A leaflet to the EAN conference from supporterts of the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts.

Supporters of the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts believe that unity between the different anti-cuts groups in the student movement is very important if we are to act effectively to stop the government and create a fighting movement. For that reason supporters of the NCAFC are promoting the following addition to the motion at EAN conference:

"The massive cuts the Coalition is attempting to push through, and the Browne Review's threat of unregulated fees, makes it urgent to build the strongest possible national student network against cuts and fees, working with and helping to coordinate groups and activists across the country. ³This would be facilitated by a single national campaign. We see no reason in principle for the continued existence of the Education Activist Network and the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts as separate campaigns. ³We therefore declare in principle for merger and mandate representatives of the network to meeting representatives of the NCAFC as soon as possible to discuss how to take this forward. We also resolve to hold joint EAN-NCAFC local, regional and national organising meetings."

Please support it!

The following supporters of the NCAFC are standing for election to the EAN steering committee. We feel that the election of activists who support both campaigns to the steering committee would be an important step towards campaigning unity. They are:
Micheal Chessum - Vice President Education at UCL Students' Union, member of the Another Education is Possible steering committee, who has been involved with anti -cuts and free education campaigning at UCL. Co-founder of NCAFC Jade Baker - Vice President Education at Westminster University, elected on an anti -cuts platform, highly involved with the Fight Cuts Campaign at Westminster. Louis Hartnoll - President of the University of the Arts London student union (SUARTS), elected on an anti-cuts, anti-fees platform, co-organizer of Oppose LCC Course Redundancies anti -cuts campaign. Joana Oliveira Pinto - Currently a SOAS student, co-founder of NCAFC, founder of Oppose LCC Course Redundancies anti-cuts campaign at UAL. Edward Maltby - A founder of Education Not fo r Sale at Cambridge, co-founder of NCAFC. Ashok Kumar of LSESU, anti-cuts campaigner and VP Education Sean Rillo Raczka, Chair of Birkbeck Students Union and Mature Students¶ rep on NUS NEC. Anti cuts and free education campaigner. Simon Hardy - Leading student activist at Westminster University with Fight Cuts Campaign at Westminster. Jo Casserly - Leading student activist at UCL with UCL Living Wage Campaign. Mark Boothroyd - student activist at King's College London with the No Cuts at King's campai gn. Rachel Archer - NUT activist and currently KCL student. Winner of Campaigner of the Year 2009/2010, Rachel was also a leading activist at University of East Anglia.

Last but not least, Communist Students activist Callum Williamson is running for the position under the following manifesto: As a Communist Student, I think that EAN should have a programme that challenges the entire capitalist system, how it strangles education, and how the working class majority must replace it through revolution. This inspiring yet practical vision must be at the forefront of our struggle against the capitalists¶ cuts.

NCAFC London and South Organising Meeting: Monday 1 st November, 6:30PM, UCL (room tbc). Contact 07775 763 750 or for more info

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