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ZS6312 is a high-performance current mode PWM
control IC designed for AC/DC convertor, which built-in ■ Meeting AC85-300V input voltage range of
high-voltage power switch tube and supplies the design requirements
continuous output power of 10W within the range of ■ Low starting current and working current
wide-voltage between 85V and 300V, the output power ■ The standby power consumption can be
of peak value can be up to 12W.The combination of as low as 0.15W
optimized reasonable circuit design and bipolar facture ■ Improve driving circuit efficiency 2-3%
technology with high performance and price ratio ■ Meeting the requirements of energy
economizes the whole cost ultimately. The power efficiency energy star 2.0
controller can be applied to the typical flyback circuit ■ With temperature compensation
topology so as to form a simple AC/DC transformer. IC function accurate current control
circuit can use the power switch tube itself within a ■ Wide voltage continuous output power can be
larger version of startup, greatly reduces the power up to 10W, the peak output power can be up
loss of starting resistance .IC built-in PFM function that to 12W
when the output power increases then the working ■ AC line compensation
frequency increases, thus reducing switching loss and ■ With functions of thermal protection (OTP)
achieving high efficiency when the power output ■ With functions of over voltage protection (OVP)
decreases. The PFM function combination of patent ■ Can be realized without Y capacitor
drive circuit that can easily meet "of energy Star 2.0" system design
strict requirements. When VCC reaches 12V, the chip ■ Less peripheral components, and the
internal over voltage protection activates and limits the overall scheme of low cost
output voltage rising. That can prevent the too high
output voltage because the light coupling or the APPLICATIONS
feedback circuit damaged. The circuit built-in the input ■ The charger
voltage compensation function, which realizes the ■ DVD/DVB power
constant output power limiting in the whole power grid ■ Small appliances (such as: induction cooker)
conditions. In the IC internal that provides the overload ■ PC&LCD TV standby power supply
and the perfect saturation function. It can real time ■ The power adapter (such as
control van overload, transformer saturation, output
communications terminal products)
short circuit in abnormal condition, so improving the
reliability of power supply. IC has integrated the
internal temperature protection function, when the
system is overheating, the output power will be lower,
or shuts down the output. We can provide meeting
ROHS and green environmental protection
requirements of DIP-8 standard.

Figure 1 Typical application diagram


Pin Configuration Absolute Maximum Ratings
The pin map is shown as below for DIP-8 Power supply voltage VCC 18V
Pins input voltage VCC+0.3V
VIN OC Endurance voltage of OC collector -0.3-750V
Switching current of peak value 1000mA
Total dissipation power 1500mW
GND IS Operating temperature range -20 to +125℃
Deposit temperature range -55 to +150℃
Welding temperature +260℃,10S

Pin Num. Pin Name I/O Description
Circuit input compensation and high voltage current source to trigger
feet, external compensation resistance
2 VCC P Power Supply
3 GND P Ground
4 NC No Connection
5 FB I Feedback pins
Switching current sampling and limit enactment, sampling resistance
6 IS I
of external current
7/8 OC O Output pins, meet switching transformer

Recommended operating conditions

Power supply voltage VCC 5 10 V
Pins input voltage -0.3 - Vcc V
Peak inverse voltage - - 650 V
Switching current of peak value - 800 mA
Operating temperature -10 100 ℃


Figure 2 schematic diagram

(Ta=25℃, VCC=5.5-7.5V, RS=1Ω, if not otherwise noted)

Parameter Symbol Test Conditions Min Typ Max Unit

Output Section
Max withstanding voltage of the
I_OC=10mA 750 V
switching tube
Saturation voltage Vsat I_OC=500mA 0.8 V
Output Rise time TR CL=1nF 75 ns
Output Fall time TF CL=1nF 75 ns
Current Sampling Section
Current sampling threshold 0.61 0.63 0.65 V
The maximum current RS=1Ω 0.61 0.63 0.65 A
Transmission delay - 150 250 ns
Oscillator Section
Oscillating Frequency F_OSC 65 KHz
Voltage stability VCC=5-10V 1 %
Temperature stability Ta=0-85℃ 1 %
Leading edge blanking time - 500 - ns
Feedback Section
FB Input Pull up Current - 550 - uA
impedance Pull down Resistor - 40 - KΩ
PWM Section
Maximum Duty Ratio D_max VFB=2.5V 55 60 65 %
Minimum Duty Ratio D_min VFB=0V - 1.5 - %
Power Supply Current Section
Initiation Static Current 15 50 uA
Static Current IQ VCC=8.0V - 2.0 - mA
High voltage current source Vac>80V 1.0 mA
Startup voltage - 8.9 - V
Oscillator turn off voltage - 2.5 - V
Over Voltage limiting Threshold 11 12 13 V
●Start control: During start-up phase, the internal ●Standby frequency reduction control circuit:
benchmark, oscillators, driving circuit and In standby mode, when the output voltage
protection circuit is stopped working, the small increases, then the FB voltages lower. If the FB
current of 50uA on the starting resistance is input voltage is less than 1.8V (about between 1.2-1.8V)
from VIN to the base of the Power Transistor, the then the oscillator cycle will increase, the smaller
amplifying current from Emitter through current FB, the wider oscillator cycle. This feature is to
limiting circuit outflows to VCC, more than 50uA reduce the standby power consumption and
current part charge to parallel capacitor of VCC, prevent the occurrence of audio interference at
when VCC voltage rises to 8.9 V, entering a state the same time.
of PWM control chip. ●Efficient driving circuit: The efficient driving circuit
●PWM control: The voltage of FB pins through the makes the switch tube in critical saturation driving
partial pressure resistance exports to the PWM state, improving the frequency of the triode,
comparator as the peak switching current effectively reducing the triode switch loss, improving
reference, the FB signal determines the size of the work efficiency of the whole system, greatly
the switch tube peak current, through the FB to reducing the fever of the chip at the same time. That
realize the control of the PWM control. At the makes the system more reliable.
same time the Output pulse duty ratio is limited by ●AC line compensation: The chip from VIN
maximum duty cycle, the FB is controlled by detects the voltage size and real-time
internal and external feedback circuit. compensate the maximum output power; this
●External feedback circuit: After amplification the makes the maximum limiting power constant.
system output error adjusting signal is converted When high and low ac is input.
into current signal that can adjust the voltage of ●Thermal protection function: When the internal
FB by isolation transmission of the optocoupler. temperature is higher than 140℃, then making
The heavier load, the smaller optocoupler current, the internal FB voltage reducing and the oscillator
the higher FB voltage, the greater duty ratio of cycle widening, reducing or closing the power
PWM signal, the output power increases, and vice output, so the ZS6312 temperature does not
versa, the load is light, the feedback current is exceed 150℃ in order to achieve protection.
added, the FB voltage decreases, the duty ratio
decreases, and the output decreases, so as to
realize the adjustment of the output voltage.
●VCC overvoltage protection circuit: if the peripheral

feedback makes the VCC increasing that is more

than 12V, then the internal feedback circuit makes
the FB voltage reducing and reducing the output
power, it makes the VCC voltage keeping in 12V, this
feature can prevent the output voltage increasing
because the optocoupler or feedback is damaged.
Thus the secondary circuit and its output load will not

Electric Parameter Definitions Application information

●Start-up static current: The minimum current ● FBfeedback and control
sourcing current which can enable VCC surging In normal working state, the FB voltage will
when VCC is connected to a filter capacitor and determine the maximum switching current value,
an adjustable current sourcing. the higher the voltage, the bigger switch current
●Start-up voltage: The maximum of VCC above. (only limited to peak current limit). The FB pin
●Restart-up voltage: The minimum of VCC internal pull-up 550uA current source, pull-down
above. about 40KΩ resistor (approximate equivalent),
●Oscillator shut-down voltage: The Negative An external resistor reduces the depth of the
edge of VCC above; the value of VCC which feedback, the size of the external resistance will
can stop the oscillator. not affect the maximum peak current, it is
●Static current: The VCC power supply current in recommended to use 7.5K to 10K resistor, an
normal period when FB is connected to the external resistor can improve reaction speed of
ground by a 1.0KΩ resistance. the system with overload and the input voltage
●FB pull up current: which occurs in normal jumping. It is advantageous to the short circuit
period, when FB=2.5V, and IS=0A. protection. Moreover the FB voltage below 1.8V,
●FB upper current protection: The pull down will make the period of oscillation widening, the
current of FB when FB=2.0V and IS=0.3A in switch frequency falling, It is lower than 1.8V,
normal period. the frequency will be lower. FB converter
●The VCC voltage limit: The value of VCC when capacitance will affect feedback bandwidth, thus
there is no feedback circuit of ZS6312 in normal influence some external parameters, such as
period. transient characteristics.
●OC upper limit current: If FB=2.0V, the

minimum OC current when there is pull down

current in FB.

Figure 3. FB feedback and control

Typical applications for CFB capacitance value, can
be between 10-100nF selection based on the
frequency characteristics of the feedback loop,
General application can use the 100nF.
● Over temperature protection
IC has built-in precision over temperature protection
function. In the chip internal when the temperature
reaches 140 ℃ , the thermal protection circuit pulls
down the clock signal, and the switch frequency is
reduced in order to reduce the power consumption.
The Switching frequency decreases with the rise of Figure5 The collector emitter clamping voltage
the temperature, and until the oscillation shuts down. Offset waveform as shown in the figure below:
As shown in the figure below

Figure 6 Vbe driving voltage waveform

●Over voltage and under-voltage protection
Figure 4.Over temperature protection IC has with hysteresis under voltage protection
●Power tube driving characteristics and high function. When the VCC voltage achieves to 8.9
pressure offset technology V the IC will start, the initial voltage is provided
In the IC internal, it has an unique offset technology, by a driving resistor, the input of high voltage
at the time of power tube shutting off, the base output through the driving resistor enters to B injection
of Power Transistor drops down to the ground of the switch tube, the amplifying IC current
instantly, at the same time the offset output voltage of through current limiting circuit outflows to VCC
emitter is greater than the base. Launching E junction capacitor Thus forming the driving voltage. The
reverse, it accelerates the IC current rate of descent VCC voltage should be maintained in between
and expands the effective security work area, The CB 5-10V (including full load) in the normal working,
of the switch tube is in the reverse voltage that if the VCC voltage pulls down to 2.5V the
achieves greater than 750V voltage. About more oscillator will enter closed state.
details of the switch tube please refer to the relevant
technical data compression characteristics.


In IC internal, the VCC has an upper limit voltage The IC has a current limiting function. Each
comparator control, if the VCC is more than 12V switching cycle detects the switching current,
the comparator actions, the FB will be drop-down, when it achieves the setting current of the FB or
locking the VCC in 12V, achieving over-voltage the upper limit of the current, then entering the
limit function. Use this function, it can easily closed cycle, the current detection has the
achieve front end voltage feedback function; also functions of real-time leading edge blanking,
can avoid the output voltage rising significantly in shielding switching peak, avoiding error detection
the open loop, guaranteeing the safety of the load. of the switching current. The reasonable
Therefore, the VCC should keep in a suitable temperature compensation eliminates the
range and avoid the VCC rising too high with large influence of the temperature, relative to
output loads, leading to the output voltage conventional transistor, the switching current in a
dropping because the IC overvoltage limitation. wide range can be very accurate, this don't have
●Coil larges current programming and too big margin when designing scheme, then can
driving current compensation circuit satisfy work in big temperature range, improving
the use safety of the circuit.
Inside the IS chip connects a resistor R1 to the
ground, using to compensate the influence of the
internal drive current to the coil current. Its
corresponding relationship is I drive*R1=0.7V, the
biggest coil current is calculated according to the
volume of power, this can be made of the external
resistance R2 programming, its relationship is:
Iwinding(Max)=0.7/R2. As a result of the existence
of the internal resistor R1. When calculating the
R2 value will not consider the influence of the
Figure 7 Coil larges current programming internal drive current to the coil current.
and driving current compensation circuit

● The heat dissipation requirements ● VCC design points

As a result of the drive technology breakthrough, the When the VCC voltage rises to 8.9V, the IC will
chip internal loss (fever) 40% less than the PIN TO start, the VCC capacitor will store enough
PIN the other products, but for a typical power switch, power for IC before entering normal working
should use the necessary cooling measures, in order until establishing normal output voltage; So the
to avoid high temperature lead to thermal protection. VCC capacitor is not too small, and the
In the IC internal, this main heating is the generated reasonable VCC capacitor is 22uF.
by the switching loss, so the appropriate cooling
position is the IC Pin7-8 feet, an easy to use method
is laid a certain area of PCB copper foil in Pin7-8 feet,
especially it will increase thermal capacity on copper
foil tinning, For a 85-265V input, typical application of
10W output, 200mm ² is the size of copper foil is

Figure 8 Heat dissipation map


Package size

Dimensions In Dimensions In Inches

Symbol Millimeters

Min Max Min Max

A 3.710 4.310 0.146 0.170

A1 0.510 0.020 -
A2 3.200 3.600 0.126 0.142

B 0.380 0.570 0.015 0.020

B1 1.524(BSC) 0.060(BSC)
C 0.204 0.360 0.008 0.014
D 9.000 9.400 0.354 0.370
E 6.200 6.600 0.244 0.260
E1 7.320 7.920 0.288 0.312
e 2.540(BSC) 0.100(BSC)
L 3.00 3.60 0.118 0.142
E2 8.400 9.000 0.331 0.354
IC reference junction temperature and thermal resistance
IC reference junction temperature and thermal resistance
DIP8 encapsulating junction temperature data
(θJC)1 …………………………………………………………………25℃/
(θJA)2 …………………………………………………………………70℃/
Note: 1. The test points to Pin7, 8 close to encapsulate the position.
2. Pin7, 8 are connected in a 2 oz copper area of not less than 200mm².