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Dream Science Academy 27-03-2019


Paper Physics Class FSc-I Test Code 𝐏𝟏𝟑 Roll #

Total Marks 𝟒𝟎 Time 𝟏: 𝟎𝟎 𝑯𝒓𝒔 Obt. Marks
S. Name F. Name

Q#.1: Choose the correct answer. 𝟏𝟎 × 𝟎𝟏 = 𝟏𝟎

1) Which of these energy sources is renewable?
a. Hydroelectric b. Wind c. Tides d. All of these
2) The tidal effect can distort continents pulling land up and down by as much as:
a. 10cm b. 15cm c. 25cm d. 20cm
3) Escape velocity at the surface of moon is:
a. 2.4Kms–1 b. 4.3Kms–1 c. 11Kms–1 d. 11.2Kms–1
4) Which of these is a conservative force?
a. Gravitational force b. Electric force c. Electric spring force d. All of these
5) Area under F–d graph represents:
a. Velocity b. Acceleration c. Work d. Power
6) According to Einstein _______ is curved:
a. Space b. Time c. Space-time d. Gravity
7) Orbital velocity of a satellite is inversely proportional to its:
a. Mass b. Radius c. Both ‘a’ & ‘b’ d. None of these
8) If a lift is falling downwards with uniform velocity, then which option is correct?
a. T = W b. T < W c. T > W d. T = 0
9) The axis of rotation of an object will not change its orientation unless an external _______ acts:
a. Force b. Torque c. Inertia d. None of these
10) The direction of L⃗ is same as that of:
a. p⃗ b. v c. ω⃗⃗ d. All of these
Q#.2: Short Questions. 𝟎𝟓 × 𝟎𝟐 = 𝟏𝟎
i. Calculate the wok done in KJ in lifting a mass of 10Kg (at a steady velocity) through a vertical height
of 10m.
ii. What sort of energy is in the following a). Water in high dam b). A moving car
iii. Define work. Also write its characteristics.
iv. When mud flies off the tyre of a moving bicycle, in what direction does it fly?
v. Why does a diver change his body positions before diving in the pool?
Q#.3: Long Questions. 𝟏𝟎 × 𝟎𝟐 = 𝟐𝟎
1. (a) Define absolute potential energy (P.E). Derive an equation for the absolute P.E of a body at the earth
(b) A man pushes a lawn mower with a 40 N force directed at an angle of 20° downward from the
horizontal .Find the work done by the man as he cuts a strip of grass 20 m long.
2. (a) Define rotational K.E and calculate the rotational K.E and linear velocity of a disc rolling
downwards at the bottom of an inclined place?
(b) The Earth rotates on its axis once a day. Suppose, by some process the earth contracts so that its
radius is only half as large as at present. How fast will it be rotating?