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‘9 WH 17 - Plot 598-756, Street 32 Dubai Investment Park 1, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (4971 42251671 | | ARCHARD FIRE DOOR INSPECTION FIRE DOORS SAVE AND YOUR al aa table tee a ed SRN a mae Colton Archard Fire Door Inspection ensure your fire doors are Our fire door inspector: compliant with the required British Standards 476 bly in your building, ensuring all componer Part 22 place and working effectively. The inspec certified by the LPC 3 Prevention Board) in the UK Fire doors are an essential part of a building's passive fire protection by ensuring the building is compart- mentalised, helping to prevent the spread of fire while \g occupants time to escape. Fire door compliar | aspect of the fire ri Archard is able to carry out the remediation v bring any non compliant doors in line with the required ind the fire test report in which the Seen reemangers INSPECTION A. REPORT A REPAIR