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Immigration is one of the hottest topic in today’s conversation, especially in the

United States. Since President Donald Trump took office in 2017, there are a lot of
changes in terms of immigration, leading to a great debate between its benefits and
drawbacks to the society. While many people believe that enacting Immigration law
will help America great again, thus improving the national economy as Trump’s
promise, the opponents say that this law can worsen social issues in the country. This
essay will analyze the moral concerns in the debates pertaining to immigration.

According to Amadeo (2018), Donald Trump’s immigration policy focuses on six

main areas, including cancel Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals (DACA)
program, travel ban, reduce refugee, wall on the border with Mexico, H-1B visa
program and expulsion. First, DACA was President Obama’s program in 2012 that
those illegal children brought to the U.S. were subject to DACA protection. In other
words, DACA helped children got out of life which had been fully darkness and
joined the American community. This was one of the most difficult things Trump
faced in his presidency, but he said that many Americans were unemployed,
struggling and gradually forgotten in the community. So, Trump authorities
announced that they would cancel the DACA program to address this issue. Second,
eight nationals were listed from the U.S. as travel banned , including Chad, Iran,
Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Venezuela and Yemen, which are most
majority-Muslim. The reason for this restriction was these countries did not meet US
security requirements. Third, Trump enacted the reduction of refugees to the lowest
level. He judged that many members of gangs and some bad subjects mixed into
refugees who moved to the southern border of the US. Likewise, Trump’s
construction of a border wall with Mexico was also the purpose for preventing illegal
immigration acts. Another aspect is the ability to apply for an H-1B work visa. This
was tighter and more difficult for those who want to work in the U.S. Donald Trump

said that this was an important way to retain talented people in America. The last
one, those who have no green card or US citizenship are at risk of deportation. For
example, Robert Huynh – a native of Vietnam and his father was an American
soldier. He did not learn English, educated and have legal support to get citizenship.
So, he became the subject “can be deported” (Denyer, 2018).

There are still some controversial issues whether Trump’s Immigration Policy
support “Put America First” program or not. As President Trump promised during
the program, this law will be made to benefit American workers and American
families. It is clear that immigrants affect job opportunities of native workers, their
productivity, and their specialization. Native workers were forced to compete with
immigrants in the U.S or watched their jobs were shipped to those countries having
low wages. So, reducing the illegal immigration can increase wages and
opportunities for American citizens. In contrast, travel bans, or heightened security
measures have had a negative impact on the U.S.’s attraction for foreign visitors. It
has raised concerns over America’s image, showing a decline in tourists’ numbers.
So, the Immigration Policy is actually “Put American first” rather than “Put America

For those reasons, one of the most remarkable achievement of the U.S. under
President Trump’s administration in the last two years is the dramatic economic
changes. Since Trump took office, the United States has seen significant growth with
statistics of up to 289 achievements (Bedard, 2018). The first noticeable thing is that
the total number of employed people reached the highest level in history. Especially,
the unemployment rate dropped to 3.7%, the lowest figure in the US in 50 years.
Besides, the income of households increased by one the number was not small which
up to 61,372 USD in 2017. As I mentioned above, border security and immigration
issues established very well from promoting restrictions on drug trafficking. Perhaps

the greatest achievement Trump has achieved was destroying the Islamic State
terrorist group (IS) in Syria and Iraq, which has left millions of people homeless and
went to refugees. On the diplomatic side, Trump's policy of rescuing dozens of US
political prisoners has been detained by foreign governments. Honestly, Trump was
heavily attacked by the media, made many big mistakes, and becoming the subject
of controversy. However, his achievements were enough for Americans to admire
him. In fact, Trump’s critics include many Wall Street economists, democrats, and
some of Trump’s republicans who did not believe this economic growth would last

Obviously, it is not easy to balance goals because when Trump's policies were
implemented, social issues also arise. This is an article that I found "Trump’s racist
policies have been even worse than we feared" (King, 2018). According to Post's
analysis, global terrorist data such as bombing and shooting are increasing as Trump
takes office. Evidence and data each day show that the Trump effect has taken on
spreading animosity in confined to the environs of the Ku Klux Klan and the White
Citizens Councils. Particularly, Trump opposed immigrants to the south of the
border and he was hostile treatment to black people. Besides, The US community
has a fierce protest to prevent the separation of children from their parents in the US-
Mexico border area. They said nearly 2,000 migrant children were separated from
their parents for more than 6 weeks. On the Vietnamese side, when the US
immigration restriction policy enacted, there were many bad influences. Shortly after
the US withdrew Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership (TPP), many people
were harassed, followed, imprisoned and threatened. In addition, The Atlantic
reported that the Trump government once again wanted to expel Vietnamese
refugees who were victims, or soldiers since 1995. Thousands of Vietnamese,

including descendants of US army, maybe deported to policies of Trump is strong
resistance instead being quite as before.

In general, many people consider Mr. Trump merely a president saying to do, put
benefits and national security first. In my opinion, I agree with the national security
principle as I mentioned above, but I am completely against immigration ordinance.
The government should distinguish extremist Islamic groups and Muslims. Like
white Americans, Muslims in the United States learn and contribute to the U.S.,
They also join the army to protect America. In addition, there are some of the most
innovative high-tech companies, like Google, eBay, and Telsa, were founded by
immigrants. So, immigration is still critical to the nation’s well-being.

In conclusion, although the Immigration Policy’s changes have positive impacts on

the United States’ economy and society, they still threaten to move the U.S to a more
restricted policy environment. To date, the Trump administration reduced refugee
admissions remarkably and improved the economy by lowering the unemployment
rate in 50 years. In the short term, the effects of these measures are incremental, but
I believe that over they could reshape U.S. immigration policy significantly.


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