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Portfolio 2018-19

Academic Artifact
Future career interests (if known):
Sound Design, Digital Arts,

Targeted soft skills you chose for this year:

1.I want to work on my horrible social skills.

2.I want to be more responsible and get a job.

Description of artifact/assignment: I made a project in math where we used the glowforge in the
makers space and we etched triangles into paper.

Why did you choose this as one of your artifacts/assignments?

The project required that we do a lot of math and in the end we had to make a creation with
triangles that i’ve never known was a form of art.

What academic skills did you use that are specific to this artifact/assignment?
I used my mathematician skills to figure out how to dilate the triangles to fit on the paper.

What general academic skills did you use (skills that would be used in any academic class)?
My skills in a certain math lesson are very helpful.

Did you see growth in your targeted soft skills through the course of working on this
Artifact/Assignment? Explain.
Kind of but not really, math is still so confusing to me, whenever we don’t understand I feel like
we get in trouble.
Portfolio 2018-19

Provide an example of how these academic and/or soft skills are

used in a career in which you
are interested. If I wanted to design anything for a movie or a game, I’d have to work on a
coordinate grid.