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FLORENCE COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE Kenney Boone, Sheriff November 7,2018 Mr. Robert Blomquist ‘Assignment Manager, WMBF News 918 Frontage Road, East Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 (ia email only) Re: Freedom of Information Act Request FOINo.; 2018-139 Dear Rob: This will acknowledge your email dated October 16, 2018 requesting documents pursuant to the South Carolina Freedom of information Act. This will further confirm that on November 2, 2018 ‘we requested, and you very kindly granted, an extension of time to respond to your request. In response, please see the following response: “The employment status of Captain Dari (sc) Varborough Response: Attached please see the Florence County Personnel Action Request for Darrin Yarborough (FCSO WMBF FOI 001). 2 Captain Yarborough, employment record to include date of hire, as well as any certifications, accomodations (sic) and disciplinary records. Response: Attached please find documents FCSO WMBF FOI 002-016. 3. Letter of resignation, Response: No document in possession of FCSO responsive to this request. ‘With regard to the documents produced pursuant to your request, dates of birth, home telephone numbers and other personal information, the release of which would constitute an unreasonable violation of personal privacy have been redacted pursuant to S.C. Cade Ann. 30-4-40(a)(2). Please be advised that pursuant to S.C. Code Ann. 302-50, the use of public records for ‘commercial solicitation is prohibited and is punishable by fine up to $500.00 or one year in jail, ‘or both Sp Friend Road finan, Sou Cerna 29541 Shojo) oosaist + een Came ) 66-304 We believe that the attached constitutes full compliance with your request pursuant to the Act. Should you have any questions regarding any ofthe above, please call, Sincerely, Widke Major Michael M. Nunn General CounseV/P.LO. FLORENCE COUNTY PERSONNEL ACTION REQUEST [aurvoresiurair meoraATOn frre or reaacron check pee rs feces ems Ons: _ October 10,2018 on pie __) epi) Peary) Jpeamspuoncbert _010421-200.004 Noe Peon( Newt 1 ens 0 Minos: ‘ Fate) Fann (_1_) Ef een) foe: Darin 2. 7 ‘wea Teseicey C2) Te room Tite as: “ne Fear FordOmptnar wn. cy ‘a eon equator ary Change Do fron rae 4 er) actor (_)Comton (_)Prwein _) Jsetcatencumteaten ana Pay Dot: omer resent ropone Savina wnt Pey_ Mambart a: poston Ta | caiaivoepy Aa ‘aca Lae Pay bt Pay) fs cae 6805 ane tt Jpsronde 2 ona: Pout ate la feu seary 1605 Jens 0 _"Drcensnon est ata fr etry change |sveiament ne lserpSelai _XX_) Nonmirttiony(_) fens nots FLAC _) Neca Ste) eta suamtronpire: Fs t [econ esing: oh sa, ft “emits Aes (check peste tn: enna aun (_) Regine thn) a) Reena) Ome) .) ‘coer Tainan, Pst oft Shas ee oto Rema: TiFeso wer FOE 1