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How to Calculate Pipe Stress
By RonaldK, eHow Contributor updated: May 6, 2010

are: axial. (For more exact calculations. Find the measurements for the internal and external pressures that the pipe will experience with your pressure sensor.) 2. circumferential and radial calculations are made in regards to specific points on the pipe. . and radial.I want to do this! What's This? Pipe stress is an important measurement in industry. Of these. the figure for average barometric pressure is 14. Record these measurements. 4 Take the difference and divide it by the difference of the external radius squared and the internal radius squared. axial stress is the only one calculated for the pipe as a whole. 1 Calipers.696 psi. 3. Three basic types of pipe stress. Difficulty: Moderately Challenging Instructions Things You'll Need: • • 1. see Resources. circumferential. 3 Subtract the product of the external pressure that is exerted on the pipe and the external radius squared from that product. The pipe image by Sazon from Fotolia. If the outside pressure on the pipe is simply the outside air. 2 Multiply the internal pressure of the pipe by the internal radius squared. usually due to pressure that builds up from the fluid within the pipe pushing outward.com To do their job. finely graduated Pressure sensor Axial Stress Measure the exterior and interior diameters of the pipe with your calipers. defined by the direction in which the stress is starting to fracture the pipe. most pipes have to handle a certain amount of tangible stress. 4.

Radial Stress 10. Ventilation Fanswww.bahcivanmotor. 12.com. 7.tr Post this comment to my Facebook Profile Word Verification* Comment Bottom of Form . 9. 2 Make the same calculations as Steps 1 through 4 of calculating circumferential stress. 8.Circumferential Stress 5. 6. 1 Multiply the inner radius squared and the outer radius squared. 3 Square the radius of the specific point in the pipe wall that you are measuring. 11. 1 Make the same calculations as you would make for axial stress. 4 Divide the product of Step 2 by the product of Step 3. Multiply this by the difference between the outer radius squared and the inner radius squared. 2 Subtract the inner pressure from the outer pressure. 5 Subtract this quotient from the axial stress measurement. Multiply this by the product of Step 1. 3 Add these two values together (instead of subtracting one from the other).

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