"Because the idea is to never give up".; The idea is to not give.

Patiently wait in the end children get older I'll meet again for longer So easy to roll up into themselves And as a bucket in the well to moan string"-Anna Janko. Because the idea is to never give up / do not give. Because when a person is healthy, he sees a healthy, feel healthy, healthy sense s sees everything that is relevant, that is healthy. The Bible says: For pure all things are pure:"too clean your eyes that stared at evil and injustice can not approve" (1.13 Ha). Another example from the book "Wisdom of the Bible": Joseph Murphy ""Then put it up, showed him in an instant all the kingdoms of the world and the devil said t o him:"I will give you the power and grandeur of it all [...]So if you fall down and worship me, all will be yours"(Luke 4, 5-7). Then Jesus said to him:"Get th ee hence, Satan! It is written, the Lord your God you worship and him only shalt thou serve"(Matt. 4:10). Only towards the source of blessings in you, towards t he sources and Safety should always remain loyal and devoted. And against anythi ng else." When a person is healthy and brain and heart of a healthy, clean air and the sou l by immaculate lungs breathing, how can they give up then knock down the abyss, since such good habits? But it is written in Scripture:"Do you think you stand ... See, you do not fall" (cf. 1 Cor 10:12). The brain is a good example: in fact, decide about everything , the brain is healthy when there are "cavities". When they fall, ie:"we are"...: In extreme cases, it is this: you're falling dee per into himself, liver, or heart thy heart, or / and the brain, like a dying / forced to live, is like a parasite / parasite: are you the person you become lik e one big, the whole set.Like the larvae feed on the half-alive insect and "eat it" until it completely devoured, and he dies, so you you feed to each other, yo u are his shadow and caricature and said the parasite, and finally the enemy him self.In the extreme case, you're one big fall. A proverb says clearly:"whenever you feel that you start to fall, by all means pick up!" Because the same time (you never know how long it will take / takes the "larvae" ) strawisz himself and at that you become a parasite, not a man, but as a great martyr (in the name of what is suffering?) Feeding him his own will: not Give up ! Do not give only to lose his free will, do not let the "parasites" "eat" his fre e will!-That would be a tragedy!-You'd be just as substitute of life than living in this wonderful planet of a great statesman and a great format, a wonderful m an who controls his whole life, which is not subjected to the will of the oppres sor, but he knows his worth and fight "for her". So where does your soul?-The five (or even more (!)) Thy senses, consciousness, her breathing and lung-free will. Do not let it eat any of their authority: they make a whole speech: the whole body, your creatures as well, as an absolute. Re

member: there is nothing / nothing more precious in the universe, but is your li fe: it is specifically yours, and no no, not another. With the above-mentioned book by Joseph Murphy, speaks:"Judge Thomas Troward in the book.:"The Hidden Power" emphasizes the great truth:"Acknowledging that ther e is any power outside of you, even if you recognize it as a benevolent power, s ow the seed that sooner or later must give fruit in the form of fear ruin your l ife, love and freedom. A third path does not exist". He adds:"The judge Troward stresses in his teaching that we are living this prin ciple and that the difference exists only between a general concept, and specifi cation of the thing itself." The Bible, in turn, develops this idea emphati cally, saying:"Neither the son nor wife, nor his brother, or friend does not giv e power over each other for life, not your riches or give to someone else, you r egret it, do not need to ask not"(Sirach 33 , 20). Joseph Murphy:"No matter what happened to you, the important thing is what do yo u think about it", The Bible :"... before they call, I answer them (Isaiah 65.24 )". Murphy:"God is beyond time and space . The concept of age does not apply to him. So you can attract to each other all their good right now". "The real thinking is free from fear, from worries and negative activity of any kind". Bible:"He sent his word, and healed them"(Psalm 107.20),"Who is weak, let them say I'm a hero""(Joel 4:10). And God said:"[...]Let [man] have dominion ov er the fish of the sea, the birds, the cattle, the earth and over every living t hing that moves upon the earth"(Gen 1:26 ).(...) God said that everything create d is good-very good."Murphy: To quote an old aphorism here:"Even if it is not no w-will be. Readiness is everything."

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