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Oti para Si Pigi Zois; en to Foti Sou For with Thee is the Fountain of

opsometha Fos.
Life; in Thy Light we shall see
Light. Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria & All Africa
Extend Archdiocese of Good Hope
Paratinon to Eleos Sou tis Thy Mercy to those who
ginoskousi Se. know Thee.
✞Agios O Theos, Agios Ishiros,
Agios Athanatos, eleison
✞ Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy
Immortal, have mercy upon us.
Sunday Matins
imas.[3] 23 th
Sunday After Pentecost - 5th Sunday Of St Luke
The Rich Man & Poor Lazaros
✞Doxa Patri ke Io ke Agio ✞ Glory to the Father, and to the
Pnevmati. Ke nin ke ai ke is tous Son, and to the Holy Spirit, now
eonas ton eonon. and ever, and to the Ages of
Ages. Feast of St Stachys of the 70 Apostles, Bishop of Byzantium – St Amplias,
St Urbanos, St Narcissos, St Apelles & St Aristoboulos of the 70
Amin Amen Apostles of Christ – St John Kochurov, Hieromartyr Missionary of
✞Agios Athanatos, eleison imas. ✞Holy Immortal, have mercy upon America & Fist Hieromartyr of Russian Revolution – St Epimachos of
Alexandria & Mount Pelusium – St Spyridon & St Nikodemos the
Phosphora Bakers of Kiev Near Caves – St Maura Ascetic Founder of a
✞Agios O Theos, Agios Ishiros,
✞ Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Monastery in Constantinople – 100,000 Holy Martyrs of Tibilisi
Agios Athanatos, Eleison imas.
Immortal, have mercy upon us.
Resurrection Troparia
Simeron Sotiria to kosmo Today Salvation has come into the
gegongen. Asomen to world. Let us sing praises to
Anastanti ek tafou ke arhigo tis Him Who is Risen from the
Zois imon; kathelon gar to
Grave, and Who is the Author
Thanato ton Thanaton, to Nikos
of our Life; for, having
edoken imin ke to Mega Eleos.
destroyed Death by Death, He
has granted us the Victory and
Great Mercy!


Tone (6) Plagal 2

Resurrection Gospel 1 Matthew 28 : 16 – 20 - The Great Commission
Eothinon 1
Katavasias Of The Ever Blessed Theotokos

(To Be Used In Conjunction With The Matins Service Book)


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TO NE (6) PL AG AL 2 – 23 R D AP – 5 T H L UKE - R I CH MAN & PO OR L AZAR O S – 31 O CTO BE R 2010

Megalin Sou Doxan. Thy Great Glory.
✞ Kyrie Vasilef, Epouranie Thee, ✞ Lord, King, God of Heaven,
Pater Pantokrator; Kyrie Ie Father Almighty: Lord, Only
Monogenes, Isou Hriste, ke Begotten Son, Jesus Christ and
Agion Pnevma. Holy Spirit.
Kyrie O Theos, O Amnos tou Lord God, Lamb of God, Son of the
Theou, O Ios tou Patros, O eron
Father, Who takes away the sin
tin amartian tou Kosmou,
eleison imas, O eron tas of the world, have mercy upon
amartias tou kosmou. us; O Thou Who takes away
the sins of the world.
Prosdexe tin deisin imon, O Receive our Prayer, Thou Who sits
kathimenos en dexia tou Patros, on the right Hand of the Father,
ke eleison imas. and have mercy on us.
✞Oti Si i Monos Agios, Si i Monos ✞For Thou alone art Holy, Thou
Kyrios, Iisous Hristos, is Doxan alone art Lord, Jesus Christ, to
Theou Patros
the Glory of God the Father.
Amin. Amen
Kath’ ekastin imeran Evlogiso Se,
Every day I will Bless Thee, and
ke enesio to Onoma Sou is ton
eona ke is ton Eona tou Eonos. praise Thy Name forever and to
the Ages of Ages.
Kataxioson, Kyrie, en ti emera tafti Grant, O Lord, this day to keep us
anamartitous filahthine imas. without sin.
Evlogitos I, Kyrie, O Theos ton Blessed art Thou, O Lord, the God
Pateron imon, ke Eneton ke of our Fathers, and praised and
Dedoxasmenon to Onoma Sou is
glorified is Thy Name unto the
tous Eonas.

Amin Amen
Genito, Kyrie, to eleos Sou ef imas, May Thy Mercy O Lord, be upon
kathaper ilipisamen epi Se. us, as we have put our hope in
✞Evlogitos i, Kyrie, didaxon me ta ✞Blessed art Thou, O Lord, teach
Dikeomata Sou. [3] me Thy Statutes [3]
Kyrie, katafigi, egenithis imin en Lord, Thou has been our Refuge
genea ke genea. Ego ipa: Kyrie,
from generation to generation.
eleison me, iase tin psihin mou
oti imarton Si. I said: Lord, have mercy upon
me, heal my soul, for I have
sinned against Thee.

Kyrie, Pros Se katefigon; didaxon O Lord, to Thee have I fled; teach

me tou piin to Thelima Sou, oti me to do Thy Will, for Thou art
Si I O Theos mou. my God.

TO NE (6) PL AG AL 2 – 23 R D AP – 5 T H L UKE - R I CH MAN & PO OR L AZAR O S – 31 O CTO BE R 2010 TO NE (6) PL AG AL 2 – 23 R D AP – 5 T H L UKE - R I CH MAN & PO OR L AZAR O S – 31 O CTO BE R 2010
2 15
Saviour, and grant us pardon Psalm 117 /118

✞ Doxa Patri, ke Io, ke Agio ✞ Glory to the Father, and to the Theos Kyrios ke epefanen imin. The Lord is God, and has
Pnevmati Son, and to the Holy Spirit Evlogimenos O ergomenos en appeared to us. Blessed is He
Onomati Kyriou! Who comes in the Name of the
Fi r st E ot hi na – T one 1 Lord!
Is to Oros tis Mathites epigomenis, Verily, the Lord appeared to the
Give thanks to the Lord, for
dia tin hamothen eparsin epesti Disciples going to the Mount
STIHOS 1:Exomologisthe to Kyrio, oti VERSE 1:

O Kyrios. Ke prokinisantes agathos, oti is ton eona to eleos He is Good; His Mercy endures
for Ascension from earthly aftou!*
afton ke tin dothisan exousian forever!
things; and they worshipped
pantahou didahthentes, is tin ip
Him and learnt from Him the Theos Kyrios ke epefanen imin. The Lord is God, and has
Ouranon exapestellonto, kirixe appeared to us. Blessed is He
tin ek nekron Anastasin ke tin is Power given to Him in every Evlogimenos O ergomenos en
Onomati Kyriou! Who comes in the Name of the
Ouranous apokatastasin. Is ke place. And they were sent to Lord!
sindieonizin, O apesdis every place under Heaven to
epingilato, Hristos O Theos, ke preach His Resurrection from Panta ta ethni ekiklosan me,
STIHOS 2: VERSE 2: All the nations surrounded
Sotir ton psihon imon. ke to Onomati Kyriou iminamin me, but in the Name of the
the dead, and His Translation
aftous. Lord drove them back.
to Heaven, to whom He had
Promised, not lying, that He Theos Kyrios ke epefanen imin. The Lord is God, and has
Evlogimenos O ergomenos en appeared to us. Blessed is He
would be with them forever;
Onomati Kyriou! Who comes in the Name of the
for He is Christ God and the
Saviour of our souls.
The ot oki on STIHOS 3:Para Kyriou egeneto afti, ke VERSE 3: This is the Lord’s doing, and
The Congregation Must Stand esti thavmasti en ofthalmis it is marvellous in our eyes.
✞Iperevlogimeni iparhis, Theotoke ✞ Most Blessed art Thou, O Virgin
Parthene, dia gar tou ek Sou Theotokos: for through Him Theos Kyrios ke epefanen imin. The Lord is God, and has
sarkothentos O Adis ihmalotiste, Who became Incarnate of Thee, Evlogimenos O ergomenos en appeared to us. Blessed is He
O Adam anakeklite, i katara Hell is led captive, Adam is Onomati Kyriou! Who comes in the Name of the
nenekrote, i Eva ileftherote, O recalled from the dead, the Lord!
thanatos tethanatote ke imis curse is made void, Eve is set
ezoopiithimen. Dio animnountes
Apolytikion of the Resurrection – Tone (6) Plagal 2
free, Death is slain, and we
Voomen. Evlogitos Hristos O have been endowed with Life. Angelike Dinamis epi to mnima The Angelic Powers were in Thy
Theos imon, O outos evdokisas, Wherefore we cry aloud, sou ke i filassontes Sepulchre, and the guards
✞ Doxa Si! extolling in song: Blessed art apenekrothisan. Ke istato Maria became as dead men, and Mary
Thou, O Christ our God, in en to tafo, zitousa to ahranton stood by the Tomb seeking
Whose Sight it is thus well6 Sou Soma. Eskilevsas ton Adin, Thy Most Pure Body. Thou led
pleasing. ✞ Glory to Thee! mi pirasthis ip aftou. Ipintisas ti captive Hades, yet were not
Partheno, Doroumenos tin Zoin. tempted thereby: Thou Who
The G re at D o xol og y O Anastas ek to nekron, Kyrie, art the Bestower of Life came
Thee, O Lord, Who Rose again
✞Doxa si to dixanti to Fos. ✞ Glory to Thee Who has shown
from the dead!
us the Light!
✞ Doxa Patri, ke Io, ke Agio ✞ Glory to the Father, and to the
✞Doxa en ipsistis Theo ke epi gis
✞ Glory to God in the Highest, Pnevmati Son, and to the Holy Spirit
and on earth Peace, Goodwill Angelike
irini, en anthropis evdokia. Dinamis epi to mnima The Angelic Powers were in Thy
among men. sou ke i filassontes Sepulchre, and the guards
Imnoumen Se, Evlogoumen Se,
✞We Praise Thee, we Bless Thee, apenekrothisan. Ke istato Maria became as dead men, and Mary
Proskinoumense, Doxologoumen en to tafo, zitousa to ahranton
Se, Efharistoumen Si, dia tin we Worship Thee, we Glorify stood by the Tomb seeking
Sou Soma. Eskilevsas ton Adin, Thy Most Pure Body. Thou led
Thee, we give Thee Thanks for

TO NE (6) PL AG AL 2 – 23 R D AP – 5 T H L UKE - R I CH MAN & PO OR L AZAR O S – 31 O CTO BE R 2010 TO NE (6) PL AG AL 2 – 23 R D AP – 5 T H L UKE - R I CH MAN & PO OR L AZAR O S – 31 O CTO BE R 2010
14 3
mi pirasthis ip aftou. Ipintisas ti captive Hades, yet were not Enite afton en kimvalis evihis. Praise Him with tuneful cymbals;
Partheno, Doroumenos tin Zoin. tempted thereby: Thou Who Enite afton en kimvalis praise Him with loud
O Anastas ek to nekron, Kyrie, art the Bestower of Life came alalagmou. Pasa pnoi inesato cymbals. Let everything that
Doxa Si. to meet the Woman. Glory to ton Kyrion. has breath praise the Lord.
Thee, O Lord, Who Rose again
from the dead!
O paranomi Ioudei, pou isin e O lawless Jews, where are the
sfragides, ke ta argiria, a seals and the money you gve to
Now and ever, and to the ages of deokate tis stratiote? Ouk
Ke nin ke Ai ke is tous eonas ton ages. eklapi O thisavros, all’ anesti os
the soldiers? The Treasure was
eonon. not stolen, but He has Risen, as
dinato afti de katishinthite,
Amin Amen arnisameni Hriston, ton Kyrion a Mighty One; you have been
tis doxis, ton pathonta ke put to shame, you who denied
Theotokion – Tone (6) Plagal 2 tafenta, ke anastanta ek neron: Christ, the Lord of Glory: Who
afton prokinisomen. suffered and was buried and
O tin Evlogimenin kalesas Sou Thou Who called Thy Mother
Rose on the third day: let us
Mitera, ilthes epi to pathos Blessed, of Thine own Good
ekousia vouli, lampsas en to worship Him.!
Will went to Thy Passion,
Stavro, anazitise thelon ton
shining radiantly upon the Anastithi, Kyrie O Theos mou, Arise, O Lord, my God, lift up
Adam, legon tis Angelis: Thy Hand: do not forget Thy
Sigharite Mi, oti evrethi i Cross, desiring to seek out ipsothito i Hir Sou, mi epilathi
ton peniton Sou is telos poor forever.
apolomeni drahmi, O panta Adam, and saying to the
Sofos ikonomisas, Doxa Si. Angels: Rejoice with Me, for I Sfragisthentos tou mnimatos, pos While the stone was sealed, how
have found the piece of silver esilthite Ioudei, filakas eere you robbed, O Jews? You
that was lost. O our God, Who katastisantes, ke simia thentes: set guards and placed seals.
Ton thiron keklismenon, While the doors were shut the
with Wisdom has ordered all
proilthen O Vasilefs: i os nekron King came forth. Either
things: Glory to Thee! parastisate, i os Theo
First Kathisma of the Resurrection – Tone (6) Plagal 2 produce Him as a Corpse, or
proskinisate, sin imin
mlodountes: Doxa Kyrie to worship Him as God, along
Tou tafou aneogmenou, tou Adou With the Tomb opened and Hades with us who sing: Glory, Lord,
Stavro Sou, ke ti Anastasi Sou.
odiromenou, i Maria evoa pros lamenting, Mary cried to the
to Thy Cross and Resurrection!
tous kekrimmenous Apostolou: Apostles in hiding: Come out,
exelthete i tou ampelonos you Workers of the Vineyard, Exomologisome Si, Kyrie, en oli I will give Thee thanks, O Lord,
ergate, kirixate ton tis proclaim the Word of the kardia mou, diigisome panta with my whole heart: I will
Anastaseos Logon. Anesti O Resurrection: The Lord has ta Thavmasia Sou. tell of all Thy Wonders.
Kyrios, paehon to kosmo to Risen, granting the world His To Zoodohon Sou mnima, e The Myrrh6bearing Women came
Mega Eleos! Great Mercy! Mirofori genekes, odiromeni to Thy Grave, Source of Life, O
✞ Doxa Patri, ke Io, ke Agio ✞ Glory to the Father, and to the katelavon Kyrie: ke mira Lord, and carrying spices, they
Pnevmati Son, and to the Holy Spirit vastzouse, to soma Sou to
were seeking to anoint Thine
ahranton, miriste epezitoun:
Kyrie, paristato to tafo Sou Maria i Mary Magdalene stood by Thy
evron de fotoforon Angelon, en Immaculate Body: but they
Magdalini, ke eklee voosa, ke Tomb, O Lord, and she wept found a Light6bearing Angel
to litho kathimenon, ke pros
kipouron se nomizousa elege: and cried aloud, and taking
aftas fthengomenon, ke legonta: seated on the stone, and he
pou ekripsas tin eonion Zoin? Thee for the Gardener, she Ti kakreiete ton ek plevras addressed them and said: Who
Pou ethikas ton epi Thronou said: Where have Thou hidden pigasanta to kosmo tin Zoin? Ti do you weep for the One Who
Heroubim? I gar touton Eternal Life? Where have Thou epizitite osper thniton en
filassontes, apo tou fovou placed the One Who rides upon poured out Life for the world
mnimati ton athanaton?
apenekrothisan: i ton Kyrion the Cherubim? Those who were from His Side? Why do you
Dramouse de mallon,
mou dote mi, i sin emi guarding Him have died seek the Immortal as a mortal
apangilate tis aftou Mthites, tis
kravgasate: O en nekris ke tous through fear. Either give me aftou endoxou Anastaseos tin in a grave? Rather run, and tell
nerous anastisas Doxa Si.
my Lord or with me cry out: O pagkosmion Harmonin: en i ke His Disciples the Universal Joy
Thou Who were among the imas Sotir fotisas, dorise
of His Glorious Resurrection;
dead and raised the dead: ilasmon, ke to Mega Eleos.
with which Enlighten us also, O

TO NE (6) PL AG AL 2 – 23 R D AP – 5 T H L UKE - R I CH MAN & PO OR L AZAR O S – 31 O CTO BE R 2010 TO NE (6) PL AG AL 2 – 23 R D AP – 5 T H L UKE - R I CH MAN & PO OR L AZAR O S – 31 O CTO BE R 2010
4 13
Enite ton Theon en tis Agiis Praise God in His Saints; praise Glory to Thee!
Afton. Enite Afton en Him in the firmament of His Ke nin ke Ai ke is tous eonas ton Now and ever, and to the ages of
stereomati tis Dinameos Power. eonon. ages.
Aftou. Amin Amen
I tafi Sou Despota, Pardison Thy Burial, O Master, has opened The ot oki on - TONE (6) PLAGAL 2
inoxe, to geni ton Anthropon: ke
ek fthoras litrothentes, se ton
Paradise to the human race, Proistori O Gedeon tin sillipsin, ke Gideon foretold Thy Conceiving,
and delivered from corruption erminevi O David ton tokon Sou and David revealed Thy Child6
anastant, Theon imon
imnoumen: eleison imas. we who sing Thy praise: Our Theotoke: katevi gar os vetos bearing, O Theotokos; for the
risen God: Have mercy on us! epi pokon, O Logos en ti gastri
Word descended like rain
Sou, ke evlastisas anev sporas
Enite Afton epi tes Dinasties Praise Him for His Mighty Acts;
Gi Agia, tou kosmou tin upon a fleece into Thy Womb,
Afton. Enite Afton kata to praise Him according to the sotirian, Hriston ton Theon and Thou, the Holy Earth,
plithos tis Megalosinis Aftou. greatness of His Majesty. imon, i Keharitomeni. without seed budded forth
Sin Patri ke Pnevmati, Hriston With the Father and the Spirit let Salvation, Christ God, O Virgin
animnisomen, ton anastanta ek us hymn Christ Risen from the Full of Grace.
nekron, ke pros afton dead, and let us cry out to Him: Se c ond Re su r re cti o nal K at hi sm a – T o ne ( 6 ) P lag al 2
ekvoomen: Si Zoi iparhis, imon
ke anastasi: eleison imas.
Thou art our Life and I Zoi en to tafo anekito, ke sfragis Life was laid in the Tomb and a
Resurrection: Have mercy on en to litho epekito os Vasilea seal was laid on the stone;
us! ipnounta, stratiote efilatton soldiers were guarding Christ
Enite Afton en iho salpingos.
Praise Him with the sound of the Hriston: ke tou ehthrou aftou like a sleeping King; and having
Enite Afton en psaltirio ke trumpet; praise Him with lute aorasia pataxas, Anesti O invisibly struck His foes, the
kithara. Kyrios. Lord Arose.
and harp.
Triimeros anestis Hriste, ek tafou
On the third day Thou Rose from
kathos gegrapte, sinegiras ton ✞ Doxa Patri, ke Io, ke Agio
✞ Glory to the Father, and to the
propatora imon: dio Se ke the Tomb, O Christ, as it is Pnevmati Son, and to the Holy Spirit
doxazi, to genos ton Anthropon, written and Thou raised our Jonah foretold Thy Tomb, and
ke animni Sou tin Anastasin. Forefather with Thee: Proistori O Ionas ton tafon Sou, ke
erminevi Simeon tin egersin tin Symeon revealed Thy Divine
therefore, the human race both Rising, Immortal Lord: for Thou
entheon, athanate Kyrie:
glorified Thee and hymns Thy katevis gar osi nekros en to descended like a Corpse into
Resurrection! tafo, O lisas Adou tas pilas: the Tomb and destroyed the
Tone (6) Plagal 2 Resurrection Stihera By Anatolios Anestis de anef fthoras os Gates of Hades; but Thou Arose
Despotis, tou kosmou is without corruption as Master
Enite afton en timpano ke horo. Praise Him with timbrel and Sotirian, Hriste O Theos imon, for the Salvation of the world,
Enite afton en hordes ke organo. dance; praise Him with strings fotisas tous en skoti. Christ our God, and
Kyrie, mega ke voveron iparhi, tis and flute. Enlightened those in darkness.
sis Anastseos to Mystirion: outo O Lord, great and fearful is the Ke nin ke Ai ke is tous eonas ton Now and ever, and to the ages of
gar proilthes ek tou tafou, os Mystery of Thy Resurrection; eonon. ages.
nimfios ek pastados, thanato
thanton lisas, ina ton Adam
for Thou came from the Tomb Amin Amen
elevtherosis: othen en Ouranis like a Bridegroom from His
Angeli horevousi, ke epi gis Marriage Chamber, having The ot oki on
Anthropi, doxazousi tin is imas abolished Death by Death, so Theotoke Parthene, iketeve ton Ion Virgin Theotokos, implore Thy
genomenin. Efsplaghnian Sou that Thou might free Adam; Sou, ton ekousios prospagenta Son, Christ our God, Who was
Filanthrope. therefore Angels danced in en Stavro, ke anastanta ek willingly nailed to a Cross and
Heaven and humankind on nekron, Hriston ton Theon Who raised the dead, Christ
imon, sothine tas psihas imon. our God, that our souls may be
earth glorifies Thy Compassion Resurrection Evlogitaria, Trisagion Hymn & Saved
towards us, O Lover of Theotokion

TO NE (6) PL AG AL 2 – 23 R D AP – 5 T H L UKE - R I CH MAN & PO OR L AZAR O S – 31 O CTO BE R 2010 TO NE (6) PL AG AL 2 – 23 R D AP – 5 T H L UKE - R I CH MAN & PO OR L AZAR O S – 31 O CTO BE R 2010
12 5
Ipakoi of the Resurrection– Tone (6) Plagal 2 ethni panta, ke tou Iiou, ke High and those below. And let
Agiou Pnevmatos, ke sinine tis
To ekousio ke Zoopio Sou Thanato By Thy voluntary and Life6giving mistes, os ipesheto, eos tis
us learn how to Baptise all the
Hriste, pilas tou Adou sin. Death, O Christ, Thou smashed Nations in the Name of the
Tripsas os Theos, inixas imin the Gates of Hades, as God, and Father, and of the Son, and of
ton pale Paradison: ke Anastas opened to us the Paradise of the Holy Spirit, and how He is
ek ton nekron, erriso ek fthoras old; and by Rising from the present with His Initiates to the
tin Zoin imon. dead, Thou delivered our Life end of the world as He
from corruption. promised.
Anabathmi – Tone (6) Plagal 2 The ot oki on
to Ourano tous ANTIPHON 1 O Logos, I lift my eyes to Tis Mathites sineheres, Theotoke Thou rejoiced with the Disciples,
ofthalmous mou ero pros Se, the Heavens. Have mercy on Parthene, oti Hriston eorakas O Virgin Theotokos; for Thou
Loge, ikteron me, ina zo Si. me so that I may live in Thee. anastanta ek tafou, triimeron beheld Christ rising from the
Eleison imas tous O Logos, have mercy on us who kathos ipen. Is ke ofthi,
Tomb on the third day as He
exouthenoumenous, katartizon have been humbled and make didakon ke faneron ta krittona
ke vaptizin kelefon en to Patri, said, Who appeared to them
evhrista skevi sou, Loge. us Thine useful Vessels.
ke Io, ke Pnevmati, tou teaching and declaring Supreme
✞Doxa Patri ke io ke Agion ✞Glory to the Father, and to the pistefin, aftou imas tin Egersin, Things, and Commanding them
Pnevmati. Ke nin ke ai ke is Son, and to the Holy Spirit.
Now and ever, and to the ke doxazin se, Kori. to Baptise in the Name of the
tous eonas ton eonon.
Ages of Ages. Father, and of the Son, and of
Amin Amen the Holy Spirit, and to believe
✞The Holy in His Resurrection and to
✞Agio Pnevmati, pansostiki etia, i Spirit is the Cause of
tini touton kat’ axian pnevsi, all Salvation. Should He glorify Thee, O Maiden
tahi exeri ton tis gis, pteri, avxi, breathe upon anyone worthy, Lauds: The Praises to Almighty God - Psalm 148
they are swiftly raised from PRAISES TO THE LORD FROM ALL CREATION
tattatti ano.
the earth, given wings and Pasa pnoi enesato ton Kyrion. Let everything that has breath
ranked in Heaven. Enite ton Kyrion ek ton praise the Lord. Praise the
No one could overcome Ouranon. Enite afton en tis Lord from the Heavens; praise
ANTIFONON BImi oti Kyrios in en imin, ANTIPHON 2
ipsistis. Si prepi imnos to Theo. Him in the Highest. To Thee
oudis imon antishin idinato the enemy were it not for the
praise is due, O God.
ehthrou palesma. I nikontes gar Lord in our midst. For Victors
enthen ipsounte. alone are elevated. Enite afton, pantes i Angelli Praise Him, all His Angels; praise
aftou. Enite afton, pase e Him, all His Powers. To Thee
Tis odousin afton, mi mou lifthito i O Logos, do not let my soul be
Dinamis aftou. Si prepi imnos praise is due, O God.
psihi os strouthion, Loge Imi! Pos delivered to the teeth of my
to Theo.
mello ton ehthron risthine, enemies as though it were a
bird. Alas, how shall I rid Psalm 150 - Tone (6) Plagal 2
filamartimon iparhon? LET ALL THINGS PRAISE THE LORD!
myself of my enemies, for I am
a lover of sin? Tou piise en Aftis krima To execute upon them the
engrapton. Doxa Afti este Judgement that is decreed;
✞Doxa Patri ke Ion ke Agio ✞Glory to the Father, and to the such Glory will be for all His
Pnevmati. Ke nin ke ai ke is pasi tis Osiis Aftou.
Son, and to the Holy Spirit.
tous eonas ton eonon. Now and ever, and to the Holy Ones.
Ages of Ages. O Stavros Sou Kyrie, Zoi ke Thy Cross, O Lord, is Life and
Amin Amen Anastasis, iparhi to lao Sou: ke Resurrection for Thy People,
✞All become Divine in the Holy ep’ afto pepithotes, Se ton and trusting in it we sing Thy
✞Agio Pnevmati evthesosis tis anastanta, Theon imon
pasin, evdokis, sinesis, irini ke Spirit. He is Prosperity, praise, our Risen God. Have
imnoumen: eleison imas.
evlogia. Isourgon gar ton Patri Prudence, Peace and mercy on us!
esti ke Logo. Blessedness. He is equal in
Dominion with the Father and
the Logos.

TO NE (6) PL AG AL 2 – 23 R D AP – 5 T H L UKE - R I CH MAN & PO OR L AZAR O S – 31 O CTO BE R 2010 TO NE (6) PL AG AL 2 – 23 R D AP – 5 T H L UKE - R I CH MAN & PO OR L AZAR O S – 31 O CTO BE R 2010
6 11
Sotirian vravevousa. Who awards Salvation to all ANTIFONON Γ I pepithotes epi Kyrion Those who trust in the
who chant Hymns of Praise to ehthris foveri ke pasi Lord look Heavenward. They
Thee. thavmatiki. Ano gar orosin. are feared by their enemies
and admired by all.
Tin Thian taftin ke pantimon As we, the Godly6minded, En anomies hiras afton, O ton The Congregation of the
telountes eortin i Theofrones tis dikeon kliros epikouron se ehon, Righteous shall not stretch out
celebrate this Divine and All
Theomitoros, defte tas hiras Soter, ouk ektini. their hands to iniquity. Thou
Honourable Feast of the art their Help, O Saviour.
krotisomen, ton ex Aftis
Mother of God, come, let us
tehthenta Theon Doxazontes.
clap our hands, glorifying God ✞Doxa Patri ke Io ke Agio ✞Glory to the Father, and to the
Who was truly born of Her. Pnevmati. Ke nin ke ai ke is Son, and to the Holy Spirit.
ODI 7 ODE 7 tous eonas ton eonon. Now and ever, and to the
Ages of Ages.
Ouk elatrefsan ti ktisi i The Godly6minded Children
Theoforones, para ton Ktisanta. worshipped the Creator rather Amin Amen
Alla piros apilin, andrios than the creature. Although ✞Agio
patisantes, herontes epsallon.
Pnevmati to kratos epi ✞The Holy Spirit has dominion
bravely trampling upon fire panton, oper e ano Stratigie over all. He is worshipped by
Iperimnite, O ton Pateron Kyrios,
they rejoiced and chanted: O proskinousi, sin pasi pnoi ton the Angelic Host Above, and by
ke Theos, Evlogitos I.
All Praised Lord and God of kato every living breath below.
our Fathers: Blessed art Thou!
ODE 8 P r oke i me no n – T one (5 ) Pl a ga l 1
✞Enoumen, Evlogoumen ke ✞We Praise, we Bless and we Kyrie, exegiron tin dinastian Sou, O Lord, stir up Thy Might, and
Worship the Lord! ke elthe is to sose imas. (2) come to save us. (2)
Proskinoumen ton Kyrios!
Pedas evagis en ti kamino, O Tokos The pious Children stood inside STIHOS O pimenon ton Israil,
VERSE Hear, O Thou Shepherd of

tis Theotokou diesosato, tote the furnace; the Child of the Israel.
men tipoumenos. Nin de Theotokos rescued them: He, Kyrie, exegiron tin dinastian Sou, O Lord, stir up Thy Might, and
energoumenos, tin Ikoumenin then, Who was the Type, now ke elthe is to sose imas come to save us.
apasan, agiri psallousan. Ton is the Fulfillment to Whom the Small Litany 
Kyrion imnite ta Erga: ke whole world gathers to chant: Gospel 1: Matthew 28 : 16 - 20
iperipsoute, is pantas tous All Works of the Lord: Praise THE GREAT COMMISSION
eonas. and Exalt Him throughout all I de evoeka Mathite Then the Eleven Disciples went
ages! eporefthisan is tin Galiean, is away into Galilee, to the
to oros ou etxato aftis O mountain that Jesus had
K at av a si a o f t he 9 t h Od e Iisous.
appointed for them.
Mystikos is, Theotoke, Paradisos, Thou art the Mystical Paradise, O Ke idontest afton prosekinisan
When they saw Him, they
ageorgitos vlastisasa Hriston, if afto, i de edistasan.
Theotokos; for that Thou, worshipped Him; but some
ou to tou stavrou zoiforon en gi being Untilled, budded forth doubted.
pefitourgite dendron. Di ou nin
ipoumenou proskinountes afton,
Christ, by Whom was planted Ke proselthon O Iisous elalisen And Jesus came and spoke to
on earth the Life6giving Tree of aftis legon: Edothi mi pasa
se megalinomen. exousia en Ourano ke epi them, saying: “All Authority
the Cross. Wherefore, as we has been given to Me in
gis. Proevthentes
Small Litany, Etc  adore It being elevated, we Heaven and on earth. Go,
Mathitefsate panta ta ethni,
magnify Thee Vaptizontes aftous is to therefore, and make
Disciples of all the Nations,
Fi r st E x a po ste i la ri on o f the Re s u rre cti on - T one 2 Onoma tou Patros, ke tou
Iou ke to Agiou Pnevmatos Baptising them in the Name
Tis Mathites sinelthomen, en ori Let us gather with the Disciples on didaskontes aftou tirin of the Father, and of the Son,
and of the Holy Spirit,
Galileas, pisi Hriston theasasthe, the Mount in Galilee to behold panta osa enetilamin imin,
Ke idou ego meth imon emi teaching them to observe all
legonta exousian, lavin ton ano Christ in Faith, saying, I have things that I have
ke kato. Mathomen pos didaski, pasa tas imeras eos tis
received the Power of those on sintelias tou eonos. commanded you; and lo, I
vaptizin is to Onoma tou Patros Am with you always, even to

TO NE (6) PL AG AL 2 – 23 R D AP – 5 T H L UKE - R I CH MAN & PO OR L AZAR O S – 31 O CTO BE R 2010 TO NE (6) PL AG AL 2 – 23 R D AP – 5 T H L UKE - R I CH MAN & PO OR L AZAR O S – 31 O CTO BE R 2010
10 7
the end of the age.”
Amin Ti aftou imera, Mnimi tou en Agiis On this day we commemorate our
Amen Patros imon Iakovou, Episopou Father among the Saints, St
K on ta ki on of t he Re s u rre cti on – To ne ( 6 ) Pl ag al 2 Migdonias, enos ton triakosion James of Nisibis, Bishop of
deka ke okto Agion Pateron ton Nygdonia, one of the 318 Holy
Ti zoarhiki palami tous tethneotas, When the Life6Bestower, Christ
en Nikea. Fathers who gathered at Nicaea.
ek ton zoferon kevthmonon O God, had Resurrected with His
Zoodotis, anastisas apantas, Vivifying Hand, from the Ti afti imera, Diigisis Theodoritou On this day we Commemorate the
Hristos O Theos, tin Anastasin dismal caverns, all the dead Episkopou, peri viou ke contest of a certain anonymous
evravese, to vrotio firamati: from Eternity, He freely athliseos Omologitou tinos Confessor of Antioch during
iparhi gar panton Sotir, anonimou. the reign of Julian the
bestowed Resurrection on the
anastasis, ke Zoi, KE THEOS TOU substance of our mortal Apostate, which is related in
PANTOS. humanity. For He is the the Ecclesiastical History of St
Saviour of all; Resurrection and Theodoretos the Bishop.
Life, AND THE GOD OF ALL Tes afton Agies Presvies, O Theos, By the Intercessions of Thy Saints,
THINGS. eleson imas. O God, have Mercy on us.
Ik o s o f t he Re su rre cti on – T o ne ( 6 ) P la g al 2 Amin. Amen
Ton Stavron ke tin Tafin Sou Thy Cross and Tomb, O Life6 K at av a si a – A k athi st Ca no n – T on e 4
Zoodota, animnoumen i Pisti ke giver, we Believers worship and ODI 1 ODE 1

proskinoumen: oti ton Adin sing praise, for Hades Thou Anixo to stoma mou ke plirothisete I shall open my mouth and it
edisas athanate, os Theos hast belayed, O Thou Who lives Pnevmatos ke logon erevxome ti shall be filled with the Spiit;
Pantodinamos, ke nekrous forever, as Almighty God! The Vasilidi Mitri. Ke ofthisome
sinanestisas, ke pilas tou Adou and shall speak forth to the
Gates of Hades Thou tore to fedros Panigirizon ke aso
sinetripsas, ke kratos tou Queen and Mother; I shall be
shreds, and as God, the might gnothomenos TAFTIS TA
thanatou kathiles os Theos: dio i of Death have razed. So, avidly THAVMATA. seen joyfully singing her
gigenis doxologoumen Se potho, we earthborn praise in Praises and I shall delight in
ton anastanta, ke kathelonta Doxology the One now Raised, singing OF HER MIRACLES.
ehthrou to kratos tou panolous, ODE 3
Who destroyed the deadly ODI 3
ke pantas anastisanta tous epi As
si pistevsantas, ke kosmon
power of our foe. Thou hast Tous Sous imnologous, Theotoke, a Living and Copious
Resurrected everyone – all Izosa ke Afthonos Pigi, Thiason Fountain, O Theotokos,
litrosamenon ek ton Velon tou
ofeos, ke os Monon Dinaton, ek those who believe in Thee; Sigkrotisantas Pnevmatikon, Strengthen those who sing Thy
tis planis tou ehthrou Thou hast rescued the world stereoson. Ke en ti Thia Doxi Praises and who are joined
litrosamenon imas: othen from the serpent’s fangs, and Sou Stefanon Doxis axioson.
together in Spiritual
animnoumen evsevos tin have snatched us from allure
Fellowship for Thy service;
Anastasin Sou, di is esosas to the hostile one – as alone
Thou art able to do. Hence, we and in Thy Divine Glory make
piously sing the praises of Thy them worthy of Crowns of
Resurrection by which Thou Glory.
THINGS. Tin anexihniaston Thian Voulin tis Upon hearing of the Divine and
Syn a xa ri on o f 3 1 Oct obe r ek tis Parthenou Sarkoseos Sou Incomprehensible Purpose of
to Ipsistou, O Profitis Abbakoum,
Ti ΛΑ’ tou aftou minos, Mnimi ton On the 31 day of this month we
katanoon ekravgaxe: Doxa ti
Thine Incarnation from the
Agion Apostolon ek ton Commemorate the Holy Dinami Sou, Kyrie Virgin, O Most High, Prophet
evdomikonta, Stahios, Apellou, Apostles of the Seventy: St Habbakoum cried aloud: Glory
Amplia, Ourvsnou, Narkissou Stachys, St Apelles, St Amplias, to Thy Power, O Lord!
ke Aristovoulou. St Urbanos, St Narcissos, and St ODI 5 ODE 5

Aristoboulos. Exesti ta simpanta epi ti Thia Doxi The Universe was amazed by Thy
Ti afti imera, Mnimi tou Agiou On this day we Commemorate the Sou: Si gar, Apirogame Divine Glory: for Thou, O
Martiros Epimahou. Holy Martyr, St Epimachos of Parthene, eshes en mitra ton epi Unwedded Virgin, held the
Egypt, who was Perfected in Panton Theon ke tetokas God of all in Thy Womb, and
Holy Martyrdom by the sword. ahronon Iion, pasi tis imnousi Se
gave birth to the Eternal Son

TO NE (6) PL AG AL 2 – 23 R D AP – 5 T H L UKE - R I CH MAN & PO OR L AZAR O S – 31 O CTO BE R 2010 TO NE (6) PL AG AL 2 – 23 R D AP – 5 T H L UKE - R I CH MAN & PO OR L AZAR O S – 31 O CTO BE R 2010
8 9