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Subject : Science

Class : 4 Bestari
Date : 11 Sept 2017
Time : 9.10-10.10a.m (60minutes)
No. of students : 34 students
Theme : Energy in Life
Learning Area : 6. Nuclear energy
Learning Objective : 6.2 Understanding the production of nuclear energy and its uses

Learning Outcomes : At the end of the lesson, a student is able to:

A Master content knowledge

a. describe the production of nuclear energy through fission,
b. describe the production of nuclear energy through fusion,
c. describe the process of generating electricity from nuclear
B Master Scientific Skills/TSTS
a. a. Compare the production of nuclear energy through fusion
and fission.
C Demonstrate Scientific Attitudes and Noble Values
a. Realising that science is a means to understand nature
b. Teamwork, appreciate the value of time

Teaching material and sources:

- Science Text Book Form 4
- Science PDP Module Form 4
- Traffic light
- SPM Past Year Questions

- Video
- white board, marker pen, notebook, computer, projector
Phase: Content: Teacher’s activity: Students’ activity: Notes:
Introduction Teacher asks the student a question Students give response Teaching source:
Alpha radiation
about previous lesson and explains by
(5 min) Alpha radiation is the least penetrating. (Answer) to teacher Science PDP Module
referring to Science PDP Module.
It can be stopped - or absorbed - by just questions.
a sheet of paper.
Beta radiation Teacher proceeds to the next lesson
after student already master the
Beta radiation can penetrate air and
previous lesson.
paper. It can be stopped by a thin sheet
of aluminium.
Gamma radiation
Gamma radiation is the most
penetrating. Even small levels can
penetrate air, paper or thin metal.
Higher levels can only be stopped by
many centimeters of lead or many
meters of concrete
Structuring A heavy radioactive nucleus (uranium- Teacher explains the production of Restoration Teaching source :
235) is bombarded with a neutron, it
(30min) energy through fission and fusion and activity: -Slide on power
split into two smaller nuclei
of different elements. This process process of generating electricity from Listen to teacher’s point.
called nuclear fission 19
nuclear energy, explanation. -Science Text Book
An enormous 20 amount of energy Teacher makes a comparison between Form 4
(electromagnetic radiation and kinetic
the two production of energy. Students copy the notes -Science PDP Module
energy) is release during nuclear fission
and highlight important Form 4
Nuclear energy is produced through
Teacher shows a video of production of points.
nuclear fission and nuclear fusion.
Nuclear fission is the splitting of heavy energy through fission and fusion.
nucleus into 2 lighter nuclei that have
similar mass.
Energy produced during nuclei fission is
called nuclear energy.
Nuclear energy can be produced
through nuclear fission of a radioactive
element in a nuclear reactor.

Assessment Refer to appendix Teacher distributes the SPM PAST YEAR Students receive the Teaching source:
(20minute) Question. question and wrote down SPM Past Year
their name.
(4 set )

Question no.1
Teacher asks the students to pick a stick Students pick a stick.
section B= group
(different color). with Purple stick

Question no.2
Teacher asks s the students to make a Students go to their section B = group
with Yellow stick
group with same color of stick. group.
Question no.3
section B= group
with Green Stick
Each group would receive different set of
Question no. 1-11
section A= group
with red stick
Teacher gives students 30 minutes to Students answers and give
Values: Teamwork,
answers the question in the group. solution for the questions.
appreciate the value
Students also of time
communicate or
discussing in the group to
Teacher picks a person randomly from answers the entire
each group to present their answers on question.
Student presents their
Teacher helps and makes some answer on whiteboard.
correction after student present their
answers. Students write down
important notes on their
note book.
Conclusion The production of nuclear energy
(5min) through fission and fusion. Teacher summarizes the lesson and Teaching source:
Students write down
stress out important point. Slide on power point.
important notes on their
note book.