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1. An invar tape made of an alloy of: D. None of the above

A. Copper and steel.
B. Brass and nickel. 8. In the surveying compass the bearing observed
C. Brass and steel. are in:
D. Nickel and steel. A. Whole circle bearing.
B. Reduced bearing.
2. The curvature of the earth’s surface is taken into C. Both (A) and (B) .
account if the extent of survey is more than D. None of the above
A. 100 Km2
B. 160 Km2 9. The rise and fall method of levelling is:
C. 500 Km2 A. Less accurate than height of instrument
D. 260 KM2 method.
B. Is not suitable for levelling with tilting
3. The limiting length of an offset does not depend levels.
upon C. Quicker and less tedious for large no. of
A. Accuracy of the work intermediate sights.
B. Method of setting out perpendiculars D. Provides a check on the reduction of
C. Scale of plotting intermediate levels.
D. Indefinite feature to be surveyed
10. The best method of interpolation of contour is
4. The survey in which the curvature of the earth is by
taken into account is called: A. Estimation
A. Geodetic survey. B. Graphical mean
B. Plane survey. C. Computation
C. Hydrographical survey. D. All of these
D. Topographical survey.
11. Levelling deals with measurement in:
5. Which of the following scale is the smallest A. Horizontal plane.
one? B. Vertical plan.
A. 4:200000 C. Both horizontal and vertical planes.
B. 1 cm= 5000m D. Inclined plane.
C. 1 cm= 50m
D. RF= 1/50000 12. For tacheometer the additive and multiplying
constants respectively are:
6. The magnetic bearing of a line AB is 130045’. If A. 0 and 100
the magnetic declination is 10020’ W , the true B. 100 and 0
bearing of the line is: C. 0 and 0
A. 122025’ D. 100 and 100
B. 14305’
C. 121025’ 13. The ‘Scale plate’ of a theodolite is:
D. 122030’ A. The upper plate.
B. The lower plate.
7. In a traverse survey, closing error means C. Both of the above.
A. The error in closing of the traversing D. None of the above.
B. The actual distance by which the traverse
fails to close
C. The distance between the starting and end
point of an open traverse
14. In an adjusted level when the bubble is centred 22. In the prismatic compass the graduations start
the axis of the bubble tube become parallel to from zero marked at the ……. end of the needle
A. Line of sight run..
B. Line of collimation (a) North, clockwise
C. Axis of the telescope (b) south, anticlockwise
D. None of the these (c) south, clockwise
(d) North, anticlockwise
15. An azimuth is a:
A. True bearing. 23. If whole circle bearing of any line is W1 that of
B. Magnetic bearing. the preceding line is W2 and d is the deflection
C. Arbitrary bearing. angle to the right then choose expression
D. None of the above. (a) W1= W2+d
(b) W1=W2=d
16. The correction for sag is (c) W1=W2+2d
(a) Always additive (d) W1=W2-d
(b) Always subtractive
(c) Always zero 24. A series of closely spaces contour lines
(d) Sometimes additive and sometimes additive represent a -
and sometimes subtractive (a) Steep slope
(b) gentle slope
17. A well conditioned triangle does not have any (c) Uniform slope
angle less than (d) Plane slope
(a) 20o
(b) 30o 25. The instrument used for accurate cantering in
(c) 45o plane table surveying is
(d) 60o (a) Spirit level
(b) Alidade
18. For the preparation of highways (c) Plumbing fork
(a) Longitudinal sections are required (d) Trough compass
(b) cross-section are required
(c) (a) and (b) are required 26. Two-point problem and three-point problem are
(d) None of the above method of
(a) Resection
19. The line normal to the plumb line is known as (b) Orientation
(a) Horizontal line (c) Traversing
(b) level line (d) Resection and orientation
(c) Datum line
(d) Vertical line 27. Plotting of inaccessible point on a plane table is
done by
20. In a metric chain number of links per meter run (a) Intersection
can be (b) Traversing
(a) 2 (c) Radiation
(b) 5 (d) None of these
(c) 8
(d) 0 28. The rise and fall method of levelling provides a
complete check on
21. when the curvature of earth is taken into account (a) Back sight
the surveying is called (b) intermediate sight
(a) Plane surveying (c) fore sight
(b) preliminary surveying (d) All the above
(c) Geodetic surveying
(d) Hydro graphic surveying
29. The two point and three point problem are 37. If whole circle bearing of a line is 210°0’0”, its
method of value in quadrantal bearing system is
(a) Radiation (A) S 30°0’0” W (B) N 30°0’0” E
(b) intersection (C) S 30°0’0” E (D) N 30°0’0” W
(c) Traversing
(d) Resection 38. The magnetic declination is the difference
30. The construction of optical square is based on (A) True Meridian and False Meridian
the principal of optical (B) False Meridian and True Meridian
(a) Reflection (C) True Meridian and Magnetic Meridian
(b) Refraction (D) Magnetic Meridian and False Meridian
(c) Double refraction
(d) Double reflection 39. The fundamental principle of surveying is to
work from the
31. The correction to be applied to each 30 m chain (A) whole to part
for a line measurement along a slope of θ is (B) part to whole
(A) 30(1-cosθ) (B) 30(1-sinθ) (C) lower level to higher level
(C) 30(1-tanθ) (D) 30(1-cotθ) (D) higher level to lower level

32. Narrowly spaced contour lines on a map shows 40. In the quadrantal bearing system, a whole circle
that the area is bearing of 293630. Can be expressed as :
(A) Flat (B) Steeply sloped (A) N 23o 30’W (B) W23o30’N
(C) Vertical cliff (D) Overhang cliff o
(C) N 66 90’ W (D)S 113o30’N
41. The counter line can cross one another on a map
33. The length of the tangent of a new curve whose only in the case of :
radius is R and the angle of deflection ∆ is (a) an overhanging cliff
∆ ∆
(A) R tan (B) 2R sin (b) a vertical cliff
2 2
∆ ∆ (c) a valley
(C) 2R tan (D) R sin
2 2 (d) a ridge

34. Radiation, Intersection and Resection are 42. The most accurate instruction for measuring
(A) Compass Surveying Technique horizontal and vertical angle is :
(B) Chain Surveying Technique (a) theodolite (b) dumpy level
(C) Levelling Techniques (c) compass (d) tape and chain
(D) Plane Table Surveying Technique
43. When the magnetic bearing of the sun at noon is
35. Which of the following statements in respect of 185.20 the magnetic declination will be:
a map A having scale 1: 1000 and another map (a)5.20o south (b)5. 20o east
B having scale 1: 5000 is true? (c)5.20o west (d)5.20o north
(A) Map A is a large scale map compared to
map B 44. The height of instrument is equal to :
(B) Map B is a large scale map compared to (a) reduced level of bench mark -back sight
map A (b) reduced level of bench mark - back sight
(C) Map B is more detailed map compared to (C) reduced level of bench mark -fore sight
map A (d) reduced level of bench mark – intermediate
(D) None of the above sight

36. A staff reading taken on a point whose elevation 45. Correction for sag is :
is to be determined as a change point is called (a)some time additive and sometimes
(A) foresight reading (B) back sight reading subtractive
(C) intermediate sight (D) long sight (b)always subtractive
(c)always additive
(d)always zero
46. Intersection method in plane table surveying is 54. If the sum of northings of a traverse exceeds the
most suitable for : sum of southings by 1 m sum of eastings
(a) plains (b) forests exceeds the sum westings by 1 m the resultant
(c) urban areas (d) hilly areas closing error and its true bearing are
47. Ranging is defined as (A) √2m, N450E (B) 1m, N450E
(A) measuring the distance from starting point (C) 2m,N45 W (D) 2m, N450E
(B) establishing intermediate points on a chain
line 55. If in a closed traverse , the sum of the north
(C)the distance between end points latitudes is more than the sum of the south
(D) a point on a chain line latitudes and also the sum of west departures is
more than the sum of east departures, the
48. Compute the angle between the lines AB and bearing of the closing line is in the
AC, If their respective bearings are 52030’ and (A) SE quadrant (B) NE quadrant
328015’ . (C) NW quadrant (D) SW quadrant
(A) 275015’ (B) 6015’
(C) 111015’ (D) 84015’ 56. The angle between true meridian and the
magnetic meridian at the time of observations is
49. The whole circle bearing of a line is 287015’ known as
The Reduced bearing of the line is (A) Orientation
(A) S 107015’W (B) S17015’W (B) Magnetic declination
(C) N 72045’W (D) S107015’E (C) Magnetic bearing
(D) Dip
50. A line joining some fixed points on the main
survey lines is called 57. Cross hairs in surveying telescopes are fitted:
(A) check line (B) tie line (A) in the objective lens
(C) chain line (D) base line (B) at the centre of the telescope
(C) at the optical centre of the eye piece
51. Which of the following methods of contouring (D) in front of the eyepiece
is most suitable for hilly terrain?
(A) Direct method 58. In levelling operation:
(B) Square method (A) The first sight on any charge point is a back
(C) Cross - section method sight
(D) Tacheometric method (B) The second sight in any change point is a
force sight
52. A level line is a (C) The line commences with a fore sight and
(A) line parallel to the mean spheroidal surface closes with a back sight
of the earth (D) The line commences with a back sight and
(B)line passing through centre of cross hairs and close with a fore sight
centre of eye piece
(C) line passing thorough objective lens and the 59. The bubble tube parallel to the telescope of a
eye piece theodolite should be more sensitive since it
(D) horizontal line controls:
(A) vertical axis
53. The main principle of field surveying is to work (B) horizontal axis
form (C) axis of bubble tube
(A) Higher level to lower level (D) none of the above
(B) lower level to higher level
(C) part to whole 60. Cross staff is used for :
(D) whole to part (A) setting out right angles
(B) measuring horizontal angles
(C) both (A) and (B)
(D) none of the above
61. For a tachometer the additive and multiplying
constant are: 69. Which of the following scales is the smallest
(A) 0 and 100 one ?
(B) 100 and 0 (A) 1cm = 50 m (B) RF = 1/50000
(C) 0 and 0 (C) 4:200000 (D) 1cm =5000m
(D) 100 and 100
70. When the curvature of the earth is taken into
62. The difference between face left and face right account , the surveying is called
observation of a theodolite is 3’ The error is: (A) geodetic surveying
(A) 45” (B) hydro graphic surveying
(B) 1’30” (C) plane surveying
(C) 3’ (D) preliminary surveying
(D) 0’
71. Detailed plotting in plane table surveying is
63. The fix of a plane table from three known points generally done by
is good if: (A) traversing
(A) middle station is nearest (B) radiation
(B) middle station is farthest (C) resection
(C) either the right or left station is nearest (D) both (B) and (C)
(D) none of these
72. Theodolite is an instrument used for
64. If fore bearing of a line is N 30 E, the back measurement of
bearing of the line is (A) horizontal angles only
(A) N 30o W (B) vertical angles only
(B) N 30o E (C) both horizontal and vertical angles
(C) S 30o W (D) distance only
(D) S 30o E
73. If the magnetic bearing of the sun at a place at
65. An anallactic lens is provided in a : noon in southern hemisphere is 167o , the
(A) Theodolite magnetic declination at that place is
(B) tacheometer (A) 77o N (B) 23o S
(C) dumpy level (C) 13 E (D) 13o W
(D) pristmatic compass
74. The angle between the prolongation of the
66. Which of the following methods of plane table preceding line and the forward line of a traverse
surveying is used to locate the position of an is called
inaccessible point : (A) deflection angle
(A) Radiation (B) included angle
(B) Intersection (C) direct angles
(C) Traversing (D) excluded angles
(D) Resection
75. If the end point of a line are free from local
67. The multiplying constant of a theodolite is : attraction, the difference between fore bearing
(A) f+d and back bearing of that line should be
(B) f/d+i (A) 360o (B) 90o
(C) f/i+d (C) 180o (D) 120o
(D) f/i

68. A building is an obstacle to

(A) both chaining and ranging
(B) chaining but not ranging
(C) ranging but not chaining
(D) neither chaining nor ranging
76. For a tachometer , the additive and multiplying 78. 'Offsets' are
constant are respectively (A) lateral measurements from chain line
(A) 0 and 0 (B) 100 and 100 (B) ties or check lines which are perpendicular
(C) 100 and 0 (D) 0 And 100 to chain line
(C) sets of minor instruments in chain
77. The fore bearing of a line CD is 324o45’. The surveying
back bearing of the line is (D) chain lines which go out of alignment
(A) 234o45’ (B) 35o15’
(C) 144o45’ (D) 54o45’ 79. The fore bearings of line AB and BC are 40o
and 120o respectively. The included angle
between AB and BC is
(A) 40o (B) 60o
(C) 80o (D) 100o

Answer Key:

1.(d) 2.(d) 3.(d) 4.(a) 5.(b) 6.(a) 7.(b) 8.(c) 9.(d) 10.(c) 11.(b) 12.(a) 13.(b)
14.(b) 15.(a) 16.(b) 17.(b) 18.(c) 19.(b) 20.(b) 21.(c) 22.(c) 23.(b) 24.(a) 25.(c)
26.(d) 27.(a) 28.(d) 29.(d) 30.(d) 31.(a) 32.(b) 33.(a) 34. (d) 35.(a) 36.(a)
37.(a) 38.(c) 39.(a) 40.(c) 41.(a) 42.(a) 43.(c) 44.(b) 45.(b) 46.(d) 47.(b) 48.(d)
49.(c) 50.(b) 51.(d) 52.(a) 53.(d) 54.(a) 55.(c) 56.(b) 57.(d) 58.(a) 59.(b) 60.(a)
61.(a) 62.(b) 63.(a) 64.(c) 65.(b) 66.(b) 67. (d) 68.(a) 69.(d) 70.(a) 71.(b) 72.(c)
73.(c) 74.(a) 75.(c) 76.(d) 77.(c) 78.(a) 79.(d)