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Teacher Mentor: Ashley Van Biezen

Intern Teacher: Kira Barnowski

Teacher Mentor Comments:

Kira has been a wonderful asset to our teaching team here at A.E. Bowers. She quickly
became a valued member of our classroom community and developed a strong rapport with
students with a strong foundation in respect.

During her time with us, Kira was responsible for teaching Science, Social Studies, French
Language Arts and Career and Technology Foundations. She did a wonderful job of teaching
in French, taking on this challenge and succeeding. She planned and implemented a variety of
learning activities that included direct instruction as well as hands-on activities. Kira
successfully demonstrated her awareness of different learning styles and was able to adjust
assignments to meet the diverse learning needs in the classroom.

Kira developed a variety of assessments for her learners. All assessments were completed
in a timely fashion and she was able to give constructive, and effective feedback. Her rubrics
were meaningful, well thought out, and in student friendly language.

It is important to note that Madame Barnowki’s Professional Inquiry Project will leave a
lasting legacy in our school and positively impact the Learning Commons Re-Design in our
growing development as a dual track school.

Throughout her practicum, Kira has shown incredible flexibility and the ability to take on
challenges. She has been understanding, considerate, and an amazing team player. I am
certain that she will excel in whatever classroom in which she finds herself.

Kira possesses a positive and enthusiastic personality and has developed a wonderful
relationship with students. She is professional, articulate, and always ready with a smile and a
kind word. I have found that other team members have accepted her as a strong working
member of our team and she has had a positive working relationship with each one of them,
as well as with other staff members.

I am confident that Madame Barnowski will be an asset to any staff that she works with.
She is confident, knowledgeable, and willing to do what is necessary to ensure that all
students have the opportunity to do and be their best. I believe that she will continue to grow
and become even more effective as a teacher. I look forward to working alongside her one

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