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Second Year Gulf Batch – Test 6 (20/10/10)

PHYSICS 10. Both length and radius of a wire is halved

1. If VA is the potential at a point where q is and same current is passed through it. The
the charge, then the potential energy of this heat produced in that wire
charge is a) remains the same
a) VA / q b) VA q b) is doubled
c) is made 4 times
c) q / VA d) d) becomes half
q e) becomes one fourth
2. If V is the potential difference across a
conductor of resistance R then heat CHEMISTRY
generated in a time t is given by 11. The rate of a certain hypothetical reaction
a) VRt b) V 2 Rt A+B+C → products is given by
V2 − dA
c) t d) zero r= = K [A]½ [B]⅓ [C]¼
R dt
3. A current of 0.5A is there through a bulb of The order of the reaction is
filament resistance 100Ω . Then the 13 13 12 13
a) b) c) d)
electrical power of the bulb is 11 14 13 12
a) 25W b) 50W 12. For a hypothetical reaction A+B → C+D
c) 250W d) 500W doubling the initial concentration of both the
e) 5W reactants increases the reaction rate by eight
4. 5A fuse wire has a length of 5 cm, then the times and doubling the initial concentration
length of a 10A fuse wire of same radius and of only B simply doubles the reaction rate.
material is The rate law for the reaction is
a) 5 cm b) 10 cm a) r = k [A]2 [B]2
c) 25 cm d) of any length b) r = k [A] [B]2
5. Working of a cell mainly based on c) r = k [A] ½ [B]
a) charge conservation law d) r = k [A]2 [B]
b) energy conservation law 13. The rate constants for forward and backward
c) momentum conservation law reactions of hydrolysis of ethyl acetate are
d) Kirchoff’s law 1.1 × 10–2 and 1.5 × 10 –3 minute–1
6. A 2A fuse wire has a diameter d1. 4A fuse respectively. The equilibrium constant for
d2 the reaction is
wire has diameter d2. Then is equal to
d1 a) 7.33 b) 0.733 c) 73.3
a) 41/3 b) 42/3 d) 733
c) 2 d) 4-1/3 14. A reaction 2X+3Y+Z → product, is zero
7. An immersion heater has a rating of 836 W. order with respect to Y, first order with
It should heat 2 litres of water from 15oC to respect to Z and second order with respect to
35oC in about X. The equation representing the rate is
a) 100 s b) 200 s a) Rate = [X]2 [Y]3 [Z]
c) 300 s d) 400 s b) Rate = [2X] [Y] [Z]
8. One heater boils a certain quantity of water c) Rate = [X]2 [Z]
in 8 minutes and another heater boils the d) Rate = [Y]2 [X]
same quantity of water in 12 minutes. If two 15 The phenomenon illustrated by the
are put in parallel, the time taken to boil the sequence of steps
same quantity of water will be Hg + hv → Hg* , Hg* + H2 → H2* + Hg, H2*
a) 4 minutes b) 8 minutes → 2H (g) is
c) 20 minutes d) 12 minutes a) Photosensitisation
e) 4.8 minutes b) Fluorescence
9. A circuit is protected by a fuse wire marked c) Phosphorescence
by 10A. The supply voltage is 220V. The d) Chemiluminiscence
maximum number of 110W lamps that can 16 In acidic medium the rate of reaction
be connected in parallel is between (BrO3)- and Br– ions is given as
a) 10 b) 16 c) 26 d (BrO3)– = k[BrO3–] [Br–][H+]2 , It means
d) 20 e) 5 dt
a) Rate of reaction is independent of the
concentration of acid
b) Rate constant of overall reaction is 4s–1

Prof. P.C.Thomas Classes, TC-6-1417, East Fort, Thrissur-5 “To God, through Education” (1)
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c) The change in pH of the solution will 3π 3π π
not affect the rate a) b) c) d)
10 5 10
d) Doubling the conc. of H+ ions will 3π
increase the reaction rate by 4 times
17 In general, the rate of a reaction can be 3

increased by all the factors except 27. The differential of e x with respect to logx
a) increasing the temperature is
3 3
b) increasing the concentration of reactants a) 3x 2 e x +3x 2 b) e x
c) increasing the activation energy c) 3x 3 e x
d) 3x 2 e x
3 
d) Using a catalyst.
y + e y +...... to ∞ dy
18 Which of the following is true for a reaction 28. If x =e y +e ,x>0,then is
A + 2B → Product,C, irrespective of order dx
of reaction ? 1 −x 1 x
a) b) c) d)
a) The rate of disappearance of A = Half the x x 1+x
rate of appearance of products 1 +x
b) The rate of disappearance of A = Twice x
the rate of disappearance of B x −y  dy
c) The rate of appearance of products = 29. If sec 
x +y 
 =a then is
 dx
twice the rate of disappearance of B
y x x y
d) The rate of appearance of product = half a) − b) y c) − y d) e)
the rate of disappearance of B x x
19 For the reaction, 2PH3 → 2P + 3H2, the x −y
decomposition of phosphine on the surface x +y
of tungsten at high pressure is of  1, x ≤−1
a) zero order b) first order 
30. Let f ( x ) =| x | −1 <x <1 , then
c) half order d) second order 0
20 Plot of log (a-x) against time t is a straight  x ≥1
line graph. This shows that the reaction is of a) f is differentiable for all x
a) zero order b) first order b) f is continuous every where
c) second order c) third order c) f is differentiable at x = −1
MATHEMATICS d) f is continuous at x = −1
 d 2 y  d 2 x 
21. Let y = e2x, then  2  2  is BIOLOGY
 dx  dy 
−2 x
31. How many true breeding individuals are
a) 1 b) e c) 2e −2 x d) − 2e −2 x present Mendel’s dihybrid cross
dy a) 4 b) 8
22. If x y =e x −y then =
dx c) 16 d) 2
a) (1 + log x ) −1 b) (1 + log x ) −2 32. A test cross ratio of dihybrid cross of
c) log x (1 + log x ) −2 d) Mendel is
a) 1:1 b) 1:1:1:1
log x (1 + log x )
c) 1:2:1 d) 1:7: 3
23. Let f : R → R be a function defined by 33. Incomplete dominance in Mirabilis is
f(x) = max {x,x3}. The set of all points described by
where f(x) is not differentiable a) De-Vries b) Correns
a) {−1,1} b) {−1,0} c) {0,1} d) {−1,0,1} c) Morgan d) Muller
sin[cos x ] 34. Somatic chromosome number of drosophila
24. lim , where [⋅ ] denotes is
x →0 1 +[cos x ]
greatest integer function, is equal to a) 6 b) 4
c) 8 d) 10
a) 1 b) 0 c) −1 d) does not exists
35. Blood group is an example for
25. The number of discontinuities of the greatest
a) pleotropism b) single allele
integer function f(x) = [x],
c) multiple allelism
 −7  d) epistasis
x ∈ , 100  is equal to
 2  36. Importance of the year 1900 is
a) 104 b) 100 c) 102 d) 103 a) discovery of gene
3 sin πx b) rediscovery of allelism
 x≠ 0 c) rediscovery of Mendel’s work
26. If f ( x ) =  5x is
 d) rediscovery of Morgan’s work
 2k x =0
37. Number of chromosomes in Pisum sativum
continuous at a) n = 7 b) n = 14
x = 0 then the value of k is equal to c) 2n = 8 d) 2n = 14
38. Crossing over takes place between
a) sister chromatids

Prof. P.C.Thomas Classes, TC-6-1417, East Fort, Thrissur-5 “To God, through Education” (1)
Chaithanya Classes, Sankarayya Road, West Fort, Thrissur-4
b) non-homologous chromatids
c) non- homologous chromosomes
d) non sister chromatids
39. In grass hopper the type of sex
determination is
a) xx & xy b) xo & xy
c) xo & xx d) zw & zz
40. Sickle cell anaemia is an example for
a) addition mutation b)deletion mutation
c) insertion mutation
d) substitution mutation

Prof. P.C.Thomas Classes, TC-6-1417, East Fort, Thrissur-5 “To God, through Education” (1)
Chaithanya Classes, Sankarayya Road, West Fort, Thrissur-4