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In this project the model is "LOCK" to draw the 2D and 3D

views of it.I have drawn the Orthographic projections and
Isometric projections. In Orthographic Front view, Topview
,side view are drawn in Autocad . Isometric view also drawn
in Autocad

I have taken Lock and measured the dimensions of
length,breadth and height and also the required dimensions
with the help of instruments. After I started drawing in
Autocad.while doing in Autocad we have to keep the settings
to draw .we have to see that otho, osnap, lineweight
commands should be 'ON' and Grid should be ‘OFF’ before

Dimensions to draw views of Lock:

Front view : Length-60mm,Height-93mm

Top view : Length-60mm,Breadth-10mm

Side view : Length-10mm,Height-93mm

Note: For Front view and Top view Length is common.For
Top view and side view Breadth is common.For Front view
and side view Height is common.

Commands Used While drawing Orthographic :

While drawing the views in Autocad I used
some commands.
 To draw a line we used Line command .
 To draw a circle we used Circle command .
 To remove extra lines we used Trim command.
 To keep the dimensions we used the Dimension command
• In dimension we used the Linear dimension line
label the horizontal or vertical distance between
two points.

• An aligned dimension will label the true distance

between two points

• For the radius and diameter we used Radius and

Diameter dimension line.

Commands Used While drawing Isometric:

While drawing the views in Autocad I
used some commands.
 Before drawing we have to ‘ON’ the Isometric command

 AutoCAD has a command called ISOPLANE which allows

you to easily draw at a 30 degree angle as needed for an
isometric drawing. You can switch between the three
'isoplanes' (top, right, left) by using this command or by
pressing the F5 key.
 To draw a line we used Line command.

 To draw a semicircles we used Isocircle command.

 To remove extra lines we used Trim command.

Future scope:
AutoCAD has a great future ahead due to the plethora
of features in offers and the upcoming updates that
Autodesk provide empowering the software tools used

In the near future, AutoCAD will remain to serve the same

purpose with enhanced features and user interface and thus,
will remain as the top software for drawing and drafting.

AutoCAD has a future, and there is one word to describe

it: "aggressive."
* Aggressive in modifying its user interface.
* Aggressive in locking AutoCAD users into Autodesk
* Aggressive in taking on competitors.

Screen shots:

To conclude, We have drawn the views andhave used many
commands while driawing.

Practice a lot with the commands you have learned.

according to your preferences and needs, you can draw in
Autocad just about anything.
When you start the designs calculate from the outset the
scale factor with which they print, and scale the size of the
template, the text and basic dimensions in according to this
and the paper size you wish to use.
Attempts to draw the tables that are easy to
understand and generally follow the rules that use hand
drawing. Please note that AutoCAD is only a tool, we can
compare it to know how to use the pencil and set squares,
and clearly does not draw on its own.
I hope to have transmitted the use of basic
commands, through the combination of which will acquire
the ability to put into digital form (that in the case of CAD
drawing is called "vectorial" format ), what in theory would
be able to draw on paper, but using the advantages that the
use of the computer makes available to us.
From this starting point, you can deepen more the potential
of Autocad and manage even very complex designs, and then
perhaps move to 3D design and three-dimensional graphics.

Submitted by
A. THRILOKYA 180030761