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Ming’s Biggest Prey Pastiche Nickoali Hansen

Teddie’s Biggest Prey

Teddie hurriedly drove his car to Elaine's house, and quickly jumped out from the car,
excited to see Elaine. In fact, he was more than excited; he was very rushed, walking in
uneven strides. His face beaming with joy seemed to reveal an excitement like a little
boy morbidly fascinated by a candy stores. He was in dire love with Elaine. Elaine was
the only person he truly loved all his life and nothing could and would interfere their
love. Until, Elaine brought a psychopathic wild cat named ‘Ming’.

When he first saw Ming, it was resting comfortably on the foot of Elaine’s bunk. When
Elaine noticed him, she smiled sweetly and waved him in. As he got closer to them, he
noticed the cat’s green eyes blazing in rage. It was plain that it was giving him a warning
signal. He didn’t understood why, so he assumed that the cat had a general disdain for
people. He thought to himself, frowning at that little monster “Cats...this is why I don’t
like cats. They just can’t get along with people!”. Elaine invited him to come inside the
cabin, but the cat tried to follow them in. It had been so long since he saw Elaine, so he
picked the cat up carefully by the back of its neck and placed it out in the garden, and
closed the cabin door.

“What’s its name?” “Oh his name is Ming. Isn’t he so adorable? He is the only joy in my
life recently” Elaine merrily replied. Teddie felt quite jealous of how Elaine mentions
Ming as “the only joy in her life”, so he tried to missay things about Ming. “Well, It
doesn’t seem to have an adorable personality. It tried to scratch me”. “Oh come on
Teddie, Ming would never harm someone. And I understand why Ming doesn’t like
anyone else other than me. And that’s actually one of the reasons why I love him so
much.” Elaine told him firmly, putting on her slipper. Teddie, absolutely upset about
how Elaine took the side of the cat, he slowly putted in his slipper, and looked sadly at
Elaine’s back getting further from him. He approached to Elaine, and grabbed her wrist
violently. “Elaine! You… love me. Right?” he thought to himself. What if she was annoyed
how he talked bad things about her cat? What if she likes that cat than him? What if she
tells him to break up? He started to feel headache, having all theses thoughts mixed up
in his head, unconscious that he was holding on to Elaine’s wrist hardly, and she was
looking at him strangely. “Teddie? You’re scaring me. What’s going on? And let me go,
you’re hurting me badly”. “I… I’m Sorry…”, He loosened his strength, Elaine slipped out
and went to the bedroom. Teddie stood there alone blankly, and he stared at the cat
resting on the rope coil. He never fought with Elaine before that cat came, the cat was
the causation of all these. “Hate cats…” he muttered to himself quietly. Standing alone,
he suddenly refreshed back to his gloomy childhood. His dad passed away when he was
merely 7 years old, so the pieces of memories Teddie has about his dad was left
distorted. He vaguely remembers that he was tall, he had a manly mustache, and once a
week, he took him to a park. All these memories where very indistinct, but one thing
that he could remember vividly was that his parents fought very often. He couldn’t
understand what they were saying, but the tone was certainly unpleasant.

When his dad passed away, his mom neglected him. Thinking of his mom, his hands
trembled slightly, and headache stroke him again painfully. His mom never gave any
attention to him. He was invisible to her. She always came back heavily drunk with two
empty alcohol bottles in her hands, shouting mean words to him, “get lost!”. That was all
he could remember about his mom. And when he ran away, he slept in the parks for
weeks until a service group provided residence for him. When he was at the park, cats
wandering in night always woke him up with some kind of rustling sounds they make.
He was little, he was 12 years old, those sounds always scared him. Teddie thought to
himself again, “Hate cats...”
“Teddie! Teddie! Are you okay?” Elaine was right in front of Teddie. She seemed to be
quite worried about him, and Teddie felt delighted. He loved how she always cares for
him. She was the one who fulfilled his empty heart that was always thirsty for love.

That afternoon, Teddie had barbecued pork with Elaine. The meal was perfect, but the
existence of Ming was a flaw. Spending a day with Ming, having a close observation at
him, Teddie realized that the cat is quite cunning and malicious. When he tried to get
closer to Ming, he would growl at him. In fact, Ming growled at him when Elaine is not
near. When he approached to Ming when Elaine is near, he gently moved gracefully but
unmistakably in another direction. And whenever Elaine saw that, she complimented
Ming for its manners and cuteness…! Ever since Elaine brought that cat, everything she
talks is about how much she loves Ming. She also calls Ming every 10 minutes while she
is with Teddie. Teddie was now blinded with jealousy.

After dinner, Teddie and Elaine were drinking beers out on the terrace. Ming had just
entered the bedroom, when Elaine called “Ming? Where are you?”. Teddie again felt
annoyed how Elaine always calls Ming. He mumbled quietly to himself in a low tone, “I
hate that ugly cat”. Ming jumped on Elaine’s lap and purred.
Then the telephone rang.
Elaine putted Ming down, and went into the living room towards the telephone.
Teddie finished what was in his glass, he got up, and walked towards the edge of the
terrace. He was drunk - therefore moving slowly and a little clumsily. The terrace had a
parapet about as high as his hips, but it was broken by grilles in three places, grills with
bars wide enough for Ming to pass through. Teddie then saw Ming right next to him. He
drived Ming through one of the grilles, and grabbed him on the hip. But Ming ran to the
garden. Teddie followed Ming, walking closely to the parapet of the terrace. Suddenly,
something quite heavy jumped on his right shoulder. He loosed his balance, his body
was leaned to the parapet. Before Teddie managed to get his balance, it clung to his
white jacket. Teddie groaned. All of a sudden, he started to feel himself falling down.
Then he saw Ming jumping off from him, landing safely on the parapet. His eyes
widened, and while he is falling down from the parapet, he could clearly see the cat
gazing at him arrogantly. The green eyes flashed in darkness. Teddie thought to himself
that the two pairs had always has been in rapturous harmony, and Ming deserved love
just like him. He lived a harsh life. They were similar...