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Do you know that most people drop clothes off at a donation centres thinking they will get to
someone with limited means who really needs them. In reality, much of the discarded
clothing ends up in landfills, also a vast majority are sold to textile recyclers and carpet

LoveITRecycleIT is that unique idea, born due to the problem of clothing waste hitting our
landfills as much as million tonnes each year. We not only focus on letting you choose
upcycle your clothes , accessories and various household products at nominal price, our main
objective is to reduce the post consumerism waste thereby helping Green Revolution
initiative worldwide.
This start-up will also ensure that many small NGO and firms are brought together to use us
as platform to showcase their talent and help many families make a decent living.

So, if you have some priced possessions that you would love to keep and want to give them a
new life please help us understand this more by helping us with answers to some questions.

Name: _________________ (Mandatory)

Email : _________________ (Mandatory)
Phone: __________________ (Optional)

1) What do you do with family or household old clothes , soft toys etc which are nearly
new? (Bridal wear, party dresses etc)

a. Donate (family , friends or charity)

b. Store all or some of them for later
c. Resell using different portals
d. Upcycle to make something from them
e. Other
f. ______________________________ (text box to enter)

2) Would you like to upcycle your old items i.e; contruct them into a new item or
modify it at nominal cost?
Eg; A stuff toy off your child’s old cloth
A blanket off your clothes or bedsheets
A modified saree that looks completely different with a new design?

a. Yes
b. No
c. May Be

3) What % price would you like to pay for an upcycled product from your possession ?
Eg; If a saree costed you 5K , would you pay 20% which is 1000 Rs for a fresh
upcycled product from the same ? Saree can be printed to look different , or can be
made to a dress , wall hanging?
a. 50% - 40%
b. 40% - 30%
c. 30% - 20%
d. 20% - 10%
e. Less than 10%

4) How often do you give off your old clothes or household items including books?
a. Once a year
b. Twice a year
c. Three times a year
d. > Three times a year

5) Please let us know if you like to upcycle or buy an upcycled product?

Eg; Modified Saree, Bags, purses, pouches of existing clothing , Home furnishings
(Blankets, curtains, cushion covers, table mats, runner etc)

6) Please suggest what else would you like to see as product on the portal?

7) Do you think you will use this initiative to help revolutionize the Green revolution?
a. Yes
b. No
c. May be

Thank you for your time and wonderful feedback.

My objective is build a platform which allows anyone to do their bit in saving the planet by
Upcycling their belongings and reducing waste going to landfills. This platform will allow
you to donate, Upcycle or even buy Upcycle products. Please help you know what you think
about it by filling the short survey.

When you think of landfills what comes to your mind and when you see your wardrobe
everyday does it occur to you that many of these items may one day hit the landfills and
contribute to pollution?
Would you like to contribute to greener planet, waste reduction and less landfills? Would
you also like to flaunt a designer product made out of your old one?
If you want to know how please help us answer a few questions and be a part of this journey
with us.