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Varun Singh


Journey towards Self Mastery

Mini Assignment 2

I started using the Headspace app which allowed me to have an

ASMR experience of duration ranging from 3 minutes to 10
minutes. I performed the exercise during the morning hours and
after coming back from the classes in the evening. The app
basically filled the gap that I felt after Yoga sessions got over in the
foundation course. I mostly performed Anulom-vilom and
Shavasana during the time provided by the app. It helped me
improve my body metabolism and regain control of my body at the
very start of the day. It was a great experience.

I did energizing mindful shower, breathing break and mindful

eating as three mindful practices. My experiences for each of these
three are as:

1. Energizing Mindful Shower – After brushing, the next activity

that I generally go through is taking a bath which I accomplish
through shower. With mindful practice, I could feel energy
percolating every joint in my body making the entire process of
bathing a little less mundane and helping me get to the peak of my
senses for the rest of the day.
2. Mindful eating – Being aware of my body and metabolic functions helped me utilize the mindful practice more
efficiently, chewing food a little more to enable faster digestion was something that I was able to do which
definitely helped me feel freshness and a sense of fullness even if the entire process of consuming food was
elongated a little.

3. Breathing Break –Being more mindful during breathing break of my basketball game helped me gain my
concentration and energy back to the game which is essential for a high speed game like basketball. I was also
able to channel and orient my thoughts in right direction through this while maintaining composure at critical
junctures of my game.

Overall, it was a fulfilling experience and a revelation for me after going through these exercises and I will try to
keep up with my mindful eating habits as this is something that I generally struggle with.