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Course Plan – Semester Spring 2008

Course Code: MTH-105

Course Title: Multivariable Calculus
Teacher’s Name: Naila Kalsoom

Total Credit Hours: 3 Lectures Credit Hours: 3

Total Contact Hours: 3 hrs/week Lecture Contact Hours: 3hrs/week
Lab. Contact Hours: 0 Lab. Credit Hours: 0

Office Hours (Day, time and place): Monday to Friday, Office timings,

Pre-Requisite: Calculus and Analytical Geometry

Course Objectives and Outcomes:

Basic Objectives: The main objective of this course is to make students able in
parameterization of plane curves, Graphing in Polar coordinates, idea of vectors
in plane, their products, vector valued functions, calculus of functions of several
variables, to solve optimization problems and to solve and know the applications
of double and triple integrals.

Ultimate Objectives: The overall objective of this course is to understand

mathematical ideas with a depth and flexibility that allows students to apply it in
their discipline. The students should be able to interpret the concepts of Calculus
algebraically, graphically and verbally. More generally, the students will improve
their ability to think critically, to analyze a problem and solve it using a wide
array of tools. Students must understand the principles of both their discipline and
the calculus, be able to translate situations in their discipline into mathematical
models, have the knowledge and skill to solve problems in the model, and then be
able to translate mathematical solutions back into their discipline.

Course Outline and Contents:

Week 1 Parameterization of plane curves, Calculus with parameterized curves.

Related examples.
Week 2 Polar coordinates, Graphing in polar coordinates, Polar equations for
conic sections, Integration in polar coordinates. Related examples.
Week 3 Vectors in the plane, Slopes, Tangents and Normals, Cartesian
coordinates and vectors in plane and space. Related examples.
Week 4 Dot products, Cross products, Distance formula, Mid-point formula,

Week 5 Cylindrical and Spherical coordinates. Examples.

Week 6 Introduction to vector valued functions, limit, continuity, differentiation

and integration for vector valued functions. Examples.
Week 7 First Sessional, Functions of several variables, Related examples.

Week 8 Limits and continuity in functions of several variables. Related

examples, Differentiability, partial derivatives, chain rule. Examples.
Week 9 Directional derivatives, Gradient vectors and tangent planes. Examples.

Week 10 Maxima, Minima and saddle points for functions of several variables.
Week 11 Student week

Week 12 Lagrange Multipliers, Constrained Maxima and Minima, Examples.

Week 13 Second Sessional, Double integrals.

Week 13 Double integrals in polar coordinates, Examples, Implicit function

theorem. Related examples.
Week 14 Applications of Double integrals. Related examples.

Week 15 Triple integrals. Examples.

Week 16 Triple integrals in cylindrical and spherical coordinates. Examples.

Week 17 Line integrals. Examples.

Week 18 Revision and course discussions

Friday, April 11, 2008: Last date to submit 5% marks (1 Assignment & 3
Friday, May 23, 2008: Last date to submit 10% marks (2 Assignment & 3
Monday , June 23, 2008: Last date to submit 10% marks (1 Assignment
& 2 Quizzes)

Assessment Plan: (Quizzes, Assignments, Case Studies, Semester Project, Lab
Exercises. With starting and submission dates where applicable):

Week 1

Week 2 Quize#1, Assignment#1

Week 3 Quize#2, Submission of assignment#1

Week 4 Assignment#2

Week 5 Quize#3, Submission of assignment#1

Week 6 Last week to submit 5% marks (1 Assignment & 3 Quizzes)

Week 7 First Sessional

Week 8 Quize#4

Week 9 Quize#5, Assignment#3

Week 10 Submission of assignment#3

Week 11 Student week

Week 12 Quize#6, Last week to submit 10% marks (2 Assignment & 3 Quizzes)

Week 13 Second Sessional

Week 14

Week 15 Quize#7, Assignment#4

Week 16 Submission of assignment#4

Week 17 Quize#8, Last week to submit 10% marks (1 Assignment & 2 Quizzes)

Week 18

Text Book / Essential Reading:
• Calculus by Swokowski, Olinick and Pence

Reference Books / Literature:

•Calculus by Howard Anton
•Calculus Concepts and Contents by James Stewart
•Calculus by Thomas and Finney

Assessment Scheme:
Attendance & Class Participation
Home assignments: 25%
Sessional Examination: 25%
Final Examination: 50%
Total 100%