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Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies | BazaarofIsfahan


The Bazaar of Isfahan: Retail Format

Isfahan – The Capital of Persia falls on the silk route. The market is buzzing with people and
money gets exchanged for goods every moment, every second. The Prince of Persia and the
future Mughal emperor needs your help to bring order to this chaos which will help his
masses sell more goods to the traders. The best man will be rewarded with fame, money and
all the heavenly comforts. Do you think you can take up the challenge?

They say, “A well-planned retail store layout allows a retailer to maximize the sales for each
square foot of the allocated selling space within the store”.

In this event, you have the freedom to plan the layout of a store given to you based on your
ideas about the products, consumer buying patterns, etc. The best layout wins!

Event Details
‘The Bazaar of Isfahan’ is a Retail shop. The ppt. provided along with this document
contains the Basic layout of the Retail shop. The layout is formed of various functions and
outlets of products (e.g. vegetables, gifts, medicines) in form of shapes/formats. The designs
of these shapes/formats are explained in the ppt.
The shop is running through losses and the management thinks that it is because of
the faulty retail format/layout. You have to change the retail format/layout and come up
with a new format/layout satisfying the conditions mentioned in the ppt.

Evaluation Parameter

 Formation of the new layout for the Retail shop

 Justification for assigning a particular shape/format for a particular
 Justification for placement of a particular shape at a particular place in the retail

Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies | BazaarofIsfahan


Rules and regulations:

 This is a complete online event
 Team should strictly comprise 2 members only
 Team members can be of different institutes
 Please register by mailing your team details at with the
subject line Registration_FirstName_LastName_InstituteName
 The document should strictly be in the form ‘.ppt’. Just make the necessary changes
in the ppt. provided to you as mentioned in the same and send the ppt. as your entry
to the event. Number of slides should not exceed 7
 The entry should be mailed across to in the format:
<Team name_Institute Name_BazaarofIsfahan>, subject line also being,
<Team name_Institute Name_ BazaarofIsfahan >
 Deadline for submitting entries: 25th October 2010 23:59:59
 Decision of the eminent panel as to the advancement of the team to the next (final)
rounds and/or elimination will be final and binding. No team will be entertained on
the basis of selection/elimination once the decision has been taken.


1st Prize – Rs. 10000

2nd Prize – Rs. 7000
Certificates for all the finalists (Top 5 teams)

For further details, contact:

Harshil Ved +91 9819367750

Pallav Edwankar +91 9892206971
Aniket Taksande +91 9820562676

Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies | BazaarofIsfahan


Important Dates:

Launch Date 21st October,2010

Last Date for Registration & Submission 25th October,2010
Results 26th October,2010

Prayaag Trophy Points:

Participation 05 Points
Final 5 Entries 07 Points
Runners Up Team 10 Points
Winning Team 20 Points

To be a king … Feel Like ONE !!!

Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies | BazaarofIsfahan