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"Strong, Lean and Powerful Body"

The following suggestions promote a lean and strong male body.

"I feel great satisfaction when I think of my body being strong, lean and powerful. *
"I now cultivate a positive masculine body image. * I picture my body with lean
muscle. * I picture myself as strong, powerful and fit. * I know all the wonderful
benefits that come with such a fine body. I know I will feel confident with this new
image of strength and fitness. I will feel healthy on the inside and on the outside.
"With this healthy, strong body, I will carry myself with self-respect and dignity.
People will see me as an energetic and healthy man who is vital and capable. I feel
truly proud now as my new strong body shows my inner power and motivation. I
take a moment now to bask in how makes me feel (wait 15 seconds) ....
"It is this self-image of a powerful, fit and lean body that motivates me to do
what I must to bring it into full reality. I know that since the mind controls my ap-
petites, I will select the healthiest foods to feel the satisfaction of possessing a lean,
powerful and fit body.
"I discover that I get more satisfaction from eating smaller amounts of healthy,
lean foods that assist me in achieving my fit body. My appetite changes and regu-
lates itself to desire the correct amounts of nutritious foods, in just the right pro-
portions, to match the lean, strong person I am.
"My motivation to be more active doubles now to go with this strong drive
which fits my powerful self-image. * And every time I exercise or enjoy vigorous
sporting activities, I feel a great surge of pride and satisfaction. As I exercise, my
body will automatically regulate itself to change into this new powerful and fit
image. *
"I imagine myself soon. I am stepping out of the shower to see my body in the
mirror. I feel a wave of strength, confidence, and pure satisfaction as I see how lean
and powerful I am! I look strong, sexy, and vital.
"Now... this is the way I look and feel all the time—in or out of clothes. It is a
great feeling. In addition, as I think about my fit and masculine image, I remember
when I started developing this. I marvel that it was easy to change my eating and
exercise habits to make this new, strong image of myself real.
"And I am excited and motivated to maintain this lean and potent image of my-
"I am comfortable with the idea of having a lean and commanding body image.
I am comfortable knowing that I will feel more self-respect and confidence. I know
others will find me more masculine, powerful, and attractive. I look forward to hav-
ing the confidence and authority that comes with this body.
"Whenever I want to feel a surge of strong motivation to bring this body image
to powerful reality, I make a fist and say silently or aloud, ‘fit and powerful’ three
times in a row. *
"When I do, the feelings of self-respect and vitality will surge through me ...
cheering me on to eat the right foods and enjoy more exercise ... to help me
achieve a lean and powerful body."
(The Wake-Up)
"I will emerge gently and easily from hypnosis now by counting from one to
five. With each number, I emerge twenty percent. When I reach the number five, I
will return to everyday awareness.
"One . . . emerging twenty percent, beginning to awaken from hypnosis now.
(Speak a little louder and stronger.)
"Two . . . forty percent now, as I become fully aware of my body and envi-
ronment. (Speak louder and stronger.)
"Three . . . sixty percent . . . I look forward to the positive results from this hyp-
nosis session. (Speak louder and stronger.)
"Four . . . eighty percent, emerging peaceful and happy. (Strongly assert your
intention to emerge.)
"FIVE . . . FIVE . . . FIVE . . . One hundred percent now! Wide awake and fully