• Excess Drugs Recovery Entry
• Salary Calculations
• Payroll Reports
 Pay Sheets
 Pay Slips
 Bank Statements
 PF Statement
 PT Statement
 Various earning and deductions report

9. Financial Accounting System

1. Financial Accounting (FA) gives facility to enter various types of vouchers viz.
• Petty Cash Book
• Cash Book
• Bank Book
• Purchase Book
• Sales Book
• Debit Note
• Credit Note
• Journal Entry

2. Cash/Bank Payment and Receipts can be adjusted against earlier bills / invoices or
debit/credit notes.

3. All vouchers can be printed as per user-defined format.

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4. Bank Reconciliation And Statement.

• A entry screen is provided to enter the cheque cleared date for the cheques issued as
well as deposited.
• Cheque number search facility.
• For the Bank vouchers unreconcilied at the beginning of the financial year, data entry
screen is provided.
• For the entries in Bank Statement, which are in dispute, data entry screen is
• Bank Reconciliation Statements with schedules of:
 Cheques deposited but not cleared
 Cheques issued but not presented
 Charges debited by Bank
 Charges credited by Bank

5.Cheque Printing Module

6.Employee Wise Expenses Bifurcations.

7.Tax Deducted At Source (TDS) Module

• TDS will be deducted at the time of payment.
• TDS Certificates Printing.
• Yearly TDS Certificate Printing.
• TDS Outstanding report.
• Following Forms can be generated:
- Form No 26A (Interest)
- Form No 26C (Advertisement)
- Form No 26C (Contractor)
- Form No 26C (Transport)
- Form No 26K (Consultant)
- Form No 26J (Lease, Rent)

8. Cost Center
• Using this feature user get department wise cost sheet.
• If this feature is enabled, system will ask for Cost Center for all expenses and
• Cost Center can also be grouped
• Cost Center Master Maintenance
• Cost Center wise General Ledger
• Cost Center wise Profitability Statement
• Cost Center Comparison chart
9. Various Accounting Reports:
 All Book Listing (Standard / User-Defined)
 Purchase & Sales Registers
 Sales Tax Summaries
 Age-wise Outstanding Reports.
 Outstanding Summary Report.

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 Daily Receipts/Payments report.
 Daily Payments report.
 Pending Purchase Bills for cleared GRNs.
 Cash Flow Analysis.
 Doctors Payment Statement
(Keeps track of Doctors Payment IPD Patients wise)
 Party Interest Calculation.
 Account Interest Calculation.
 Collection / Payment History.
 On Account Payment Details.
 Account Confirmation Letter.
 General Ledger
 Debtors/Creditors Ledger (Sub ledger)
 Stock Ledgers (Location wise)
The Ledgers can be printed in user-defined format.
 Trial Balance as on date
 Monthly Trial Balance
 Yearly Trial Balance
 Trial Balance for the given period
 From Trial balance user can go upto voucher entry level and view voucher. Also
can change/delete even add new voucher (Provided user has proper security
access allotted)
 Profit & Loss Account
o Profit & Loss Account with Schedules
 Balance Sheet
o Balance Sheet with Schedules
o Fixed Asset Schedule with Depreciation Chart


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