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1. Introduction to automobile history

2. Introduction to Volkswagen group

3. History of Volkswagen

4. Volkswagen in India

5. Introduction to prestige motors

6. Polo

7. Objective of the study

8. Research methodology

9. Data Analysis And Interpretation

10. Limitation of the study

11. Findings

12 Conclusion

13. Recommendations and suggestion

14. Bibliography

15. Annexure
It is well known fact that constraint and limitations are bound to be present in any study
do this also has some limitation as:-

We considered Lucknow region only because of limited time duration.

Due to this, the sample size is only 100, which is not very large.

All the respondents could not fill their questionnaire on their own due to

Language problem, time constraints and lack of positive behavior.

Respondent may give biased answer due to some lack of information about other

Findings of the study are based on the assumption that the respondents have given
correct information.

The study has been under take to analyze the customer profile and mapping to understand the
consumer behavior regarding automobile sector.

To carry out above main objective following maintend page points have to be

To know the customer profile.

To analyse the exact segregation of the industry of Lucknow.

To know at which geographical segment the potential customer exist..

To know the consumer behaviour regarding cars on following parameter:

(a) To analyse the factors that influence the customer before buying a car..

(b) To find out the replacement pattern of customers.

(c) To find out the purchase pattern.