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Familiarity with open data in the public

Each group is required to design a new
business idea for citizens, starting from open
data of the public sector.
Design the solution looking at:
- Value proposition (what);
- Target (who);
- Problem addressed (why).

- Business Model (purpose and goal, core
strategy to generate economic value);
- Go-to-market strategy (reach market
penetration, revenue and profitability,
customer experience).
(- financial side, just something, not

Main questions to answer:

- Where does data come from?
- Features of the idea?
- Target?
- Actors involved?
- Money come from?
- Distribution?
- Promotion?
- How good market penetration?
Output: 2 presentations:
- Slides to present on April 29 in 15/20 min.
- Complete presentation for evaluation.

Deadline = 11:59 pm on 28th April 2019. Send

presentations by email to

Optional tutorship on 16th April.

Attendance will be evaluated by the presence

of the name in the first slide.

Project Points:
- 8 — Coherence and completeness;
- 7 — Originality and creativity;
- 7 — Consistent use of theoretical
- 5 — Clearness of style;
- 3 — Class presentation.