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RELEASE DATE: October 18, 2007 FOR INFORMATION: Mike Wessler: 406-859-8683

Bob Latta, a candidate for the 5th congressional district in Ohio, has used Project Vote Smart’s name and programs to give credibility to a negative attack against Steve Buehrer, who is running for the same office. This kind of negative campaign activity is precisely the sort of tactic that the Project attempts to counter with its factual database. By using the Project’s name to give credibility to these attacks, Bob Latta is cheating the public out of their need for trusted, abundant, accurate, factual information. The Project prohibits the use of its name and programs, including the National Political Awareness Test (NPAT), in partisan political advertising. This policy is posted prominently on the Project Vote Smart website. This kind of behavior occurs in less that 00.05 percent of all races nationally. It is our policy to condemn this misuse of Project Vote Smart’s name and reputation and to alert the public to any misuse of our name or programs for negative political activities.

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