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Title: The Implementation of YES-O organization and its importance in

Promoting Clean and Green Environment : Basis for Customized

Researchers: Banni E. Banggol, Ian Jefferson F. Paparang , Mary Rose Taa,

Sabtora Eslana, Hadidia Usman, Fatma Pendatun, Erwin
Tamama, Aiza Lawi, Ellaine Sumayang, Roldan Diola.

This study investigated the implementation of YES O Organization in

Alberto Olarte Sr. National High School. The study used mixed methods the

qualitative and quantitative design. The participants of the study are the

selected YES organization in charge. The result revealed that YES O

organization of Alberto Olarte Sr. National High School applied several methods

on how to lessen or reduce the issues related to waste management program;

YES creates environment friendly and usable materials to implement every

project and finds alternative ways. Various recommendations also was given

to concretize the campaign for clean and green environment

Keywords: YES-O organization, DepEd, AOSNHS